February 14, 1962


Mr. John Pallet! (Peel) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to com- pose the standing committees of the house, as follows: PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS Messrs: Aiken McGee Barrington Mcllraith Bell (Carleton) McWilliam Caron Meunier Deschambault Montgomery Godin Nielsen Grills Ormiston Henderson Paul Hodgson Pickersgill Howard Richard (Ottawa East) Johnson Valade Macquarrie Webb Mandziuk Webster McBain Woolliams McDonald (Hamilton South) (Quorum-10) RAILWAYS, CANALS AND TELEGRAPH LINES Messrs: Allmark Lessard Asselin Maclnnis Badanai MacLean (Winnipeg Baldwin North Centre) Benidickson Martin (Essex East) Bourbonnais Matheson Bourget McBain Bourque McDonald (Hamilton Brassard (Chicoutimi) South) Brassard (Lapointe) McFarlane Browne (Vancouver- McGee Kingsway) McGregor Bruchesi McPhillips Cadieu Monteith (Verdun) Campbell (Stormont) Pascoe Campeau Payne Chevrier Phillips Creaghan Pigeon Crouse Pitman Denis Rapp Drysdale Rogers Dumas Rynard Fisher Simpson Fournier Smith (Calgary South) Grills Smith (Lincoln) Hodgson Smith (Simcoe North) Horner (Acadia) Thompson Howe Tucker Johnson Valade Keays Woolliams Kennedy Wratten LaMarsh, Miss


Baldwin Batten Beech Bigg Broome Campbell (Stormont) Carter Chatterton Cooper Crestohl Danforth Forbes Forgie Garland Granger Hales Horner (The Battlefords) LaMarsh, Miss Kennedy Knowles MacEwan MacLean (Winnipeg North Centre) Macnaughton Mandziuk Martin (Timmins) Matthews McBain McCleave McDonald (Hamilton South) McFarlane McLennan McMillan Milligan Mitchell Monteith (Verdun) More Morton Nixon Ormiston Peters Regnier Robinson Rogers Simpson Smith (Lincoln) Smith (Simcoe North) Smith (Winnipeg North) Stefanson Webster Wratten (Quorum-15)


Messrs: Aiken MacLean (Winnipeg Argue North Centre) Asselin MacLellan Baldwin Macnaughton Bell (Carleton) Martin (Essex East Bell (Saint John-Albert) Mcllraith Benidickson Bigg Brassard (Chicoutimi) Broome Campeau Cardin Caron Cathers Chevrier Clermont Creaghan Crestohl Drysdale Hales Hanbidge Hicks Horner (Acadia) Jung Macdonald, Mrs. Macdonnell McIntosh More Morissette Morton Nasserden Nugent Pascoe Pickersgill Regier Robichaud Rowe Rynard Skoreyko Smith (Winnipeg North) Southam Stewart Stinson Thomas Woolliams (Quorum-15)


Messrs: Beech Bell (Carleton) Benidickson Bissonnette Bourbonnais Bourget Brassard (Chicoutimi) Broome Bruchesi Campeau Danforth Deschatelets Denis Drysdale Dupuis Grenier (Quorum-20)

Standing Committees Hales Pigeon Hanbidge Pratt Hellyer Regier Keays Robichaud Lahaye Rouleau Macdonnell Smith (Lincoln) Macnaughton Smith (Simcoe North) McGee Smith (Winnipeg North) McGrath Spencer McGregor Stefanson Morissette Stewart Morton Tucker Muir (Lisgar) Valade Murphy Villeneuve Noble Winch Nugent Woolliams Pickersgill Wratten (Quorum-15) AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZATION Messrs: Argue Latour Badanai Letourneau Belzile Mandziuk Boulanger Matheson Brassard (Lapointe) McBain Cadieu McIntosh Campbell (Lambton- Michaud Kent) Milligan Clancy Montgomery Clermont Muir (Lisgar) Cooper Nasserden Danforth Noble Doucett Pascoe Drouin Peters Dubois Phillips Dupuis Racine Fane Rapp Forbes Regnier Forgie Rogers Godin Rompre Gundlock Slogan Hales Smallwood Henderson Southam Hicks Stefanson Horner (Acadia) Tardif Howe Thomas Kindt Thompson Knowles Tucker Korchinskl Villeneuve Lahaye Leduc Webb (Quorum-20) STANDING ORDERS Messrs: Aitken, Miss Garland Argue Grafftey Batten Horner (Jasper-Edson) Best Loiselle Bourdages McWilliam Brassard (Chicoutimi) Meunier Campeau Milligan Danforth Spencer Forgie Webb Frechette Webster (Quorum-8) MARINE AND FISHERIES Messrs: Batten Crouse Browne (Vancouver- Danforth Kingsway) Drysdale Cardin English Carter Gillet Granger McQuillan Grenier McWilliam Howard Michaud Keays Murphy Legere Noble Macdonald, Mrs. O'Leary MacEwan Phillips MacLellan Pickersgill Matthews Robichaud McCleave Speakman McGrath Stefanson McLennan Stewart McPhillips Tucker (Quorum-10) MINES, FORESTS AND WATERS Messrs: Aiken Leduc Baskin MacRae Cadieu Martel Campbell (Stormont) Martin (Timmins) Chatterton McFarlane Clermont McGregor Coates McLennan Doucett McQuillan Drysdale Mitchell Dumas Muir (Cape Breton Fleming North and Victoria) (Okanagan-Revelstoke) Nielsen Godin Nugent Granger Payne Gundlock Racine Hicks Robichaud Kindt Rompre Korchinski LaMarsh, Miss Simpson (Quorum-10) INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Messrs: Beech Martin (Essex East) Benidickson Martini Bourdages McDonald (Hamilton Broome South) Browne (Vancouver- McWilliam Kingsway) Mitchell Caron Monteith (Verdun) Clermont Muir (Cape Breton North Creaghan and Victoria) Drouin Noble Fournier Pigeon Godin Pitman Grafftey Ricard Granger Simpson Lafreniere Skoreyko Lahaye Small LaMarsh, Miss Smith (Winnipeg MacLean (Winnipeg North) North Centre) Spencer Mandziuk Weichel (Quorum-10) DEBATES Messrs: Argue Nixon Campbell (Lambton - Paul Kent) Pigeon Chevrier Regnier Fortin Richard (Ottawa East) McPhillips Monteith (Verdun) Roberge (Quorum-7)


Aitken, Miss Messrs: Lennard Allard MacLellan Asselin Mandziuk Batten Martin (Essex East) Cardin McCleave Casselman, Mrs. McGee Gathers McIntosh Crestohl Montgomery Eudes Nesbitt Fairfield Nugent Fleming Pearson (Okanagan-Revelstoke) Pratt Garland Regier Hellyer Richard (Ottawa East) Herridge Slogan Jung Smith (Calgary South) Kucherepa Vivian Lafreniere White Argue (Quorum-10) ESTIMATES Messrs: Korchinski Baldwin LaMarsh, Miss Benidickson MacLellan Best Matheson Bissonnette McCleave Bourbonnais McDonald (Hamilton Bourdages South) Bourget McFarlane Brassard (Lapointe) McGee Broome McGrath Bruchesi McGregor Campbell (Lambton- Mcllraith Kent) McQuillan Cardin Me William Caron More Carter Noble Cathers Parizeau Clancy Payne Coates Pickersgill Crouse Pratt Drysdale Pugh Dumas Richard (Kamouraska) Fairfield Skoreyko Fleming (Okanagan- Smith (Calgary South) Revelstoke) Stewart Fortin Stinson Gillet Thompson Grafftey Vivian Hales White Hellyer Winch Homer (Jasper-Edson) Winkler Howe (Quorum-20) VETERANS AFFAIRS Badanai Messrs: Lennard Barrington MacEwan Batten MacRae Beech Matthews Benidickson McFarlane Broome McIntosh Cardin McWilliam Carter Monteith (Verdun) Chatterton Montgomery Clancy O'Leary Denis Ormiston Fane Parizeau Forgie Peters Herridge Pugh Jones Roberge Kennedy Robinson LaMarsh, Miss Rogers Standing Committees Smith (Lincoln) Webster Stewart Weichel Thomas Winkler (Quorum-15) PRINTING (Members to act on the part of the Commons) Messrs: Allard Korchinski Asselin Lahaye Barrington Lessard Belzile Letourneau Bissonnette Matheson Boivin Maclnnis Bourdages MacLellan Bourque McDonald (Hamilton Brunsden South) Cadieu McLennan Campeau McWilliam Caron Meunier Clancy Michaud Cooper Morissette Creaghan O'Leary Deschambault Phillips Deschatelets Rapp Dubois Richard (Kamouraska) Dupuis Robinson Fane Rouleau Fisher Skoreyko Fortin Slogan Gillet Smallwood Godin Southam Grafftey Taylor Gundlock Webb Henderson Howard Winkler-54 LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT (Members to act on the part of the Commons) Mr. Speaker, Miss Aitken and Messrs. Belzile Mcllraith Bourbonnais Muir (Lisgar) Bourque Nixon Brunsden Pigeon Campeau Pratt Eudes Racine Fairfield Ratelle Fisher Regier Fleming (Okanagan- Richard (Ottawa East) Revelstoke) Richard (St. Maurice- Forbes Lafleche) Frechette Rouleau Grenier Simpson Hanbidge Skoreyko Kindt Small Knowles Smith (Lincoln) LaRue Smith (Simcoe Lennard North) Lessard Smith (Winnipeg Macquarrie North) Martel Southam Matthews Stinson McFarlane Tremblay-45. McGee RESTAURANT (Members to act on the part of the Commons) Mr. Speaker and Messrs. Bourque Hales Campbell (Lambton- Horner Kent) (The Battlefords) Carter Lafreniere Chatterton Latour Deschatelets Legere Doucett Letourneau Godin Martin (Timmins)

McGregor McQuillan Muir (Lisgar) Pratt Richard (Ottawa Questions Tardif Taylor Villeneuve W eichel East) Wratten-25. Mr. Pallet! moved that the report be concurred in. Motion agreed to. I.L.S., V.F.R., I.F.R., calibration and communication testing purposes. It is at present engaged in an extensive training and test program which will occupy it for a period of months. It has, therefore, not been made available for ministerial transportation at the present time, but this may be possible at a future date on a restricted basis.


John George Diefenbaker (Prime Minister)

Progressive Conservative

Right Hon. J. G. Diefenbaker (Prime Minister) moved:

That the standing committees of this house be severally empowered to examine and inquire into all such matters and things as may be referred to them by the house; and to report from time to time their observations and opinions thereon, with power to send for persons, papers and records.


Motion agreed to.


(Questions answered orally are indicated by an asterisk.)



Mr. Fisher

New Democratic Party

1. How much revenue was received by the Department of Transport from the Port Weller-Sarnia district through pilotage fees?

2. How much of this was paid to the Americans as their share?

3. What was the total amount paid in salary or wages to Canadian pilots in this district in 1961?

4. Was any provision made in 1961 to aid pilots during the busier part of the season in order to ameliorate the working conditions of the pilots on the staff?


Quinto Antonio Martini (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Martini:

Mr. Speaker, the answers to the four parts of this question are as follows:

1. Final accounting of collections and disbursements by United States and Canadian offices is not yet completed.

2. See answer to No. 1.

3. $468,335.06.

4. Yes, by the registration of additional pilots.



February 14, 1962