May 24, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Vincent Dupuis


Mr. DUPUIS (Translation):

Yesterday, I
heard the hon. Solicitor General speak in the same sense and go even further. He went as far as to say that the redistribution had been effected in such a manner as to improve the chances of the Liberals. See, he exclaimed, we have increased your chances in eight Liberal counties, while we have increased ours in two only! Indeed, if I have to accept the statements of my hon. friends opposite-I am obliged to do so in this house, for it is one of the principal rules oif parliament-I shall be inclined to think that, seeing bankruptcy on the point of overtaking the country as a result of their policies, noticing the value of our money decline, in consequence of their disastrous administration, to a point where, within a few months, the Canadian dollar will be worth only 40 cents and perhaps less, foreseeing the fate that awaits them, they feel like doing all they can to bring about their eviction. If we must believe our hon. friends, they are the instruments of their own defeat. We Liberals have therefore but to sit still.

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