June 29, 1948

Ladner-site for public building-further amount required, $5,000. Langley Prairie-public building, $75,000. Ocean Falls-public building, $40,000. Smithers-public building, $25,000. Vancouver immigration building-alterations and improvements, $35,000. Vancouver-Alvin estates building-purchase, alterations and extension, $800,000. Vaneouver-Begg building-purchase, alterations and extension, $1,060,000. Vancouver-site for building for customs- further amount required, $130,000. Victoria astropbysieal observatory-repairs, alterations and improvements-further amount required, $5,000. Whiterock-public building, $20,000. Generally- 829. National printing bureau - further amount required, $400,000. 830. Dominion immigration buildings-repairs, improvements, etc.-further amount required, $80,000. 831. Experimental farms and science laboratories-replacements, repairs and improvements to buildings-further amount required, $100,000. 832. Accommodation for the taxation division of the Department of National Revenue, $2,000,000. 833. Public buildings generally-repairs, alterations, fittings and improvements-further amount required, $500,000. Engineering Branch- 834. Branch administration-further amount required, $2,500. 835. Engineering, including salaries of engineers, clerks, etc.-further amount required, $80,000. Dredging- 836. Ontario and Quebec-further amount required, $330,000. 837. British Columbia and Yukon-further amount required, $118,100. 838. Locks and dams-further amount required, $30,000. Maintenance and Operation of Graving Docks, Locks and Dams, etc.- 839. Snagboats-further amount required, $5,240. Nova Scotia- 840. Ballan-tyne's Cove-breakwater repairs- further amount required, $16,000. Battery Point-breakwater extension, $20,000. Canso-wharf reconstruction (revote $14,000), $20,500. Dover-wharf extension, $27,000. East Ferry-breakwater replacement, $60,000. Grand Etang-pier extension, $16,000. Little Anse-breakwater replacement (revote $148,000), $210,000. North West Cove (Tancook)-breakwater extension-further amount required, $10,000. Pictou-towards restoration of harbour facilities-further amount required, $106,000. Pugwash-towards wharf repairs and dredging-further amount required, $50,000. Seal Harbour-dredging-further amount required, $65,000. Wadden Cove-breakwater replacement, $13,500. West Dublin-towards dredging, $20,000. Yarmouth Bur-towards breakwater reconstruction, $100,000. Prince Edward Island

841. Annandale-boat basin, $12,000. Fishing Cove (Cape Egmont)-wharf and breakwater, $47,000. Montague - wh arf reconstruction - further amount required, $8,300. New Brunswick- 842. Baracho-is- wharf improvements and dredging, $25,000. Blue Cove-'towards breakwater repairs, $40,000. Botsford-towards breakwater extension, $50,000. Buc-touche-towards dredging, $75,000. Burnt C-huroh-towards wharf repairs, $25,000. Caraquet-towards harbour improvements,

Chockfish-wharf, $13,000. Cocagne Bar (Cormie-rville) towards breakwater-wharf, $25,000. _ Escuminac-breakwater repairs, $30,000. Escuminac-boat haul-up, $20,000. Little Shippigan-wharf extension, $70,000. Supply-Public Works Mace's Bay-towards breakwater, $100,000. M-alloch's beach - breakwater extension, $65,000. . Neguac Church-towards wharf extension, $50,000. St. Andrews towards wharf improvements,

Seal cove-towards breakwater, $100,000. Shippigan-Savoy Landing-towards wharfage facilities, subject to an agreement to be entered into with the provincial government as to division of costs-further amount required, $85,000. Traeadie-wharf, $21,000. Quebec- 843. Bagotville-wharf reconstruction (revote), $60,000. Bale de la Trinite-dredging-further amount required, $28,000. Baie des Sables-towards wharf extension, $50,000. Barachois de Malabaie (Bridgeville)-jetty reconstruction - further amount required, $40,000. Blanc Sablon-towards wharf, $125,000. Cap Sante wharf reconstruction, $30,000. Cloridorme-towards wharf, $50,000. Cross Point-jetty extension, $21,500. Grande Riviere-dredging entrance channel- further amount required, $60,000. Grande Vallee-towards deepwater wharf, $50,000. Lake Checobi-wharf, $6,500. Lac Tremblant-wharf, $30,000. La Tabatiere-wharf extension, $43,000. Levis-reconstruction of wharf, $200,000. Montmorency-wharf enlargement, $12,000. Natashquan-wharf reconstruction and improvements, $173,000. Notre-Dame du Portage-towards wharf reconstruction. $50,000. Pointe Basse, M.I.-breakwater-wharf replacement-further amount required, $45,000. Port Daniel-towards fishing harbour, $50,000. Quebec, inner Louise basin-wharf repairs, $30,000. Richelieu River-dredging, $207,000. Riviere au Tonnerre - dredging - further amount required, $30,000. Riviere Colombier (Anse Noire)-wharf enlargement, $30,000. Riviere Quelle (Pointe aux Orignaux)-towards wharf reconstruction, $100,000. Riviere Pentecote - redredging - further amount required, $20,000. Riviere St. Paul-shed, $19,000. Ste. Anne des Monts-towards wharf reconstruction and extension-further amount required, $600,000. St. Francois du Lac-wharf repairs, $32,000. St. Jean, I.O.-towards wharf reconstruction, $25,000. St. Joseph d'Alma-wharf reconstruction, $18,400. St. Michel de Bellechasse-wharf repairs, $52,000. Sorel-harbour improvements, $355,000. Ontario- 844. Belleville - harbour improvements, $7,000. Britt - wharf - further amount required, $2,600. Christian Island-wharf extension, $16,000. Collingwood-harbour reconstruction and improvements-further amount required, $200,000. Dryden-wharf, $38,000. Fort William-dredging-further amount required, $95,000. Goderich redredging and repairs to harbour works, $228,000. Grand River Conservation Scheme-contribution towards costs of preliminary plans, test drilling, etc., in connection with proposed dam on the Conestoga river (revote), $8,000. Haileybury-repairs to harbour works, $24,000. Hamilton-towards harbour improvements- further amount required, $500,000. Honora-wharf replacement, $8,500. Island Grove-wharf, $23,000. Kenora-repairs to wharves-further amount required, $16,000. Kincardine-repairs to piers-further amount required, $18,000. Kingsville-harbour repairs and improvements further amount required, $45,000. Loon Lake-wharf, $8,300. Midland to Parry Sound-towards dredging inside channel-further amount required, $40,000. . . Montreal River-to complete wharfage facilities, $4,500. . Nighthawk River-contribution towards improvements, $10,000. Nipigon-wharf extension and dredging, $65,500. Owen Sound - harbour improvements, $105,000. Pelee Island-towards wharf reconstruction, $50,000. Port Arthur-breakwater-further amount required, $175,000. Port Colborne-breakwater repairs-further amount required, $60,000. Riviere des Mille lies-dredging, $40,000. Rondeau (Eriaaiu)-repairs to piers, $85,000. Sheguindah - dredging (revote $i3,000),

Spanish-wharf extension, $7,200. Sturgeon Falls-wiharf extension-further amount required, $4,600. Toronto - towards harbour head wall, $500,000. Wade's Landing-wharf and dredging, $9,000. Wheatley (Muddy Creek)-towards fishing harbour, $50,000. Manitoba- 845. Assin-iboine river-repairs and improvements to diking, $17,000. Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northw-est Territories- 846. Alberta Beach, Alberta-wharf repairs, $24,000. Bell Rock (Fort Smith) N.W.T.-wharf- further amount required, $33,000. Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta-wharf repairs and extension-further amount required, $58,000. British Columbia and Yukon- 847. Balmoral-wharf, $14,000. Billings Bay (Nelson Island)-float, $7,000. Campbell River-wharf replacement, $132,000. Chemainus-harbour improvement-further amount required (revote $6,700), $8,000. Comox-towards wharf replacement, $100,000. Davis Bay (Wilson Creek)-breakwater and float, $17,000. Fraser River-towards improvements-further amount required, $350,000. Supply-Public Works

Fraser River-Remedial work on Lulu and Sea islands (revote), $31,000. Fraser River (Kirkland Island)-extension of channel protection, $13,000. Gambier Island (Camp Georgia)-wharf, $24,000. Harrison River-extension to shear boom,

Nanaimo-toward dredging, $60,000. Nanaimo-wharf repairs and improvements -further amount required, $12,000. Okanagan Flood Control Project-dominion government's share of preliminary costs, $75,000. Port Alberni-towards dredging, $40,000. Port Alberni harbour improvements-further amount required, $34,000. Prince Rupert (F-airview Bay)-towards breakwater, $75,000. Robert's Creek-wharf repairs and improvements- (revote $20,400), $100,000. Squamish-towards wharf repairs and improvements, $50,000. Tofino-harbour repairs and improvements,

Trail-landing, $8,000. Ucluelet West-floats, $7,500. Victoria - dredging - further amount required, $30,000. Yukon- 848. Lewes river-towards taking over, reconstructing and maintaining dam, $40,000. Generally- 849. Protection works generally-to provide for remedial works where damages are caused by, or endanger navigation or federal government structures-further amount required, $100,000. Telegraph and telephone services, operation and maintenance- 850. Lower St. Lawrence and maritime provinces-further amount required, $50,000. 851. Telegraph and telephone services generally-further amount required, $2,000. Telegraph and telephone services, construction and improvements- 852. Alert Bay-Kelsey Bay, B.C.-improvements to telephone line, $5,000. 853. Ashcroft-150 Mile House, B.C.-improvements to telephone line, $23,000. 854. Chatham Escuminae, N.B. - improvements to telephone line, $20,000. 855. Boularderie island-to purchase and deliver telegraph poles subject to agreement with local telephone companies to take over and undertake future maintenance of line, $8,000. 856. Quesnel, B.C. purchase of Quesnel telephone system, $8,000. 857. Extension of telephone lines in Mata-pedia-Matane county, P.Q.-further amount required, $9,520. 858. Dawson Creek-Pouce Coupe, B.C.- telephone lines-improvements, $96,500. 859. Port Alberni-Bamfield. B.C.-addition to telegraph and telephone facilities, $45,000. 860. Port Renfrew-Shawinigan Lake, B.C.- telephone line, $45,700. 861. Quesnel-Baker Creek, B.C.-telephone line, $9,000. 862. Smithers, B.C.-purchase of telephone exchange, $2,500. 863. St. Cyprien-Ste. Justine, P.Q.-telephone line-repairs and improvements, $3,200. 864. National Gallery of Canada-further amount required, $32,500. 865. To provide for balances to complete any projects undertaken in previous fiscal years and for which no specific provision is made in the fiscal year 1948-49-further amount required, $25,000. 935. To provide for repair of flood damage to federal government structures and telegraph and telephone lines and for redredging of filled-in channels, $550,000.


68. Departmental administration, $997,990. 69. Blank -inspection (inspector general of banks' office), $27,408. 70. Royal Canadian Mint, including the Dominion of Canada assay office, $794,431. Superannuation and retirement benefits- 71. Superannuation and retirement acts, administration, $220,091. 72. Government's contribution- to the superannuation fund, $3,730,000. Public debt charges-servicing of public debt- 73. Commission for payment of interest on public debt, services of fiscal agents, London, registrar's fees, etc., $439,500. Miscellaneous grants and contributions- 74. Canadian General Council of Boy Scouts, $15,000. . 75. Canadian Council of the Girl Guides Association, $6,000. 76. Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,

77. Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, $2,025. 78. Canadian Writers Foundation, $4,000. 79. Canadian Olympic Association, $17,500. General

80. Tariff board, including the dominion trade and industry commission payments may be made notwithstanding anything in the Civil Service Act or regulations, $94,740. 81. To provide for the expenses of the Comptroller of the Treasury's office, $9,986,009. 82. Farmers' Creditors Arrangement Act, 1943, and Municipal Improvements Assistance Act, 1938, administration, $63,331. 83. Foreign exchange control board-administration, $268,000. 84. To grant authority for the payment hereafter, notwithstanding the provisions of the Civil Service Act or any other act or law, and subject to the approval of the governor in council in each case, of a secretarial allowance to each permanent civil servant appointed to perform the duties of principal private secretary to a minister of the crown (or other member of the government, or to the leader of the opposition) , in an amount sufficient to provide, with his permanent salary, annual compensation at a rate equal to the rate approved by the governor in council for such principal private secretaries who are not permanent civil servants, $1. 85. To provide, subject to the approval of the treasury board, for salaries, reclassifications and increases, $10,000,000. Supply-Finance 86. Unforeseen expenses, expenditures thereof to be subject to approval of the treasury board and a detailed statement to be laid before parliament within fifteen days of next session, $80,000. 932. To authorize and to provide for payment of a portion of the costs incurred on or after May 15, 1948, by the government of British Columbia, by the municipal authorities in the Eraser valley and by the departments and agencies of the government of Canada in repairing, strengthening, constructing and reconstructing dikes in the Eraser valley and removing water and debris from the flooded lands in that valley in accordance with an agreement which the government of Canada is hereby authorized to enter into with the government of British Columbia for the purpose of establishing a division of such costs on the basis of the government of Canada bearing seventy-five per _ cent thereof (treasury board is hereby authorized to direct that there be credited to other appropriations of the government of Canada to which any of such costs have been originally charged any amount that would otherwise have been payable by either of the said governments in accordance with such agreement); and to authorize and to provide for payment of seventy-five per cent of the total costs incurred by a board to be known as the "Fraser valley diking board" (such board to be constituted pursuant to an agreement which the government of Canada is hereby authorized to enter into with the government of British Columbia and, when so constituted, to be a body corporate and to have, subject to the joint direction of the government of Canada and the government of British Columbia, the powers, duties and responsibilities provided in such agreement) in carrying on the work of repairing, strengthening, constructing and reconstructing dikes in the Fraser valley and removing water and debris from the flooded lands in that valley, $4,500,006. 933. To authorize and to provide for payment of an emergency unconditional grant to the government of British Columbia to assist that government in meeting costs incurred in providing emergency relief to the residents of the Fraser valley and in rehabilitating the areas damaged by the floods which were declared by order in council dated June 10, 1948 (P.C. 2644) to have created a national disaster, $5,000,000. .

Wednesday, June 30, 1948

June 29, 1948