November 18, 1957


Hon. Sidney Earle Smith, member for the electoral district of Hastings-Frontenac, introduced by Right Hon. J. G. Diefenbaker and Hon. Donald M. Fleming.


Mr. L. E. Cardiff (Huron) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows:


Messrs: Argue McBain Arsenault McLeod Boucher McMillan Boulanger Menard Bryson Michaud Campbell (Lambton- Montgomery Kent) O'Hurley Castleden Olson Charlton Pallett Christian Peters Dechene Phillips Demers Proudfoot Deslieres Quelch Doucett Roberge Fairfield Robinson Forgie Schneider Gardiner Schulz Gingras Simpson Gour Smith (Battle River- Grills Camrose) Harrison Smith (Lincoln) Herridge Stanton Howe Stefura Huffman Studer Jones Thomas (Middlesex J orgenson West) Kennedy Thompson Laflamme (Northumberland) Lafontaine Tucker Landry Villeneuve (Glengarry- Lavigne Prescott) Legare Macdonald (Kings) White-60. (Quorum-20) BANKING AND COMMERCE Messrs: Christian Crestohl Deslieres Dumas Ellis Fraser Gardiner Henderson Irwin Johnson (Kindersley) Jones Ashbourne Bell (Carleton) Benidickson Blackmore Broome Brown (Essex West) Cameron Cannon Cathers Chown Coates Lambert Low Macdonald (Vancouver- Kingsway) MacEachen Macnaughton MacRae Marler Martin (Essex East) Morris Morton Pallett Pearson Power Quelch Rea Richardson Robichaud Rynard St. Laurent (Temis-couata) Sinclair Stewart (Winnipeg North) Stinson Thompson (Northumberland) Thrasher Tucker Villeneuve (Glengarry -Prescott) White Winkler-50. (Quorum-15) Beaudoin Crouse Ellis Habel Hansell Hardie

Messrs: Macquarrie McPhillips Meunier Muir (Lisgar) Robinson Rouleau-12. (Quorum-7) EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Messrs: Aitken, Miss Argue Breton Cannon Cardin Coldwell Crestohl Fairfield Garland Gauthier (Lake St. John) Pratt Low MacEachen Macnaughton Macquarrie Martin (Essex East) McCleave Nesbitt Patterson Pearson Herridge Holowach Jones Jung Knowles (Winnipeg North Centre) Kucherepa Lennard Rea Richard (Ottawa East) Sinclair Smith (Calgary South) Stick Stuart (Charlotte) Van Horne White-35. (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Aitken, Miss Barnett Baskin Beech Blanchette Brassard Brown (Essex West) Byrne Cauchon Chown Deschatelets Gauthier (Chicoutimi) Gingues Haidasz Irwin Johnston (Bow River) J orgenson Knowles (Winnipeg North Centre) Leduc (Verdun) MacEachen Maclnnis Maloney Martin (Timmins) Martini McDonald (Hamilton South) Mitchell Muir (Cape Breton North and Victoria) Murphy (Westmorland) Ricard Richardson Small Stanton Thompson (Edmonton-Strathcona) Vivian Winch-35. (Quorum-10)

Standing Committees MARINE AND FISHERIES PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS Anderson Arsenault Ashbourne Barnett Bourget Brisson Broome Bryce Cannon Carter Crouse English Hahn Haidasz Hardie Henderson Howard Irwin Messrs: Jung Kirk Lavigne MacDonald (Antigonish-Guysborough) MacEwan McGrath Montgomery Murphy (Lambton West) Noble Patterson Robichaud Robinson Schulz Sinclair Stuart (Charlotte) Taylor Thibault-35. Messrs: Aiken Beech Bourque Bryson Byrne Campbell Kent) Carter Dechene Deniset Fraser Houck Jung Leboe McBain McGregor Mcllraith Meunier Pallett Peters (Lambton- PickersgiU Richard (Ottawa East) Robinson Rowe Small Thomas (Wetaskiwin) Thomas (Middlesex West) Valois Vincent Zaplitny-29. (Quorum-10)


(Quorum-10) Messrs:


Messrs: Baskin Blackmore Coates Dumas Garland Gauthier (Nickel Belt) Hansell Hardie Hodgson Howe Leboe Leduc (Gatineau) Leduc (Verdun) Lesage Macdonald (Vancouver-Kingsway) MacEachen MacRae McBain McCullough McGrath McWilliam Mitchell Montgomery Muir (Lisgar) Murphy (Lambton West) Nixon O'Hurley Peters Raymond Ricard Richard (St. Maurice-Lafleche) Simpson Smith (Calgary South) Stick Winch-35. (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Beaudry Boulanger Bourget Breton Bryce Byrne Campbell (Lambton-Kent) Crestohl Denis Doucett English Fisher Habel Hales Hardie Houck Kirk Knowles (Norfolk) Laflamme Leboe Lewry Macdonald (Kings) MacRae Malta is McGee McGregor McLeod McMillan Milligan Morris Morton Murphy (Lambton West) Noble PickersgiU Proudfoot Regier Roberge Rynard Smith (Simcoe North) Stick Stuart (Charlotte) Thomas (Wetaskiwin) Thomas (Middlesex West) Thompson (Edmonton-Strathcona) Thrasher Tucker Villeneuve (Glengarry-Prescott) Wratten Yuill Zaplitny-50. (Quorum-15) Batten McCullough Broome Mcllraith Cameron McMillan Carter McPhillips Cathers McWilliam Christian Milligan Fairfield Mitchell Forgie Monette Garland Morris Hales Morton Hansell Nicholson Harrison Nixon Henderson Noble Houck Olson Howard Patterson Jorgenson Proudfoot Kennedy Rea Kirk Regier Knowles (Norfolk) Roberge Langlois Schneider Macdonald (Kings) Smith (Simcoe North) Maclnnis Studer Macnaughton Thomas (Middlesex Mandziuk West) Martini Yuill-50. - McCleave !...I.* l [DOT] (Quorum-15) RAILWAYS, CANALS AND TELEGRAPH LINES Messrs: Barbes Harrison Batten Herridge Begin Holowach Bonnier Howe Blanchette Johnston (Bow River) Brassard Kennedy Broome Lafontaine Bryson Lavigne Byrne Leboe Campbell (The Lewry Battlefords) MacDonald (Antigonish- Chevrier Guysborough) Crouse Marler Doucett Martini Dupuis McBain Ellis McGrath English Mclvor Fisher McLeod Forgie McPhillips Fraser Muir (Cape Breton North Gauthier (Lake St. and Victoria) John) Murphy (Westmorland) Gauthier (Nickel Belt) Murphy (Lambton West)Gauthier (Chicoutimi) NixonGrills O'Hurley

Olson Phillips Rea Rouleau Small Smith (Calgary South) Smith (Simcoe North) Smith (Battle River- Camrose) Stanton Stuart (Charlotte) Taylor Villeneuve (Roberval) Vincent Wratten-60. (Quorum-20) Export Credits Insurance Act Stefura, Thomas (Wetaskiwin), Valois, and Walker, a committee to assist His Honour the Speaker in the direction of the library of parliament so far as the interests of the House of Commons are concerned, and to act on behalf of this house as members of a joint committee of both houses on the library. Motion agreed to. STANDING ORDERS Messrs:


Aitken, Miss Beaudoin Denis Dupuis Hahn Haidasz Howard Irwin Johnson (Kindersley) Loiselle Michaud Monette Rochefort Smith (Simcoe North) Stinson Thompson (Northumberland) Van Horne Villeneuve (Glengarry-Prescott) Vivian Winkler-20. (Quorum-8)


November 18, 1957