February 4, 1955




Clarence Decatur Howe (Minister of Defence Production; Minister of Trade and Commerce)


Right Hon. C. D. Howe (Acting Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, I desire to inform the house of a declaration issued from the prime ministers' conference at two p.m. eastern standard time today, as follows:

The government of Pakistan have informed the other governments of the commonwealth of the intention of the Pakistan people that, under the new constitution which is about to be adopted, Pakistan shall become a sovereign, independent republic. The government of Pakistan have, however, declared and affirmed Pakistan's desire to continue her full membership of the commonwealth of nations and her acceptance of the Queen as the symbol of the free association of its independent member nations, and as such the head of the commonwealth. The governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ceylon, the basis of whose membership is not hereby changed, accept and recognize Pakistan's continuing membership in accordance with the terms of this declaration. The government of India, the basis of whose membership is also unaltered, similarly recognize Pakistan's continuing membership.

In notifying the other prime ministers of Pakistan's intention, Mr. Mohammed Ali reaffirmed his country's steadfast adherence to the commonwealth. The other prime ministers, in accepting this proposal, welcomed Pakistan's continued association and co-operation as a member of the commonwealth and assured Mr. Mohammed Ali that the friendship and good will of their countries towards Pakistan would remain unaffected by this constitutional change.

Accordingly, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Ceylon hereby declare, as they did in 1949 when a similar decision was taken in respect of India, that they remain united as free and equal members of the commonwealth of nations, freely co-operating in the pursuit of peace, liberty and progress.

I am sure, Mr. Speaker, all hon. members and all Canadians will rejoice in this new demonstration of the traditional capacity of the commonwealth to strengthen its unity of purpose while adapting its organization and procedures to changed circumstances. Everyone will rejoice in the fact that, notwithstanding the exercise by the people of Pakistan of their right to determine the form of their domestic government, it has been found possible to have Pakistan remain a member of the commonwealth and to continue for the peace of the world the association of those nations whose traditions give

them the same concept of a proper way of living and of democratic processes designed to further the welfare of the men and women of their respective nations.



Mr. W. G. Weir (Porlage-Neepawa) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows: PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS Messrs: Balcer Bourque Bryson Cardin Carter Cavers Churchill Dechene Dickey Ellis Fraser (Peterborough) Hansell Harrison Hollingworth Leboe Lefrancois MacDougall MacKenzie McWilliam Meunier Murphy (Lambton West) Nowlan Pallett Pouliot Richard (Ottawa East) Viau Vincent White (Waterloo South) Zaplitny-29 (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Barnett Batten Bell Bonnier Boucher (Restigouche-Madawaska) Boucher (Chateauguay-Huntingdon-Laprairie) Buchanan Byrne Campbell Carrick Carter Cauchon Cavers Clark Decore Deschatelets Dupuis Ellis Follwell Fulton Gagnon Garland Gauthier Goode Gourd (Chapleau) Green Habel Hahn Hamilton (Notre de Grace) Hamilton (York West) Harrison Healy Herridge Hodgson Hosking Howe (Wellington-Huron) James Johnston (Bow River) Kickham Lafontaine Langlois (Gaspe) Lavigne Leboe Low McCulloch (Pictou) Mclvor Meunier Montgomery Murphy (Lambton West) Murphy (Westmorland) Nicholson Nickle (Lake St. John) Purdy Ross Small Stanton Viau Villeneuve Dame Vincent Weselak-60 (Quorum-20) 842

Standing Committees


Anderson Balcom Batten Bennett, Miss Blair Brooks Brown (Brantford) Cameron (High Park) Carter Decore Dinsdale Ellis Enfield Eyre Fairey Ferguson Forgie Garland Girard Hansell Hees Hosking Houck Hunter Knight Langlois (Berthier-Maskinonge-Delanaudiere) Messrs: Leduc (Jacaues Cartier-Lasalle) Lennard Lusby MacDougall Macnaughton Mang Matheson McCubbin McCullough (Moose Mountain) McWilliam Murphy (Westmorland) Perron Pommer Proudfoot Regier Reinke Roberge Roy Thomas Weaver White (Hastings-Frontenac) White (Middlesex East) White (Waterloo South) Wylie-50 (Quorum-15)


Messrs: Anderson Applewhaite Arsenault Ashbourne Balcom Benidickson Bennett (Grey North) Blackmore Boucher (Restigouche-Madawaska) Cameron (Nanaimo) Cannon Cardin Crestohl Croll Dufresne Dumas Fleming Follwell Fraser (Peterborough) Fraser (St. John's East) Fulton Gagnon Hanna Hellyer Henderson Kickham Nowlan Kirk (Antigonish- Pearkes Guysbo rough) Picard Leduc (Jacques Cartier- Pommer Lasalle) Macdonnell Malta is McLeod McWilliam Mitchell (London) Mitchell (Sudbury) Monteith Murphy (Lambton West) Weaver-50 Noseworthy (Quorum-15)


Poulin Power (St. John's West) Proudfoot Regier Schneider Thatcher Thomas Tucker Messrs: Huffman Hunter Johnson (Kindersley) Low Macdonnell MacEachen Macnaughton Matheson Michener Mitchell (London) Monteith Nickle Noseworthy Pallett Philpott Picard Pouliot Quelch Richardson Robichaud Rouleau Stewart (Winnipeg North) Tucker Viau Weaver-50 Anderson Argue Batten Boucher (Chateauguay-Huntingdon-Laprairie) Breton Bruneau Bryce Byrne Cardiff Castleden Charlton Clark Decore Demers Deslieres Diefenbaker Dinsdale Fontaine Forgie Gingras Goode Gour (Russell) Harkness Huffman Johnson (Kindersley) Jones Jutras Kickham Kirk (Antigonish-Guysborough) (Quorum-20) Leboe Legare Lusby MacKenzie MacLean Mang Masse Matheson McBain McCubbin Michaud Montgomery Murphy (Westmorland) Perron Pommer Poulin Proudfoot Purdy Quelch Roberge Robinson (Bruce) Roy Schneider Stanton Stick Studer Villeneuve White (Middlesex East) White (Waterloo South) Wylie Yuill-60 Aitken, Miss Buchanan Carter Denis Fairey Fontaine STANDING ORDERS Messrs: Hollingworth Knowles Michaud Monette Perron Quelch (Quorum-15) Forgie Robinson (Bruce) Green Rochefort PUBLIC Hanna ViauACCOUNTS Harrison Winch-20Messrs: (Quorum-8)Anderson Cauchon Applewhaite Cavers MARINE AND FISHERIES Argue Cloutier Messrs:Ashbourne Denis Balcer Goode Anderson BryceBalcom Green Applewhaite Cameron (Nanaimo)Beaudry Hanna Arsenault CannonBoisvert Harkness Ashbourne FergusonBoucher (Restigouche- Hees Barnett GoodeMadawaska) Henderson Bell HardieBruneau Hollingworth Bennett (Grey North) Harrison Cameron (High Park) Holowach Boivin HendersonCannon Houck Brisson Hodgson

Kirk (Antigonish-Guysborough) Kirk (Shelburne-Y armouth-Clare) MacLean MacNaught Maltais Matheson McDonald Nowlan Patterson Pearkes Robichaud Stick Stuart (Charlotte) Thibault Thomas Trainor Weselak-35 (Quorum-10)


Messrs: Boucher (Restigouche-Madawaska) Brisson Brooks Buchanan Byrne Carter Dickey Dumas Eyre Garland Gauthier (Nickel Belt) Hardie Harkness Herridge Hosking LaCroix Lafontaine Leboe Leduc (Jacques Cartier-Lasalle) (Quorum-10) Leduc (Gatineau) Low MacLean McCullough (Moose Mountain) Mitchell (Sudbury) Pearkes Ratelle Richard (St. Maurice-Lafleche) Robichaud Rowe Shipley, Mrs. Studer Trainor Tustin Weselak Winch-35


Messrs: Bell Brown (Essex West) Brown (Brantford) Byrne Cauchon Churchill Cloutier Croll Deschatelet9 Dufresne Fairclough. Mrs. Fraser (St. John's East) Gauthier (Lake St. John) Gauthier (Nickel Belt) Gillis Hahn Hardie Johnston (Bow River) Knowles Leduc (Verdun) Lusby MacEachen Maclnnis Michener Murphy (Westmorland) Nixon Richardson Ross Rouleau Simmons Small Starr Studer Viau Vincent-35 (Quorum-10)

Messrs: Balcer Enfield Hees Jutras McLeod Meunier (Quorum-7) Michaud Nicholson Power (St. John's West) Purdy Rowe Simmons-12 Aitken, Miss Balcer Bell Boisvert Breton Cannon EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Messrs: Cardin Coldwell Crestohl Croll Decore Diefenbaker Fleming Garland Gauthier Goode Henry James Jutras Kirk (Shelburne-Yarmouth-Clare) Knowles Low Lusby Maclnnis MacKenzie Macnaughton McMillan Patterson Pearkes Picard Richard (Ottawa East) Starr Stick Stuart (Charlotte) Studer-35 Joint Committees (Lake St. John) (Quorum-10)

February 4, 1955