May 24, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Vincent Dupuis


Mr. DUPUIS (Translation):

Mr. Chairman, in reply to the hon. Minister of Marine,
I would point out that the combined counties of Laprairie, Napierville and Chambly would have a population of 47,601, which is slightly higher than the unit established by the 1931 census and far lower than that of many electoral divisions described in the schedule to Bill No. 2. My hon. friend entertains great hopes for an increase of population in Chambly. I readily admit that Chambly, like Laprairie, being contiguous to a large city, wilt likely increase faster than other counties, but I do not think that the next ten years will see its population increase as greatly as the hon. minister appears to think. In any case, we are legislating for to-day. I am ready to believe that, in the redistribution of electoral

Redistribution-Mr. Dupuis
divisions planned by the hon. minister and his friends, this factor of future increase in population was not taken into account. Why, therefore, should it be taken into account as regards Laprairie, Napierville and Chambly?
The hon. minister told us just now, in the course of his remarks, that he was not speaking for himself personally.

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