April 5, 1945


Douglas Charles Abbott (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence)



I am confident of that. It is possible that inadvertently a man may have been ordered to report back to a depot which he thought was one that would send him back overseas, but the policy is that long-service men returning on rotational duty are not sent back overseas unless they express that desire.

Topic:   APPENDIX "B"

Thomas Langton Church

National Government


The government should

be prepared with a programme for after the war so far as the army is concerned. The mother country has a plan; Washington has a plan, and we must never again leave this country in the defensive position which it occupied when the war broke out. While no country that I know of can carry on in peace time an establishment compared with that kept up during war, at the same time we must have a national system and the government should be prepared to bring forward a plan for the army.

Progress reported. .

Topic:   APPENDIX "B"

At eleven o'clock the house adjourned, without question put, pursuant to standing order. Friday, April 6, 1945

April 5, 1945