August 11, 1956


An hon. Member:

Six o'clock.

Progress reported.

Resolutions adopted in committee of supply this day reported and concurred in.




Walter Edward Harris (Minister of Finance and Receiver General; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. Harris:

Mr. Speaker, last night I indicated the remaining items to be dealt with. I understand that today we have disposed of the estimates of the Department of Labour and the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. That being the case, on Monday we shall take up the remaining items in the order in which I indicated them last night.


It being ten minutes after six o'clock the house adjourned, without question put, pursuant to standing order. [The following items were passed in committee of supply]:


Citizenship-* 59. Citizenship registration branch, $398,265. B-National gallery of Canada- 80. Administration, operation and maintenance, including industrial design division, $328,910.


A-Department-general administration- 179. Departmental administration, $702,905. 180. To provide for expenses of the economics and research branch, $547,762. 181. Annuities Act-administration, $1,071,447. 182. Fair wages, conciliation, industrial relations. industrial disputes investigations, including the administration of legislation relating thereto, and for activities re promotion of co-operation in industry between labour and management, $454,706. 183. Canada labour relations board, $5,875. 184. Administration of the Canada Fair Employment Practices Act, $10,500. 185. International labour conferences, $67,720. Supply-Items Passed 186. Labour Gazette, authorized by Labour Department Act, $122,635. 187. To provide for expenses of the women's bureau, $26,958. 188. To provide for payments to implement a program for the rehabilitation of disabled persons, in accordance with terms and conditions approved by the governor in council, and administrative expenses connected therewith, $196,700. 189. To provide for expenditures incurred in connection with manpower utilization, labour-management relations and related programs as may be authorized by the Minister of Labour, $30,000. Special services- 190. To provide for expenses of special services branch including administrative costs connected with federal-provincial farm labour programs, the movement of workers from outside Canada and the program for combating seasonal unemployment, $175,798. 191. To provide for the effective organization and use of agricultural manpower, including recruiting, transporting and placing workers on farms and related industries and assistance to the provinces pursuant to agreements that may be entered into by the Minister of Labour with the provinces and approved by the governor in council, $250,000. 192. To provide for expenses incurred in arranging for and the movement of workers from outside Canada to work on farms and for other essential employment in Canada where Canadian labour is not available to meet the need including the costs connected with their reception, supervision and with the welfare of persons already immigrated to Canada and to provide for expenditures under agreements with the provinces authorized by the governor in council, $298,477. Vocational training co-ordination- 193. Administration, $80,745. 194. To provide for carrying out the purposes of the Vocational Training Co-ordination Act and agreements made thereunder; to authorize the Minister of Labour to enter into agreements with any province on terms approved by the governor in council to provide financial assistance to vocational schools, and training under youth training projects and to provide for the expenditures thereunder and under vocational training agreements entered into in previous years-payments to the provinces, $4,515,150. Government employees compensation- 195. Administration of the Government Employees Compensation Act, $72,600. B-Unemployment insurance commission- 196. Administration of the Unemployment Insurance Act, including expenditures incurred in connection with other duties and responsibilities assumed and carried out as required by the governor in council on the recommendation of the Minister of Labour in accordance with section 4 of the act, $27,341,745. 197. To provide for the transfer of labour to and from places where employment is available and expenses incidental thereto, in accordance with regulations of the governor in council, $75,000.


General administration- 116. Departmental administration, $2,035,230. 67509-475$

Monday, August 13, 1956


Second report of special committee on research.-Mr. Mcllraith.

August 11, 1956