October 25, 1951


Alphonse Fournier (Minister of Public Works; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. Fournier (Hull):

In yesterday's Votes and Proceedings there was a motion to set up a special committee to consider railway legislation. That motion will be on tomorrow's order paper and will be proceeded with. We will then take up the following bills on second reading: Bill No. 12, to amend the Railway Act; Bill No. 6, to amend the Canadian National-Canadian Pacific Act; Bill No. 7, to amend the Maritime Freight Rates Act. After second reading those bills will be referred to the special committee on railway legislation. Those bills having been disposed of, we will consider Bill No. 9, respecting the Toronto harbour commissioners and Bill No. 8, to amend the North Fraser Harbour Commissioners Act.


At ten o'clock the house adjourned, without question put, pursuant to the order of the house passed on October 12, 1951. 94699 - 28a

Friday, Ociober 26, 1951

October 25, 1951