June 24, 1948

Indians affairs branch- 213. Branch administration, $110,187. 214. Indian agencies, $1,963,366. 215. Reserve and trusts-administration, $129,237. 216. Welfare of Indians, $2,271,787. 217. Grants to agricultural exhibitions and Indian fairs, $7,500'. 218. Education-Indian education, $3,166,778. 219. Grants to residential schools, $1,994,140. 220. Grant to provide additional services to Indians of British Columbia, $100,000. Immigration branch

221. Administration of the Immigration Act, $494,733. 222. Field and inspectional service, Canada, $2,632,232, 223. Field and inspectional service, abroad, $661,232. Indian affairs branch-[DOT] 224. Fur conservation, and development of native crafts, and to authorize, subject to the approval of the governor in council, the appointment of such extra temporary officers, clerks and employees as may be necessary for the purpose of this item, $286,060. Mines, forests and scientific services branch- 225. Payments to Royal Canadian Air Force and commercial companies for air photography, and to defray the expenses of the interdepartmental committee on air surveys, $1,240,000. 226. Construction and equipment of an extension to the metallurgical laboratories, Booth street, Ottawa, including consulting, engineering and design fees, $130,000, Lands and development services branch- 227. Land division, Alaska highway-legal, survey and other costs of acquiring right-of-way, flight strips and easements; and for the rental >f lands leased to the crown, $9,000. Immigration branch-[DOT] 228. For expenditures in connection with looking after Canadian interests abroad, $100,000. 229. Repatriation of wives and dependents of members of the Canadian armed forces overseas, $117,000. 230. British evacuee children, $2,000. 744. Departmental administration - further amount required, $20,543. Bureau of mines- 745. Mineral resources investigations-further amount required, $215,582. 746. Investigations of radio-active ores-further amount required, $17,260. Dominion forest service- 747. Forest research and investigations- further amount required, $54,669. 748. Forest products research - further amount required, $55,851. Geological survey of Canada- 749. Geological surveys-further amount required, $58,440. Surveys and mapping bureau- 7)50. International boundary commission- further amount required, $4,090. 751 Legal surveys-further amount required, $15,220. 752. Map compilation and reproduction-further amount required, $17,270. Dominion water and power bureau- 753. Dominion water and power bureau, including the administration of the Dominion Water Power and Irrigation Acts-further amount required, $20,060. 754. To provide for studies and surveys of the Columbia river watershed in Canada-further amount required, $20,069. 756. Geographical bureau-further amount required, $21,500. Dominion observatories- 756. Dominion observatory, Ottawa-further amount required, $9,560'. 757. Dominion astrophysical observatory, Victoria, B.C.-further amount required, $6,500. Lands division- 758. Administration of dominion, ordnance and admiralty and public lands; seed grain collections-further amount required, $37,130. Northwest territories and Yukon services- Mackenzie division- 759. General administration, operation and maintenance of services, including Wood Buffalo park-further amount required, $46,815. 760. Forest conservation, including Wood Buffalo park-further amount required, $20,060. Roads, buildings and water systems-construction and improvements - 761. Roads-further amount required, $50,000. 762. Buildings-further amount required, $40,000. 763. Arctic division-buildings, $35,500. Supply-Labour Yukon division- 764. Administration-further amount required, $4,100'. 765. Buildings-further amount required,

National parks services- 766. National parks and historic sites services *-further amount required, $524,850. Dominion wildlife service- 767. Wildlife resources conservation and development, including administration of the Migratory Birds Convention Act-further amount required, $40,150. 768. Special projects-To provide for dominion's share of joint dominion-provincial survey of Yictoria-Patricia airport road in British Columbia, $4,000. 769. To provide for the 1948-49 dominion contribution to the. cost of section B, Cranberry Portage to Cuprus mines, of the proposed road between The Pas and Plin Flon in Manitoba for which a dominion-provincial agreement is pending, $100,000. 770. Indian agencies-further amount required, $231,128. 771. Reserves and trusts-administration- further amount required, $205,101. 772. Education-Indian education-further amount required, $474,710. 773. Grants to residential schools-further amount required, $458,000. 774. Administration of the Immigration Act -further amount required, $77,840. 775. Field and inspectional service, Canada- further amount required, $198,658. 776. Field and inspectional service, abroad- further amount required, $685,699. 777. To provide for the costs incurred in carrying out the immigration-by-air plan, over and above the net amounts received as fares, and to provide authority for applying the net amounts received as fares to the reduction of the total cost of the plan, $1,340,940'. 778. Grant to Mrs. Dorothy L. Livingstone, widow of Hugh Livingstone, whose death resulted from an accident in the bureau of mines laboratories, $1,000. 779. To complete the printing of a report on the natural resources and development of Canada's northwest region (revote), $1,450. DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE General services- 231. Grants to military associations and institutes, as detailed in the estimates, $116,950.


131. Departmental administration, $701,241. 132. Annuities Act, $671,606. 133. Fair wages, conciliation, industrial relations, industrial disputes, investigations, including the administration of legislation relating thereto, and for activities re promotion of cooperation in industry between labour and management, $283,431. 134. International labour conference, $42,000. 135. Labour Gazette and other publications authorized by Labour Department Act, $83,164. Vocational Training Co-ordination Act, 1942'- 136. Administration (formerly under demobilization and reconversion) including expenses of vocational training advisory council, $55,800'. 137. Expenditures for vocational training under the Vocational Training Co-ordination Act, 1942, and agreements between the dominion and provinces approved by the governor in council, including projects for training of persons to fit them for gainful employment, youth training, apprenticeship training, vocational training at the secondary school level, foremanship and supervisory training, as well as to provide for undischarged commitments of previous years (including certain items formerly under demobilization and reconversion), $3,377,500. Unemployment Insurance Act, 1940- 138. Administration, including expenditures incurred in connection with the activities of the national employment service as delegated by the Minister of Labour in accordance with section 88 of the act, $18,465,000. 139. Government's contribution to unemployment insurance fund, $17,000,000. 140. Reinstatement in Civil Employment Act. 1946; placement of labour planning; history of war services; custody of records and coordination of stevedoring, $164,075. 141. Manpower statistics unit, $30,000. {See page 5780).


Friday, June 25, 1948

June 24, 1948