May 24, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Vincent Dupuis


Mr. DUPUIS (Translation):

Laprairie was founded a few years after Montreal and its excess population spread out southwards to form the parishes of St. Philippe, St. Constant, St. Edouard, Napierville, St. Michel, St. Remi. May I be permitted to say that one of the first families to settle at Laprairie was that of an ancestor of mine who, after leaving Paris in 1648 and spending some years in Quebec, arrived at Laprairie in 1668 and finally settled at St. Philippe, where his descendants have always resided. You will understand, Mr. Chairman, the close relations that unite these people, whom we find, if we go back to their origin, to be nearly all related to each other. As to their business relations, the farmers composing the population of the counties of Laprairie and Napierville have their markets either at Montreal or at St. John's. When have they business in Beaubarnois county?

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