May 26, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Frederick George Sanderson


Mr. F. G. SANDERSON (South Perth):

Mr. Chairman, we have heard from almost every province in the dominion except Ontario. I desire to say a word or two about the redistribution in that province, particularly in western Ontario. I fully realize that a redistribution of seats is a
large problem for any government, and from the discussions which have taken place from day to day in this chamber, and perhaps will continue longer, it shows that there is still a great division of opinion as to whether the proposals are fair or unfair. Any remarks I have to make will be more in the way of criticism, particularly with regard to western Ontario.
When the government introduced this bill they apparently had in their minds the thought that they would decrease by four or five seats the representation in the rural sections of the province of Ontario, and that they would add three seats to the city of Toronto and the one or two remaining seats to some other point in the province. I want to warn the government, if they have not already been sufficiently warned, that cutting out rural representation and adding more seats to the city of Toronto will not help to quiet the unrest which abounds throughout the country. This is a very dangerous time to go ahead with any such scheme. I am fully conscious of the growth of the population of the city of Toronto. The Prime Minister speaking the other day said that if Montreal had its fair proportion of seats it would have twenty-four.

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