May 24, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Vincent Dupuis


Mr. DUPUIS (Translation):

Because of
this spirit of liberty the citizens of Laprairie have given a Liberal majority. When they found out that the Liberal party was the party of liberty-with all due deference to the hon. member for Montmagny-when they found out that the Liberal party instilled a little more happiness in their life and gave their children a little more hope for the future, they voted Liberal. I am unable to foresee the destiny of my party. Should the day come-which God forbid-when the Liberal party finds itself guilty of the distressing blunders committed by the Conservative party in recent years, I am sure that the civic spirit and good judgment of the citizens of Laprairie will lead them to vote against the Liberals and for the Conservatives
In that event, will the hon. Minister of Marine find himself better off with the citizens of Rouville than with those of Laprairie?
Mr. DURANsLEAU (Translation): Will the hon. member allow me to put a question?

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