April 28, 1933 (17th Parliament, 4th Session)


Alfred Edgar MacLean


Mr. A. E. MacLEAN (Prince):

Mr. Speaker,
I desire to present to the house a copy of an original petition, addressed to the members of the House of Commons, and for the attention of the Minister of Fisheries, signed by Austin A. Ramsay, Isaac B. Lewis, Norman Thompson, James C. Palmer, J. J. Moran and two hundred and fifteen others, asking that no leases of oyster areas be granted in the bays or rivers on the northeast side of Prince county, Prince Edward Island; also, a memorandum in connection with the same, addressed to the members of the House of Commons and the Department of Fisheries, protesting against the leasing of these oyster areas, signed by: G. Ellsworth Gills, of Ellerslie, Prince Edward Island, on behalf of the fishermen's committee, and: Isaac B. Lewis, Richard Murphy, Norman Thompson, Chas. Mc-Fadyen, all of Conway, Prince Edward Island.

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