February 9, 1959



Kucherepa Macquarrie McBain Mcllraith Meunier Nielsen Ormiston Paul Piekersgill Richard (Ottawa East) Tasse Valade Webster-29. (Quorum-10)


Albert DeBurgo McPhillips

Progressive Conservative

Mr. A. D. McPhillips (Victoria, B.C.):

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of privilege, and I do so at the earliest possible opportunity. This matter of privilege concerns certain statements attributed to the Leader of the Opposition in the Ottawa Citizen of February 1 under the by-line of J. A. Hume, Citizen staff writer. If the Leader of the Opposition did say these words they constitute a frightful insult to members on this side of the house. These are the remarks attributed to him and which refer to members on this side:

-it is the cold gray dawn after their electoral debauch.

Mr. Speaker, I think even an ordinary knowledge of the English language is sufficient to indicate that the word "debauch" denotes moral turpitude of some kind, and usually gross moral turpitude. As I said before, this is a frightful insult to the members on this side of the house. If the Leader of the Opposition wishes to remain in his seat, Mr. Speaker, I suggest that he should make an immediate and full apology.


Lester Bowles Pearson (Leader of the Official Opposition)


Hon. L. B. Pearson (Leader of ihe Opposiiion):

Mr. Speaker, speaking on the question of privilege I should like to assure the hon. gentleman at once that I did not have moral turpitude in mind. I had in mind only political turpitude.



Mr. John Pallelt (Peel) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows:


Messrs. Aiken Barrington Beech Bell (Carleton) Bell (St. John-Albert) Benidickson Carter Deschambault Dinsdale Flynn Fraser Grills Hardie Henderson Howard Johnson


Messrs. Allmark Martin (Essex East) Asselin Martini Badanai McBain Baldwin McDonald (Hamilton Batten South) Bigg McMillan Bourbonnais McPhillips Brassard (Lapointe) Michaud Brunsden Monteith (Verdun) Cadieu Nielsen Campbell (Stormont) Nixon Chevrier Pascoe Chown Payne Creaghan Phillips Crouse Racine Dupuis Richard (Kamouraska) Drysdale Rouleau Fisher Rynard Fraser Small Frechette Smallwood Grills Smith (Calgary Hardie South) Horner (Acadia) Smith (Lincoln) Horner (Jasper- Smith (Simcoe Edson) North) Howard Tasse Howe Taylor Johnson Thompson Keays Tucker Kennedy Webster LaRue Wratten-60. Maclnnis MacLean (Winnipeg North Centre) (Quorum-20) MISCELLANEOUS PRIVATE BILLS Messrs. Anderson Knowles Baldwin Lambert Batten MacEwan Beech MacLean (Winnipeg Bigg North Centre) Broome Macnaughton Campbell (Stormont) Mandziuk Carter Martin (Timmins) Chown Matthews Danforth McBain Fairfield McCleave Forbes McDonald (Hamilton Forgie South) Garland McFarlane Horner (The Mcllraith Battlefords) McIntosh Houck McMillan Kennedy McPhillips

Standing Committees McWilliam Milligan Mitchell Monteith (Verdun) More Morton Nixon Ormiston Peters Allmark Asselin Bell (Carleton) Bell (St. John-Albert) Benidickson Brassard (Chicoutimi) Cardin Cathers Chevrier Coates Creaghan Crestohl Deschambault Drysdale Dumas Flynn Fraser Gour Hanbidge Horner (Acadia) Jones Jung Lambert MacLean (Winnipeg North Centre) MacLellan Badanai Bell (Carleton) Benidickson Bissonnette Broome Bourget Bruchesi Campbell (Lambton-Kent) Campeau Charlton Chown Crestohl Denis Dorion Drysdale Fraser Godin Grenier Hales Hanbidge Johnson Keays Lahaye Lambert Macdonald (Kings) Robinson Rogers Simpson Smith (Lincoln) Smith (Simcoe North) Stefanson Webster Wratten-50. Macnaughton Maloney Martin (Essex East) Mcllraith McIntosh More Morissette Morton Nugent Pascoe Pickersgill Regier Robichaud Rowe Rynard Slogan Southam Stinson Tasse Taylor Thomas Thrasher Walker Winch Woolliams-50. Macnaughton Martin (Essex East) McGee McGrath McGregor McMillan Morissette Morris Morton Murphy Pickersgill Pratt Regier Robichaud Smith (Calgary South) Smith (Simcoe North) Smith (Winnipeg North) Spencer Stefanson Stewart Valade Villeneuve Walker Winch Wratten-50. Campbell (Lambton-Kent) Casselman, Mrs. Charlton Cooper Doucett Dubois Dupuis Fane Fleming (Okanagan-Revelstoke) Forbes Forgie Godin Gour Grills Gundlock Hales Hardie Henderson Hicks Horner (Acadia) Howe Jorgenson Kindt Lahaye Latour Leduc Letourneau Aitken, Miss Argue Best Bourdages Brassard (Chicoutimi) Campeau Denis Forgie Frechette Garland Horner (Jasper-Edson) Anderson Batten Bourget Browne (Vancouver-Kingsway) Carter Crouse Danforth Drysdale English Gillet Granger Grenier Howard Keays Legere Macdonald (Kings) MacLellan McBain McIntosh McMillan Michaud Milligan Montgomery Muir (Lisgar) Nasserden Noble O'Leary Pascoe Peters Phillips Racine Rapp Regnier Richard (St. Maurice-Lafleche) Robinson Rompre Rowe Smith (Lincoln) Southam Speakman Stanton Thomas Tucker Villeneuve-60. Kucherepa Loiselle Martineau McGrath Meunier Milligan Mitchell Spencer Tremblay-20. Matthews McGrath McLennan McPhillips McQuillan McWilliam Michaud Morris Murphy Noble O'Leary Phillips Pickersgill Robichaud Speakman Stefanson Stewart Tucker-35. (Quorum-10) MINES, FORESTS AND WATERS Messrs. Aiken Baskin Cadieu Coates Doucett Drouin Dumas Garland (Quorum-15) BANKING AND COMMERCE Messrs. (Quorum-15) PUBLIC ACCOUNTS Messrs. (Quorum-20) STANDING ORDERS Messrs. (Quorum-8)


Messrs. (Quorum-15) AGRICULTURE AND COLONIZATION Messrs. Argue Boulanger Barrington Brunsden Boivin Cadieu

Godin Granger Gundlock Korchinski Kindt Latour Leduc Maclnnis MacRae Martel Martin (Timmins) Martineau McFarlane McGregor McQuillan Mitchell Muir (Cape Breton North and Victoria) Murphy Nielsen Payne Roberge Richard (St. Maurice-Lafleche) Robichaud Simpson Slogan Stearns Wcolliams-35. (Quorum-10) INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Messrs. Allmark Bell (St. John-Albert) Benidickson Bourdages Brassard (Lapointe) Browne (Vancouver-Kingsway) Caron Deschatelets Drouin Grafftey Granger Houck Lafreniere Lahaye Loiselle Maclnnis MacLean (Winnipeg North Centre) Mandziuk Martini McDonald (Hamilton South) McWilliam Mitchell Muir (Cape Breton North and Victoria) Nasserden Noble Peters Pigeon Ricard Skoreyko Small Smith (Winnipeg North) Spencer Stanton Thrasher Weichel-35. (Quorum-10)

Messrs. Campbell (Lambton-Kent) Chevrier Dorion Fortin McPhillips Monteith (Verdun) Nixon Paul Regnier Richard (Ottawa East) Roberge Winch-12. Aitken, Miss Allard Argue Cardin Crestohl Dinsdale Dorion Eudes (Quorum-7) EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Messrs. Macquarrie Mandziuk Martin (Essex East) McCleave McGee Montgomery Nesbitt Standing Committees ESTIMATES Messrs. Anderson Baldwin Bell (Carleton) Benidickson Best Bissonnette Bourbonnais Bourdages Bourget Broome Bruchesi Cardin Carter Cathers Chambers Clancy Coates Dumas Fairfield Fortin Garland Gillet Grafftey Hales Hardie Hellyer Hicks Howe Korchinski Lambert Macnaughton Macquarrie McDonald (Hamilton South) McFarlane McGrath McGregor Mcllraith McMillan McQuillan McWilliam More Morris Nesbitt Nielsen Payne Peters Pickersgill Pugh Ricard Richard (Kamouraska) Rowe Small Smallwood Smith (Calgary South) Stewart Tasse Thompson Walker Winch Winkler-60. (Quorum-20) VETERANS AFFAIRS Messrs. Badanai Batten Beech Benidickson Broome Cardin Carter Clancy Denis Dinsdale Fane Forgie Fortin Garland Herridge Jung Kennedy Lennard Macdonald (Kings) MacEwan MacRae Matthews McIntosh McWilliam Montgomery O'Leary Ormiston Parizeau Peters Pugh Roberge Robinson Rogers Speakman Stearns Stewart Thomas Webster Weichel Winkler-40. (Quorum-15)


(Members to act on the part of the Commons) Messrs. Fairfield Nugent Allard ClancyGarland Pearson Asselin CooperHellyer Pratt Badanai CreaghanHerridge Richard (Ottawa Barrington DeschambaultJones East) Batten DuboisJung Smith (Calgary Belzile DupuisKucherepa South) Bissonnette FaneLafreniere Stinson Boivin FlynnLennard Valade Bourdages GilletMacLellan Vivian Bourque GodinMacnaughton White-35. Brunsden Grafftey66968-9-51 (Quorum-10) Cadieu Campeau Gundlock Henderson Standing Howard Jorgenson Korchinski Lahaye Lessard Letourneau Loiselle Maclnnis MacLellan Martin (Timmins) Martini McLennan McWilliam Michaud Committees Morissette O'Leary Phillips Rapp Ratelle Richard (Kamouraska) Robinson Rouleau Skoreyko Smallwood Southam Taylor Thrasher Winkler 54. LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT (Members to act on the part of the Commons) Mr. Speaker and Messrs. 3, 1958 which indicate that on the day the report was tabled the hon. member for Huron (Mr. Cardiff) moved that the report be concurred in and the motion was agreed to.


George James McIlraith


Mr. Mcllraiih:

I have not had an opportunity of checking the practice but I recall last year, when this was done, not taking exception to the procedure because I thought it was a new whip who was not familiar with the practice. My recollection is, although I may be wrong in this-

Aitken, Miss Matthews

Argue McFarlane

Bourbonnais McGee

Bourque Mcllraith

Brunsden Muir (Lisgar)

Campeau Nixon

Dorion Pigeon

Eudes Pratt

Fairfield Racine

Fisher Ratelle

Fleming (Okanagan- Richard (Ottawa

Revelstoke) East)

Forbes Simpson

Frechette Skoreyko

Grenier Small

Hanbidge Smith (Lincoln)

Houck Smith (Simcoe

Kindt North)

Knowles Smith (Winnipeg

LaRue North)

Lennard Southam

Lessard Stinson

Macquarrie Tremblay

Martineau Tucker-45.


February 9, 1959