February 24, 1944



National Government

1. How many properties in Canada are being operated by the metals control board?

2. What is the total tonnage recovered as from January 1, 1940?

3. What is the value thereof?

4. How many properties in British Columbia were developed by the metals control board?

5. What was the total expenditure on each of these properties?

6. For what period was each property operated?


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Munitions and Supply)


1. Wartime metals corporation have operated or are operating twelve properties.

2. 3,046,355 tons treated to December 31, 1943, to produce 80,943,472 lbs., recoverable metals.

3. The value of the contained metals at current market prices approximated $10,000,000.

4. Four.

5. To December 31, 1943:

Capital expenditure

Twin "J" $270,445

Kootenay Florence 181,681

Emerald Tungsten 838,175

Lava Talc 22,947

6. Twin "J"-December, 1942, to present; Kootenay Florence-December, 1942, to present; Emerald Tungsten-October, 1942, to September 15, 1943; Lava Talc-October, 1943, to present.






1. How many members of the R.C.A.F. have been decorated for gallantry in the present war?

2. What are' the names and home addresses of the recipients of each of these awards for gallantry?

3. How many Canadians in the R.A.F. have been decorated for gallantry in the present war?

4. What are the names and home addresses of the recipients of each of these awards for gallantry?

5. How many members of the R.C.A.F. and Canadians in the R.A.F. have been decorated for gallantry by allied governments in the present war?

6. What are the names and home addresses of the recipients of these awards for gallantry from allied governments?


Cyrus Macmillan (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of National Defence for Air)



In honour of the more than 1,200 young Canadians who have received awards for gallantry, this somewhat extensive information is given as an ordinary answer rather than as an order for return. It is believed that every hon. member would wish to have printed on Hansard the names and home addresses of these gallant young Canadians in tribute to their splendid achievements, of which Canada is so proud.

1. At 17th February, 1944, members of the R.C.A.F. decorated for gallantry in the present war numbered 1,080.

2. See appendix "A".

3. At 17th February, 1944, Canadians in the R.A.F. decorated for gallantry in the present war numbered 164.

4. See appendix "B".

Note:-The R.C.A.F. can assume no responsibility for the correctness of appendix "B". However, the list has been compiled from official documents provided by the R.A.F. Home addresses are included where available.

5. At 17th February, 1944, members of the R.C.A.F. and Canadians in the R.A.F. decorated for gallantry by allied governments in the present war numbered 17.

6. See appendix "C".



(Bars to D.S.O. & D.F.C. for personnel indicated by *) George Cross Number-Rank-Name-Home Address R97644, LAC Gravell, K. M„ 1585-W. 15th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R179314. LAC Spooner, Iv. G., 19 Smiths Falls Ave., Smiths Falls. Military Cross J4919, F/O Marting, H. F., 1116 W. 34th St., Indianapolis, Ind. Distinguished Service Order J2976, A/W/C *Chadburn, L. V., Aurora, Ont. C1278, F/L Christie, R. M., 392 MacIntyre St. W„ North Bay. C1399, A/W/C Fauquier, J. E., 233 Metcalfe St., Ottawa. Operating expenditure


J5795, A/S/L Lane, R. J., 1468 Begbie St., Victoria, B.C. J5302, F/O Layton, M.S., 1563 MacGregor St., Montreal, P.Q. J9346, F/O McCarthy, J.C., Three Sister's Rd., St. James, Long Island, N.Y. J8817, S/L Powell, P. G., Sorrento, B.C. J9929, A/F/L *Sale, D. J., 89 Forest Hill Rd., Toronto, Ont. C835, W/C Scott, J. C., 45 Lansdowne Rd., North Galt, Ont. J17203, A/F/L Sneger, W. J., St. John, N. Dakota, U.S.A. J8429, A/F/L Stickell, J. H., Gilson, 111., U.S.A. Distinguished Flying Cross J9584, F/O Adams, E. A., Omemee, Ont. J5783, A/S/L Adams, W. H., 4 Dewbourne Ave., Forest Hill Village, Toronto, Ont. J4889, P/O Ahalt, R. M.. 4808 Middaugh Ave., Downers Grove, 111., U.S.A. J7460, F/O *Aikman, F. A., 178 Albertus Ave., Toronto, Ont. J15842, F/O Alcorn, D., 470 Ave Rd., Apt. 15, Toronto, Ont. J2833, F/L Alexander, R. W., 39 Dumphries St., Paris, Ont. J17472, P/O Allcroft, F. C., 1112 Harwood St., Vancouver, B.C. j 16423, P/O Allen, D. F., 2 Warren St., Lennoxville, Que. J5295, F/L Allen, E. E., 9 Tennyson Grove, Cleethorpes, Lines., England. J7543. A/F/L Anderson, L. S., 908 Sifton Blvd., Calgary, Alta. J16379, P/O Anderson, P. M., Union Point, Man. C1099, A/S/L Anderson, W. A., Suite 12, Whitehall Apts., Osborne St., Winnipeg, Man. J1355S. F/O Anderson, W. R. W., 315-10tk St. E„ N. Vancouver, B.& J16350, P/O Angus, T. A., 219 St. Helen's Ave., Toronto, Ont. J8128, F/L Armstrong, W. A., Carp, Ont., c/o Mrs. J. M. Kennedy. J16435, P/O Annand, F. C., Milford Station, N.S. J3508, A/F/L Archer. P. L. I.. Clovelly 8th Ave., Belleville St. Michael, Barbados. B.W.I. J16907, F/O Ardis, V. D., South Main St., Belfast, N.Y., U.S.A. J134/0, A/F/L Arnot, D. M., 19 Benlamond Ave., Toronto, Ont. J17890. P/O Ashton, J. H., Virden, Man. J15254, P/O Austin, L. F., 78 Jackman Ave., Toronto, Ont. J10503, A/F/L Avant, A. F., Hughton, Sask. J6377, F/O Avent, G. H., Apt. 6, 490 Prince Arthur W„ Montreal, P.Q. J9412, F/O Bain, D. T., Agassiz, B.C. J6027, P/O Bain, J. D. N., 321 Lonsdale Rd., Toronto, Ont. J5060, A/F/L Baker, E. D., 39 debar St., Charlottetown, P.E.I. J5090, F/L Baker, E. S., 630-7th Ave. W. Calgary, Alta. J5702, F/O Baldwin, D. G., White St., Alexandria, Louisiana. J15169, A/F/L Baldwin, W. H., 182 Fifth Ave.. Ottawa, Ont. J16116, P/O Barry, W. A. R.. Russell, Man, J17784, P/O Basarieh, G., 679-18th Ave. S Clinton. Iowa, U.S.A. J10594, F/O Batchelor, E. T., 3425 Oxford St.. Vancouver, B.C. J15187, P/O Beach, A. M., 4474 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. IMr. Macmillan.] R101280, W/O Beals, W. F., 904 Sully St., Vernon, B.C. J21277, F/O Beare, B. J., Port Perry, Ont. <711103, F/0 Beckett, H., 300 South Brodie St., Ft. William. J6827, F/O Beckwith, I. C., Sturiza 673, D to C, Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, J10432, F/0 Belanger, M. J., 4479 Blenheim St.. Vancouver, B.C. J11221, F/O Bell, J. D.. 37 Golding St., Saint John, N.B. J7020, F/L Bell, J. W., 125 Renfrew St., Winnipeg, Man. J16345, P/O Bell, J. K., New Glasgow, N.S. J9673, A/F/L Bell, R. G., 127-W-12th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J11564, F/O Beilis, A. R. B., 400-21st St. W., Prince Albert, Sask. J15035, P/O Benitz. F. M., Estancia "La California" La California F.C.C.A., prov. De Santa Fe, Argentina, South America. C1376, A/S/L Bennell, R. J.. Hayes Ridge. Oldbury Rd., Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. J22565, F/O Benner, K. J., Box 208, Cobalt, Ont. J15248, F/O Bennett, G., 396 Home St., Winnipeg, Man. J15826, F/O Beresford, D. A., 47 Edina St., Ottawa, Ont. J15939, P/O Bernard, S., 410 Crawford St., Toronto. Ont. J15759, P/O Berry, J. P., 1217 Market St., Parkersburg, Va., U.S.A. J16128, P/O Berry, R. C., 351 Emerald St. N„ Hamilton, Ont. JG396, F/O Bertran, R. H., Stevensville, Ont. J15070, S/L Beveridge, M. W., 3241 Cedar Ave., Westmount, Que. J9659, F/O Bezer, J. M., 2058 Griffiths Ave., New Westminster. J17040, P/O Biech, A. T., Gunn, Alta. J15465, P/O *Bing, L. P. S., Graystone Arms, 383 Assinaboine Ave., Winnipeg, Man. C775, S/L Birchall, L. J., 170 Princess St., Saint John, N.B. R60572, WO.l Birkenes, R. H., Armada, Alta. J7747, F/O Bishop, A. A., Erskine, Alta. J4551, F/L Blakeslee, D. J. M., Fairport Harbour, Ohio, U.S.A. R58524, WO Bloom, R. J., 4323 Oxford St., Vancouver, B.C. J16226, P/O Blumenauer, C. R., Enderby, 33 C ji7098, P/O Boczar, S., Saskatoon, Sask. (319 Ave. J. South). J17669, P/O Bodnar, B. O., Fort Frances, Ont. C1220, S/L Boomer, K. A., 1365 West 11th, Vancouver, B.C. J17928, P/O Booth, G. G., 453 Somerset St. W., Ottawa, Ont. C1090, S/L Boulton, F. H., P.O. Box 61. Coleman, Alta. J17049, P/O Bouschard, A. D., 31 Hamelin Rd., Leicester, Eng. R76385, WO Boutilier, E. H., Chester, N.S. J15064, P/O Bowen, R. D., 10748-126th St., Edmonton, Alta. J6279, F/O Bracken, W. J., Seeley's Bay, Ont. J5994, A/F/L Bradley, C. W., 4444 Beacons-field Ave., N.D.G., Mont. C166, W/C Bradshaw, D. A. R., 259 George St., Belleville, Ont. J7619, F/L Brenner, A. B., 71 Avenue Rd., Toronto. J2975, A/S/L Bretz, N. H., 2 Playter Blvd., Toronto. Ont. J17370, P/O Brisbin, L. I., Cold Springs, Ont. Questions J17601, P/0 Brousseau, J. H. N., 18 Loranger St., Cap-de-la-Madeleine. J17162, P/O Brown, E. L., 490 Pembroke St. W.. Pembroke, Ont. J13055, F/O Brown, H. T., Box 79, Biggar, * Sask. R63935, WO Brown, J. A., 48 Keppel St., Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A. J11145, F/O Brown, L. N., Paradise Valley, Alta. J8771, A/F/L Brown, M. G., 2490 Mt. Royal Ave. E., Montreal. J17907, P/O Brunet, A. G., 22 Arthur St., St. Thomas, Ont. R110822, WO Bryson, H., Manitou, Manitoba. J17456, P/O Buchanan, D. J. A., 10533-127 St., Edmonton, Alta. J15246, A/F/L Buckham, R. A., Box 1036, Vancouver, B.C. J16558, F/O Burton, G. R., 12308-104th Ave., Edmonton, Alta. J10420, F/O Campbell, P., Tyra, Claremount St., Londonderry, N. (Ireland) J15594, F/O Campbell, R. J,, Pawling, New York, U.S.A. J8198, A/F/L Campbell, R. G., 10711-98th Ave., Edmonton, Alta. J18179, P/O Card, H. C., Newburgh, Ont. J16480, F/L Carey, D. M., 748-10th St., Brandon, Man. J4531, F/O Carmichael, D. W., 4373 W. 12th Ave.. Vancouver, B.C. J17078. P/O Carrere, J. P. H., Cochrane, Ont. G168, W/C Carscallen, H. M., 104 Young Ave. Halifax, N.S. J15673, F/O Carter, A. R., 713 Dufferin St., Toronto. dll213, F/O 'Carter, G. H. F., 85 Parkway Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. J15862, F/O Carter, R. G., Apt. 3, 2 Manor Rd. E., Toronto. J4432, F/O Casey, G. A., Mitchell, Ont. J9066, P/O Cavanaugh, L. M., 23 Drake Apts., Calgary, Alta. ' J2976, A/S/L Chadburn, L. V., Aurora, Ont. J15044, A/F/L 'Chisholm, W. L., 18 Orchard Rd., Kentville, N.S. J15369, F/O Chittenden, F. J., R.R. No. 1, Cansville, Ont. J17256, P/O Christie, J. O., 2213 Toronto St., Regina, Sask. J3266, F/L Church, R. D., 338 Elmwood Dr., Rockcliffe, Ottawa. J6993, F/L Clark, D. H., 526-7th St., New Westminster, B.C. J15167, A/S/L Clark, J. F. P., 600 York St., London, Ont. J17004, P/O Clark, R. J., Box 74, Vulcan, Alta. J10883, F/O Clark, R. J., 11038-81st Ave., Edmonton, Alta. J15084, A/F/L Cleveland, J. B., 3 Clarendon Ave., Toronto, Ont. J4470, F/O Clifford, A. W., Gleichen, Alta. J9501, F/O Cline, R. E., 3224 W. 1st Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J16202, P/O Clinton, R. S., Whitney Point, New York, U.S.A. J14011, F/O Clow, W. R., Ill Wellington St. S., Hamilton J16276, P/O Cobb, N. A., Tillsoniburg, Ont. J18560, P/O Coburn, G. W., Box 192, Beeton, Ont. J17277, A/F/L Cochrane, R. H., New Richmond Stn., P.Q. J2937, F/L Colborne, F. C., 1507-25th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta. J16833, P/O Coles, M. W., Milton, P.E.I. J8207, F/O Colledge, W. W., 3699 Osier Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J6276, A/F/L Cook, R. G., 15 Chicora Ave., Toronto, Ont. J5083, F/O Coons, H. L., Morrisburg, Ont. J17003, P/O Cooper, F. C., Foxwarren, Man. J5023, F/L Conrad, W. A. G., Richmond, Ont. J16770, P/O Copenhaver, L. B., 109 South Vincent St., Salem, 111. C299, S/L Corbett, V. B., 760 Upper Lans-downe Ave., Westmount, P.Q. J15709, P/O Cosburn, S. C., 222-25th Ave., West Calgary, Alta. J9495, F/O Cowan, I. C., Box 298, Montague, P.E.I. R67128, WO Cox, J. E., 621 Johnston St., Kingston, Ont. J15233, F/O Coyne, J. P.. God's Lake, Man. J16010, P/O Cozens, E. B., 442 Old Lancaster Rd., Haverford, Pa. J15524, F/L Crabtree, G., P.O. Box 37, Pug-wash, N.S. C15705, P/O Craddock, G. R., 91 Royal York Rd., Toronto. J17170, F/L Crew, B. G„ 1764 Lulie St., Victoria, B.C. J16533, P/O Crimmins, W. D., 94 McDonnell St., Guelph, Ont. J17501, P/O Crossman, G. T., Saclcvile, N.B. J12975, F/O Crowther, G. C., 25 Goodwood Ave., Toronto, Ont. J15153, P/O Croxton, B. D., 3643 Turner St., Vancouver. J16758, P/O Cuddington, L. F., Crawford Hotel, Carlsbad, New Mexico, U.S.A. J16384, P/O Cuelenaere, M. R. C., Leask, Sask. J9754, F/O Cunningham, R. H., 35 Gifford St., Toronto, Ont. C2645, F/L Curry, J. H., 3719 Miramar Ave., Dallas, Tex., U.S.A. J9340, P/O 'Curtin, D. J., New York City, N.Y. (208 Alexander Ave.) J21889, F/O Curtin, J. P., Govan, Sask. J15807, F/L Cybulski, M. A., 511 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa. J15531, P/O Cybulski, S. J., 402 MacKay St., Pembroke, Ont. J15608, P/O Dabbs, H. E., Daysland, Alta. J15042, P/O Dale, R. G., 84 Woodlawn St. E., Toronto. J16385, P/O Danahy, S., Riverside, Albert Co., N.B. J15992, F/O Dark, W. L., 9918-108th St., Edmonton, Alta. J17211, P/O Dashper, F. B., 506 Langside St., Winnipeg, Man. C325, W/C Davoud, P. Y., 161 King St., Kingston, Ont. J11555, A/F/L Day, W. S.. Aylesford, N.S. J15717, P/O De Bartok, E. A. F., 3152 St. Antoine St., Montreal, P.Q. J17245, P/O Dearing, G. A., 208 Belsize Dr., Toronto. J15145, F/O Dehoux, L., 639 Huron St., Toronto, Ont. J16655, A/F/L Delisle, J. C. H., 6738 St. Denis St., Montreal, Que. J16008, P/O Dennison, B. C., 1134B Kensington Rd., Calgary. R88017, WO D'Eon, A. L., South Park St., Yarmouth, N.S. J16968, P/O Derry, F. C., 48 Lappin Ave., Toronto, Ont. J15678, P/O Dickson, J. D., Hampton, Kings Co., N.B. Questions

J15] 23, A/F/L Dierkes, W. J., 3003 Observatory Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio. J10896, A/F/L Dilworth, L. C., Box 269, Kelowna, B.C. J3598, F/O Dingle, C. E., 182 Furby St., Winnipeg, Man. J6011, F/O Dobbin, W. L., Box 500, Kamsack, Sask. J15740, F/O Dodd, W. G., English River, Ont. J17608, P/O Dolby, E. G., 3 Western Tee., The Park. Nottingham, England. J8302, P/O *Donkersley, H. W., Moosomin, Sask. J15960, P/O Doucette, J. A. T., 94 Cedar St., Sudbury, Ont. J3710, P/O Dougall, D. C., Box 127, St. Anne de Bellevue. P.Q.. J16027, F/O Dowding, H. J., 162 John St., Sarnia, Ont. J6008, A/F/L *Dowie, C. S.. Leader, Sask. J10159, F/O Draper, J. W. P., Apt. 27, 9 Humewood Dr., Toronto. J17405, P/O Dube, R. A. H., c/o Clark Ruse Aircraft, Moncton, N.B. J17479, P/O Duffield, G. W., Lloydminster, S&sk J3116, P/O Duncan, J. A., 124 Church St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. J17017, P/O Dundas, E. G., Miami, Man., Box 52. J17742, P/O Dungey. E. B., Collingwood, Ont. J17626, P/O Eager, W. H., 151 Ferndale Ave., Norwood, Man. .T16274, A/F/L Earl, W. H.. Balcarres, Sask. J17551, P/O Easson, J. K., 110 Delaware Ave., Toronto. J9563, P/O Easteott, P., 400 Laurier Ave. E., Ottawa, Ont. J16077, A/F/L Edwards, J. F., Battleford, Sask. J17276, F/O Einarson, J. W., Shellbrook, Sask. J15056. F/L Ellis, R. A., 61 Nelson St., Montreal West. P.Q. J11442, F/O Ellwood, G. B., Box 673, Portage la Prairie, Man. J15585, P/O Emberg, C. R. J., 2310 Regent Ave.. Montreal, P.Q. J15421, F/O Emery, J. A., Ledger Corner, Moncton. N.B. R57927, WO English, E. T., 3771 Main St., Vancouver. B.C. J3264, P/O Erly, J. P., 4256 Westhill Ave., Montreal, P.Q. J16071, P/O Eustace, R. S., 26 Lowther Ave., Toronto. J17548, P/O Evans, E. R., 601 McIntyre Blk., Winnipeg, Man. J17183, P/O Ewan, G. M., 883 Dunsmuir Rd„ Esquimalt, B.C. J17088, P/O Fairley, J. A., 25 Dunbar Rd., Toronto, Ont. J15734, P/O Falls, F. M., 3740 The Boulevard, Westmount, P.Q. J16461, P/O Farrell, W. H., 433 Rhodes Ave., Toronto, Ont. C1399, A/W/C Fauquier, J. E., 233 Metcalfe St., Ottawa, Ont. C773. S/L *Fee, J. C., Frood Mine, Ont. J9247, F/O Fee. W. B„ 527 2nd Ave. W„ Swift Current, Sask. J16787, P/O Fenton, H. W., 278 Second Ave., Ottawa, Ont. J15790, P/O Fenwick, H. E., Sioux Lookout, Ont. J16467, P/O Ferguson, D. C., 252-7th St., Weyburn, Sask. C1351, W/C Ferris, W. D. S., 12704-102nd Ave., Edmonton, Alta. J1095, P/O Finnie, G. K., 117 Strathcona Ave., Ottawa, Ont. [DOT] TMr. Macmillan.! J4690, A/F/L Fisher, G. C., 2332 Montague St., Regina, Sask. J17232, P/O Flanagan, E. F., 3782 Marcil Ave., Montreal, P.Q. J2834, F/O Florence, D. S., 9844-113th St., Edmonton, Alta. J15718, P/O Foderingham, C., 115 Felbrigg Ave., Toronto, Ont. J4786, S/L Forbes, H. A., Tatamagouche, N.S. J3712. F/L *Ford, L. S., Liverpool, N.S. J111S8, F/O Forrest, H. L., 112 Lichfield Court, Richmond, Surrey, England. J15380, P/O Fowler, G. P., Victoria, Carleton County, N.S. J15095, A/F/L Fowlow, N. R., 131 King St., Windsor, N.S. J15609, F/O Foy, J. H., 136 Belgravia Ave., Toronto, Ont. J8166, F/O Foyston, F. S., Invermere, B.C. <715758, P/O Francis, J. E., 215 Josephine Ave., Windsor, Ont. C1283. W/C Fraser, L. G. D., General Delivery, Port Dover, Ont. J6659, F/O Freberg, P. G., 3719 Willingdon Ave., New Westminster. B.C. J4752, F/O French, W. M., Fairviewq Alta. J15331, P/O Francis, A. J., 835 Main St., Saskatoon, Sask. J17758, P/O Fulsher, J. L., Middlechurch, Man. C1352, F/O *Fumerton, R. C., Fort Cologne, P ji7528, P/O Gabel, G. W„ Didsbury, Alta. J10133, F/L Ganderton, V. F., Ledue. Alta. J7527, F/L Garbutt, D. A., Duncan. V.I., B.C J15252, P/O Gardiner, G. P., Merlin, Ont. R67228, W/O Gardiner, L. H. C., 473 Johnston St., Kingston, Ont. J15548, F/L Gardiner, R., c/o Mr. John Prues, Elmwood, Ont. ^ J16208, F/O Garland, S. F„ City View, R.R. No. 1, Co. Carleton, Ont. J9779, F/O Garrett, E. A., McMasterville, P.Q. J15529, F/L Gattey, H. B., Stettler, Alta. J2822, F/O Gellner, J., Y.W.C.A., Simcoe, Ont. J13802, F/O Gerrard, G. E. D., 355 Armstrong Ave., Kildonan, Man. J6942, A/F/L Gibson, J. V., St. Andrews, N.B. J9443, F/O Giggey, D. L., 245 Millidge Ave., Saint John, N.B. J7766, F/O Gill, W. T. H., 56 Lynd Ave., Toronto, Ont. J17233. P/O Gillis, W. E., Beech St., Sydney Mines, N.S. C1036, S/L Gilmore, E. G., 125 Robina Ave., Toronto. Ont. J15890, P/O Gimbel, E. L., 2845 N. Burling Ave.. Chicago. 111.. 7J.S.A. J5329, A/F/L Glazebrook, E. H., 5600 Hutchinson St., Outremont, P.Q. C3422, A/F/L Glazer, A. E., 210 Glenayr Rd.. Toronto, Ont. J17142, P/O Glover, G. L„ 18 Alport Rd.. Whitchurch, Shropshire, England. J3701, A/F/L *Godefroy, H. C„ 15 Patricia Ave.. Newtonbrook. Ont. J26272, P/O Godfrey. C. O., Coleman. Alta. J16260, P/O Gordon, W. C., 568 Third Ave. E.. Owen Sound. Ont. J9359, F/O *Gosling, L. C., Box 39, North Battleford. Sask. J17018, P/O Gowan, H. A., R.R. No. 1, Jarvis, Ont. J5982, F/O Grant, D. M., 356 MacLaren St., Ottawa, Ont. J10401, F/O Gray, K. G., Stoughton, Sask. J15071, A/F/L Green, F. E., 32 Belhaven Ave., Toronto, Ont. J5683, S/L Grierson-Jackson, W. R. F., 52 Wellington St. E., Guelph, Ont. Questions J22090, P/0 Grudzien, J., 603 Northern Ave., Fort William, Ont. J3741, F/O Gubb, A. W„ Kingsmere, P.E.I. J22541, F/O Hackctt, D.. 69 Ordnance St., Kingston, Ont. J26846, P/O Haddlesey, E. F. G., 865 Water St.. Peterborough, Ontario. J9656, A/F/L Hagerman, D. C., Surbiton, Saskatchewan. J8601, F/O Haines, A. R., 1238 Vista Heights, Victoria, B.C. R101669, W/O Hales, A. R., Box 173, Virden, Manitoba. J18149, P/O Hamilton, W. B., 599 Homewood Ave., Peterborough, Ont. J17229, P/O Hammond. H. W. E., 1418 Davenport Rd., Toronto. Ont, T15539, P/O Hammond, L. S., 639 Lansdowne Ave., Toronto, Ont. J10116, F/O Hanton, F. E. W, 616 Third Ave. S., Kenora, Ont. .J167O0 P/O Harding, A. C., Galetta, Ontario. J18021 P/O Harding, M., Norris Point, Nfld. J4691 F/O Hardingham, R. J., Surrey, England (Lerryn, The Chase, Kingswood.) C16909 P/O Harling. R., 192 Honue St., Winnipeg, Man. J16415, P/O Harrower, H. G., 804-6th Ave., N.W., Moose Jaw, Sask. J8419, F/O Hartman, P. A„ R.F.D. No. 2, Readfield, Me., U.S.A. J16420, P/O Harvey, H. K. C., Kamsnck, Saskatchewan. J9521, F/O Haugen, E. J., Pelly, Sask. J15707, P/O Hay, H, B., 82 Rice St., Ed-mundston, N.B. J16801, P./O Heaton, P., 2656 W. 5th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. .J1Q788, A/F/L Helmsley, A. F., 56 McNairn Ave., Toronto. Ont. J15093, A/F/L *Henry, D. W., Kincardine, Ontario. J17441, P/O Henry, R. A., 38 Poueher St., Toronto, Ont. J18175, P/O Heselton, G. W., 2461 East 21st Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J6720, A/S/L Hess, C. B., Iroquois, Ontario. J17979, P/O Hewson, K„ 43-10-44 St., Long Island City-4, New York, N.Y., U.S.A. J70S0, P/O Higham, J. B., Assiniboia, Sask. .115522, P/O Hill, H. S., 10606 Sacred Heart Ave., Montreal, P.Q. J8345, F/O Hilton, W. J., 19 Edgerton St„ Brantford, Ont. C807, W/C *Hodson, K. L. B., 2050 Barclay St., Vancouver. B.C. J15427, P/O Holmes, G. A., 2340 McIntyre St., Regina, Sask. .117343, P/O Hoover, II. C., Yeoman, Sask. R62459, W/O Horan, J. M., 2040 University St., Montreal, P.Q. J15033, P/O Hosea, R. L. G., Miami, Man. J4887, F/O Houle, A. U., Box 54, Massey Station, Ontario. JS971, A/F/L Howell, A. B., Boissevain, Manitoba. J15514, F/O Howey, E. L., Exeter, Ontario. J15061, A/F/L Hudson, J,, 2012 Oak Bay Ave., Victoria, B.C. J11498, F/O Hunt, R. G. F., 236 Brock Ave., N., Montreal W., P.Q. J3994, F/O Hunter, A. G., 254 Kenilworth Ave., S. Hamilton, Ont. R68534, W/O Hunter, A. R., 530 North Brodie St., Fort William, Ont. J5445. A/F/L Hutchinson, R. T., Box 700, New Liskeard, Ontario. J15652, P/O Hynam, G. S., 1044 Dayton St., Akron, Ohio. J3525, F/L Imrie, A. A. T., 2001 Bloor St. W.. Toronto, Ont. J4771, F/O Ingalls, R. B„ Danville, P.Q. ,J 13372, F/O Ingram, K. E., 193 Pim St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. .721204, F/O Jackson, B. G. D., 2 Pigeon Hill Rd., Weston, Mass., U.S.A. ' .T15950, P/O Jackson. L. T., Riverside, Ont. C1629, S/L Jacobs, D. S., 78 Lynwood Ave., Toronto, Ont. ,13500, A/S/L Jacobsen, G. F., 108 Lansdowne Ave., Winnipeg, Man. .T16817, P/O Jennings, H. J., 117 Glendenan Ave., Toronto, Ont. ,73117, P/O Jennings, W. L., 93 Eastbourne Ave,, Hamilton, Ontario. J17291, P/O Jensen, M. G., Woolford, Alta. J18070, P/O Johnson, J. A. L., R.R. No. 1, Box 8, Ponoka, Alta. R78489. A/W/O Johnson, L. A., St. Paul, Minn., U.S.A. (130 E. Cook St.) ,715429, F/O Johnston, B. E., 523 Stiles St., Winnipeg, Man. .715430, F/O Johnston, J. D., River Hebert, Nova Scotia. ,T 15327. F/L Jones, F. E., Abbotsford, B.C. J14034, A/F/L Jones, J. A. L., 1428 Queen Anne Ave., Seattle, Wash., U.S.A. .76016, F./O Jones, T R., 203 South Norah St., Fort William, Ont. J7433, A/F/L Jost, B. N., 55 S. Bradford St., Dover, Delaware. J6366, F/O Jowsey, M. E., Box 17, Aylmer E.. P.Q. ,716191, A/F/L Julian. T. A., 621 Travis St., Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.A. C1075, T/S./L **Hill, G. U„ Box 55, Shu-benacadie, N.S. J6494, A/F/L Kallio, O. C., Box 76, R.R. No. 2, Ironwood, Michigan, U.S.A. J15337, P/O Kay, F. A., 4191 Melrose Ave., N.D.G., Montreal, P.Q. J12824, A/F/L Keddie, W. N., Evelyn Grove, Southall, Middlesex, England. J5022, F/L Keefer, G. C., 167 Euston St., Charlottetown, P.E.I. .717489, P/O Keen, G. F., 114 Robert St., London. Ont. ,115654. F/O Iveene, N. A., White Rock, B.C. ,715374. F/O Keith, G. N., Taber, Alta. J16326, F/O Kelly, G. J. F., 52 Dragon Rd., Harrogate, Yorks, England. .17455, F/L Keltie, I. G. S., 10022-116 St., Edmonton, Alta. J6648, A/F/L Kendall, E. C., Brentwood Auto Court, Brentwood Bay, B.C. J15273, F/O Kennedy, I. F., Cumberland, Onit. C4801, A/S/L Kenney, D. H., 93 Colborne St., Lindsay, Ont. J8441, P/O King, W. E., Alton, Ontario. J15250, A/F/L *Klassen, W. C., Lilac, Sask. .72972, S/L Kelly, F. W., 85 Braemar Ave., Toronto, Ont. JX6824, P/O Ker, E. A., Fonthill, Ont. J17067, A/F/L Klufas, W. J., Radway, Alta. J17037, P/O Knapp. K. R., 100 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburg, Pa., U.S.A. J16251, P/O Knights, J. K., 1415-25A St. W., Calgary, Alta. J8341. A/F/L Koester, G. D. S., 2146 N. Court House Rd., Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A. Questions

J17723, P/O Kohut, J., Parkerview, Saskatchewan. J7931, P/O Kropf, L. E., 4 Fisher St., New Hamburg, Ontario. J15595, P/O Ivusdar, G. W., 24 McDonald St., Mimico, Omt. J17674, F/O Laiberge, J. A. R., 1929 Des Erables Ave., Montreal, P.Q. R88754, W/O Lafnance, J. F., Lock No. 1, Trenton, Ont. J4896, F/L Laird, G. J., 168 Eglinton Ave., W., Toronto, Ont. J1326, A/F/L Lambert, A., 187 Germain St., Saint John, N.B. J15596, P/O Lancey, G. W., 46 Albany Ave., Toronto, Ont. R93370, W/O Landale, C. W., 24 McDonald Ave., Mimico, Ont. J5795, A/F/L Lane, R. J., 1468 Begbie St., Victoria, B.C. J15834, A/F/L Lane, T. H„ Austin, Manitoba. J18169, P/O Lang, J. C., 4493 W. 12th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J4772, F/O *Langstaff, W. C., Holloway, Ontario. J22525, P/O Laskey, D., 271 Regent St., Fredericton, N.B. J16969, P/O Lauckner, I., 102 Wellington St., London, Ont. J20434, F/O Lauro, J. W., 6008 So. Wood St., Chicago, 111., U.S.A. J6409, F/O Lawrence, A. G., Box 110, Bowsman River, Man. J16669, P/O Laws, J. R., 393 Savoy St., Sarnia, Ont. J17478, A/F/L Leddy, G. B., 701-3rd Ave., J20727, F/O Lees, J. S., Box 9, Chilliwack, B C J3756, F/O Legge, H. T., 134-30th Ave. N.E., Calgary, Alta. „ J15201, P/O Leith, P. E. M„ c/o Royal Bank, Yonge & Richmond St., Toronto, Ont. J14788, F/O Lenihan, J. F., 15 Victoria St. W., Saint John, N.B. J16111, P/O * Lewis, T. W., 257 W. Miller Ave., Akron, Ohio, U.S.A. J10317, F/O Lewis, F. E., 390 Rutland St., St. James, Manitoba. J11224, F/O Lewis, J. F., 77 Wilson Ave., London, Ont. J4762, A/F/L Lindo, H. L., New-Hall Bog-Walk, Jamaica, B.W.I. R79065, W/O Lindsay, G. A., 556 Victoria Ave., Westmount, P.Q. J17U0, P/O Livingston, R. A., Rosebank, Man. J18385, P/O Love, J. N., 2935 Regina Ave., Regina, Sask. [DOT] J15409, P/O Lovelace, J. C., 155 Argyle St., Sydney, N.iS. J16130, P/O Loving, L. R. B„ 87-3rd St., Box 40, Mission City, B.C. J16573, P/O Lymburner, J. A. L., 7085 Boyer St., Montreal, P.Q. 01359, S/L Logan, L. E., 47 Lee® Ave., Ottawa, Ont. R86155, W/O Lumgair, R. O., Thornhill, Man. J16310, P/O Macdonald, A., R.R. No. 1, Angus, Oat. J14691, A/F/L Macdonald, D. A., Rockglen, Sask. _J15644, A/F/L Macdonald, H. B., Sackville, N.B. J15467, A/F/L *Macdonald, H. D, 30 Croydon Ave., Toronto, Ont. J8170, F/O Macintosh, C. E., 655 Sherbnook St., Winnipeg, Man. J11962, F/O Macintosh, I. F., 160 William St. N., Lindsay, Ont. J5998, F/O MacIntyre, D. P., No. 7 Orange St., Saint John, N.B. J10976, P/O MaeKenzie, A. R., 3831 Melrose Ave., Montreal, P.Q. J5050, F/O MaeKenzie, K. A., 16 Heather St., Toronto, Ont. J15492, F/O MaeKenzie, M. G., 225 Main St., Ivenora, Ont. J17755, P/O MaeKenzie, R. E., Ste. 14, Sellar Block, Regina, Sask. C1107, F/L MacLean, J. A., Beaton Mills, Lewis, P.E.I. JI7712, F/L MacLean, R. S., Box 685, Summerside, P.E.I. C15711, F/L MacMillan, A., 157 Mallifont St... Cardiff, South Wales. J18337, P/O MacMillan, G. J. S., Coleville, Sask. J5975, F/L Magwood, C. M., 414 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. Ont. C1635, A/W/C Mair, A. C., 81 Nelson St., Brantford, Ont. J15521, P/O *Malkin, H., 422 Argyle Ave., Verdun, Que. C1072, S/L Malloy, D. G., 251 Gladstone Ave., Toronto, Ont. J8779, F/O Maloney, G. H. E., 180 Carrie St., San Jose, California, U.S.A. J15638. P/O Mann, L. R., 11 Centre St., Truro, N.S. R77063, W/O Marcotte, J. H. A., 7163 St. Hubert St.. Montreal, P.Q. J15643, A/F/L Marsh, F. P., 30 Sighthill Ave., Toronto, Ont. J15225, P/O Martin, S. S., 1225-12bh Ave. W.. Calgary. Alta. J8628. F/O Martin, T. J., 2992 Marine Drive West. Vancouver, B.C. J17624, P/O Mason, J. H„ 312 E. 5th St., North Vancouver, B.C. J8428. P/O Mathews, W. H.. c/o Devoe & Raynolds Co., Inc., 44th St. & First Ave., New York, N.Y.. U.S.A. J17114, P/O Maxwell, W. M., Leamington, Ont.. R.R. No. 2. J17536, P/O Meilleur, J. A. F., 2716 Beaubien St., Montreal, P.Q. J18989, P/O Metheral, R. K., Wapella, Sask. J11069, F/O Merrifield, L. A., 3334 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. . J15683, P/O Metheral, K. J., North Edmonton, Alta. J18559, F/L Midgley, D., 21 Capron St., Paris, Ont. J16720, P/O Miesen, J. J., Judsonia, Arkansas. U.S.A. J6946, F/O Miles, H. T., 8 Idyllwood Crescent, Toronto, Ont. J17077, P/O Miller. E. V., 2154 Windsor Rd., Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C. J17195, F/L Mills, J. G„ 6101 La Salle Blvd., Verdun, Que. J10255. S/L Millward, J. B., 155 Victoria St., Sherbrooke, Que. J18923, P/O Mitchell, H. W., 55 Saunders St., Fredericton, N.B. J16799, F/L Mitohner, J. D„ 221-5th Ave., Saskatoon, Sask. C1170, S/L Moffit, B. H., Apt. 105, 50 Gloucester St., Toronto, Ont. J18042, P/O Montgomery, D. A., Box 786, Weyburn, Sask. J17897, P/O Morabito, A. B., Creston, B.C. C1063, A/S/L Moran, C. C., R.R. No. 4, Trenton, Ont. Questions J17527, P/O Morey, C. L., Box 102, Cumberland, B.C. J17009, P/O Morgan, E. E., 98 Ruskin Ave., Ottawa, Ont. J7021, F/O Morgan, O. H., 1034 Battle St., Kamloops, B.C. J7459, F/O Morris, J. A., 84 Clifton Hill, London, N.W.8, England. J15475, A/F/L Morrison, D. R„ 634 Millwood Rd., Toronto, Ont. J15523, P/O Morrison, J. R., 143 Canora St., Winnipeg, Man. t J9764, F/O Morrison, R. G., 1858 W. 1st Ave., Vancouver, B.C. C1238. A/S/L Morrow, R. E. E., c/o Mrs. C. Bishop. 599 Besserer St., Ottawa, Ont. J16333. P/O Morton, E. F., Three Mile Plains, N.S. J16482, A/F/L Morton, J. A., Delisle, Sask. J15927. F/O Mossip, H. T, 70 Madrid Rd., Baines, S.W.13, London, Eng. J16247, P/O Moyer, R. C., 329 Earl St., Kingston, Ont. J4757, A/F/L Mulhall, V. A., Weyburn, Sask. C16708, A/F/L Mulligan, E. H., 42 Riverside Drive, Sudbury. Ont. J17499, P/O Munro, J. F„ Fitzroy Harbour, Ont. J15366, A/F/L Murehie, B. D., St. Stephen, N.B. J7228, F/O Murphy, K. C., 575 Lisgar St., Ottawa, Ont. J16832. P/O Murphy, M. J„ 10 Rix St., Falconbridge, Ont. J15476, P/O Murray, G. B„ 61i Victoria Pd„ Halifax, N.S. R79421, W/O Murray, G. F. D., 2365 Hampton Ave.. Apt. 10. Montreal, P.Q. J16203. P/O Murrell, S. L„ R.R. 6, Gainsville, Tcxrs U S A. R58214, W/O Mylrea, F. H., 432 Government St.. Victoria. B.C. J4761, F/L 'McAuley, V. C., Centreville, Carleton Co.. N.B. T6661. A/F/L. Mc-Caffery, E. H., Miami, Man. J14907, F/L MeCaig, L. N., Ormstown Sta.. Que. J9346, F/O McCarthy, J. C.. Three Sister's Rd., St. James, Long Island, N.Y, U.S.A. J15104, P/'0 McCarthy, J. P., 160 Midland St.. Toronto, Ont. J5078, F/O McCaul, J. L., 224 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont.. P,75461, W/O McClelland, R. C., Herbert, Sask. J9737, F/O McClure, A., 167 Ross St., Welland, Ont. J15505. F/O McClure, J. E., 37 Victor St., London. Ont. J6134, A/F/L McCormack, J. E., Estevan, Sask. C15018, F/L McCrae, J. S., 119 Lewis St., Winnipeg, Man. J15174, A/S/L McCullach, M. R., Rocky Rapids. Alta. J15174, A/S/L McCutcheon, J. T., Hudson, Que. J17898, P/O McDaniell, H. H. L., 3557 W. 6th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J16989, P/O McDonald, C. P., 1384 King St. W„ Toronto, Ont. J5059, P/O McDonald. J. G., Islington, Ont. J7978, P/O McDonald, J. R., 631 Langford St., Victoria, B.C. J8812. F/O McDougall, T. R., 373 Klock Ave., North Bay, Ont. J7230, F/O McElroy, J. F., 196 St. Paul St., Kamloops, B.C. J17116, P/O McGavock, J. J., 680 St. John's Ave., Winnipeg, Man. J9482, A./F/L McGee, P. D„ 27134 Beverly Rd., Inkster, Mich., U.SA. J6843, F/O McGladrey, G. G., 657 Broadview Ave., Toronto, Ont. C936, W/C McGregor, G. R„ R.R. No. 1 W. Rd., Sidney, B.C. J16889, F/'0 McGregor, W. K., 103 Peter St, Port Arthur, Ont. J3596, F/O Mclver, B. G, 440 Bay St, N. Hamilton, Ont. J11107, F/O Mclver, M, 151 Mortimer Ave, Toronto, Ont. J17371, P/O McLaren, F. E, Ste. 7, 705 Westminster Ave.. Winnipeg, Man. J17691, P/O McLellan, W. G, Economy, Col. Co, N.S. J4012, A/F/L 'McLeod, H. W, 2311 Garnet St, Regina. Sask. R50824, W/O McLeod, R. A, 825-4 St. N.E, Calgary. Alta. J17117, P/O McMenemy, G. S, Apt. 2, 1041 Main St. E.. Hamilton, Ont. J17955, P/O McMillan, D. J, Landis, Sask. J10231, F/O McMillan, L, Miami, Man. J6005. A/F/L McMills, C. R, 7215 Seward Park Ave, Seattle, Wash, U.S.A. C134, W/C McNab, E. A, 706 Melrose Ave, Saskatoon, Sask. J9201, A/F/L McNeill, J. G„ R.R. No. 4, J9405, F/O McRae, D. F, 7679 Fraser Ave, Vancouver, B.C. J17664, P/O McSorley, B. F, 160 South Grand Ave, Baldwin, Long Island, N.Y, U.SA, J0389, F/L McQuoid, D. J, Summerberry, Sask. J4745, S/L "McNair, R. W, 1462 Edward St, N. Battleford, Sask . C1640, F/L Neal, E. L, 26 Richardson St, Beauharnois, P.Q. J5293, F/O Neilson, A. R, 397 Grove Ave, Windsor, Ont. C1327. S/L Nesbitt, A. D, 1296 Redpath Cresc, Montreal, P.Q. J16193, P/O Newitt, R. M, 1537 Haro St, Vancouver, B.C. C983, S/L Newson, W. F. M, 1092 Transit Rd, Victoria, B.C. R76180, W/O Nicholl, A, 23 Radford Rd, Leamington, Spa.. Warwickshire, England. J9647, F/O Nielsen, E. L, 921 E. 14th Ave, Vancouver, B.C. J17729, P/O Nixon, R. W, 306 Salem Ave, Toronto, Ont. J15088, S/L 'Northcott, G. W, R.R. 1, Box 47, Minnedosa, Man. J7206, F/O Nutter, W. S. G, 17J Rosewarne Ave, St. Vital. Man. J15311, P/O O'Connell, L. J, Box 279, Middleton, N.S. J15059, P/O O'Connell, W. J. J, 205 Henderson Ave, Ottawa, Ont. J17770, P/O O'Handley, J. J, George's River Station. N.S. J4735, P/O Oleinek, P. J, 10127-95th St, Edmonton. Alta. J5028. P/O Ormston, I. C, 119 Kenaston Ave, Montreal, P.Q. J16022, F/O Owens, K. H„ 495 Metcalfe St, Ottawa. Ont. J16778. P/O Paddock, C. W, 122 Hargrave St.. Winnipeg, Man. J6007. P/O Paige, E. F, Bridgeport, Ont. J15818, P/O Palmer, C. W.. Dundalk, Ont. J12982, F/O Palmer, R. W, 294 Second St, Nanaimo, B.C. Questions

J15087, S/L Parker, F. W., 295 Scotia St., Winnipeg, Man. J7544, P/O 'Parks, W. F„ Verwood, Sask. J16704, P/O Parry, A. W., Ste. 2, Eaton Blk., 734 Broadway St., Saskatoon, Sask. J17328, P/O Parsons, W. C., Cayuga, Ont. J17080, P/O Patterson, J. W., 198 Davenport Rd., Toronto, Ont. J9918, F/O Patterson; E. W., Moose Jaw, Sask. C957, S/L Pattison, J. D., 38 Crescent Rd., Toronto, Ont. J1G114, P/O Paulton, E. A., 423 Bruce Ave., Windsor, Ont. J4780, S/L Pearson, G. T., 135 Atlas Ave., Toronto, Ont. J5303, F/O Peel, R., 1630 O'Connor Drive, Toronto, Ont. J15979, F/O Perkins, C. D., Fontliill, Ont. J3512, F/L Peters, H. P„ 9548-105th St., Edmonton, Alta. J15000, P/O 'Peterson, H. V., 2517-16A St., Calgary, Alta. J15517. F/L Pettit, W. R„ 57 Murray St„ Brantford, Ont. J16060, F/L Pettit, M. W„ 291 Glenholme Ave., Toronto, Ont. J16145, F/L Phillip, R. D., 207 Strathmore Blvd„ Toronto, Ont. J9648, F/L Phipps. R. T„ Strome, Alta. J8608, F/O Pierce, T. W„ Box 233, Brace-bridge, Ont. J9694, P/O Pledger, T. 0., 86 Kenilworth Ave., Toronto, Ont. J16530, P/O Pool, G. R., Edrans, Man. R94737, W/O Porter, G. H„ Saltcoats, Sask. J15339, P/O Powell, L. W„ 19 Fry St., Rice Care, Darlington Co., Durham, Eng. J8817. F/L Powell, P. G., Sorrento, B.C., (Notch Hill Stn.). J15527, F/O Philpotts, L. E., 69 Hawthorne Ave., St. John,.N.B. J16259. P/O Price. J. R.. Indian Head. Sask. C920, S/L Price, L. B. B., 64 Fordin Cresc., Westmount, P.Q. J17739, P/O Pridday, R. G., Port Carling, Ont. J16848, P/O Probert, R. H., 929 Alder Ave., Moose Jaw, Sask. J6150, F/O Proctor, C. S. W., Apt. 5, 248 Heath St., W., Toronto, Ont. J16969, P/O Quinlan, B. A., 19th Ave., W., 21 Athlone Apts., Calgary, Alta. J16157, P/O Quinn, R. N., Bromptonville, P.Q. J15493, F/L Rae, J. A., 760 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ont. ^ J12973, F/L Ramsay, D., Box 53, Alberni, J10982, F/L Rawson, B. F. N., 51 Robinson St., Hamilton, Ont. J16268, P/O Reeves, T. H„ 669-13th Ave., New Westminster, B.C. J9750, F/O Reneau, G. L., 13 Newmarket Ave., Toronto, Ont. J15356. P/O Reynolds, J. W. B., 418 Isabella St., Pembroke, Ont. J8421, P/O Reynolds, J. A., 165 Montrose St., Winnipeg, Man. R93698, W/O Ritchie, J. W., Ste. 20, Derwas Court, 121 St., Edmonton, Alta. J15098, F/L Roach, N., 2039 West 47th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J10302, F/L Robertson, 0. B., Innerkip, Ont. J12571, F/O Robin, C. E., South Hazelton, B.C. J9200, F/L Robinson, E. L., 975 Bute St.. Vancouver, B.C. J10676, F/O Rolfe, V., 101 Queen Victoria St.. London E.C. 4, England. J6166, F/O Roper, F. A.. 4212-201 St., Bav-side. L.I., N.Y. ' J23524, P/O Ross, W. D. F„ 2419-14 A. St., W.. Calgary, Alta. J16574, P/O Rowe, A. G., 623 Pape Are., Toronto, Ont. C1362, S/L Roy, G. A,, 322 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, P.Q. J16411, P/O Rubin, H. B., 261 Bannerman Ave., Winnipeg, Man. J16205, P/O Rublee, W. O., Wilkie, Sask. Jl2980, F/O Rudeen, H. M., Parkbeg, Sask. C1319, S/L 'Russel, B. D„ 607 Clarke Ave., Westmount, P.Q. J8972, P/O Russell, A. H., Box 123, Tofield, Alta. J15160, F/O Ruttledge, A. J. D., Box 202, Simeoe, Ont. J3519, F/L Sabourin, J. J. P., St. Isidore de Prescott, Ont. J16791, F/L Sandgren, H. W., c/o Pioneer Sash and Door Factory, Vernon, B.C. J21942. F/O Sattler, M., 811 Victoria Ave., Regina, Sask. J9149, S/L Saunders, H. L., Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask. J13415, F/L Savage, C. R., 1514-22nd Ave., S. W. Calgary, Alta. C1664, S/L Savard, J. L., c/o Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd., 300 St. Sacrament St., Montp Q J7336, F/O 'Schmidt, D. W„ Millet, Alta. J18121, P/O Schmitt, W. H., Arborfield, Sask. J15092, F/L Schoales, R. A., Ste. 3, Donald Block. Fort William, Ont. J16359, F/O Schultz, R. D., Bashaw, Alta. J10224, F/O Scott, D. G., 79 Barnesdale St. N., Hamilton, Ont. ' * J15509, S/L Semple, G. C., 275 Hastings Ave., Toronto, Ont. J17203. P/O Senger, W. J., S*t. John, North Dakota, U.S.A. J7224, F/O 'Shapiro, H., 4865 Queen Mary Rd., Apt., 36, Montreal. P.Q. J8405, F/O Shemilt, G. L., Keewatin, Ont. J16137, P/O 'Sherk, W. S., Emerson Rd., Fort Erie South, Ont. J7035, P/O Shoemaker, A. A., 11 Richmond Ave., Kitchener, Ont. J13018, F/O Shuttleworth, D. D., 29 Newell Apts. Regina, Sask. J15700, P/O Sibbald, W. J., 36 Grenadier Rd., Toronto, Ont. J11110. F/O Simpson, D. W., 4899 Dundas St. W„ Islington, Ont. R137108, WOl Simpson, W. J., 1383 Cadillac Blvd., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A. C1491, S/L Sinton, C.B., North Shore, Pembroke, W., Bermuda, B.W.I. J16999, P/O Skilleter, E. A., 506 Vaughan Rd., Toronto, Ont. C1379, F/L Small, N. E., 4524 West 11th, Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J16325, F/O Smart, D. S., 13 Roslyn Ave., Ottawa, Ont. J15771, P/O Smith, A., Fairport Beach Rd., Dunbarton, Ont. J15203, F/O Smith, A. I., Box 167 Islington, Post Office, Ont. J5690, F/L Smith, F. D., 936-19th Ave. W„ Calgary, Alta. J17639, F/L Smith, F. S., Lake Ave., Selkirk, Man. J6960, P/O Smith, J. G., Guatemala, C. A. (Finca Moeo, Guatalon,). Questions J15959, P/0 Smith, K. C. A., 438-6th St., Saskatoon, Sask. J16734, F/L Smith, N., Arnprior, Ont. J17080, P/O Smith, R. F., 175 W 10th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J4561, F/L Smith, R. I. A., 3052-18th Ave., Regina, Sask. J16159, F/O Smith, S. T., 10313-124th St., Edmonton, Alta. J15257, S/L Snider, J. D., 20 Haddon Ave. S.. Hamilton, Ont. C18909, P/O Sondergaard, A. C., Ponoka, Alta. R70517, W/O Sorsdahl, C. E., Midale, Sask. J16825, P/O Souch, G. A., 104 Wolverleigh Blvd.. Toronto, Ont. J15722, F/O Spanner, F. G., 7 Ridout St., Toronto. Ont. J27366, P/O Spence, C. E., 1115 First Ave., Verdun, P.Q. J3995, F/L *Spence, J. A., 95 Gordon St., Guelph, Ont. J16535, P/O Spence, P. E., 95 South Bentinck St., Sydney, N.S. .T18223, P/O Steinberg, O., 4007 Marlowe Ave., Montreal, P.Q. J5831, P/O Sterne, J. R„ 10159-llSth St., Edmonton. Alta. J5306, F/O Sterns, W. M., 63 Cartier St., Ottawa, Ont. J17321, P/O Stevens, G. A. H., South St., Bridgetown, N.S. J5104, F/O Stevens, W. J., 490 Broadview Ave., Ottawa, Ont. J18013, P/O Stewart, D. K., 1825-1J Ave., W.. Prince Albert, Sask. J15536, P/O Stewart, H. W., 7064 De L'Epee Ave., Montreal, P.Q. .T8429, P/O Stickell, J. H., Gilson, 111., U.S.A. J8418, F/L Stinson, H. K., 64 Bond St., Lindsay. Ont. J13597, F/O Stovel, A. B., 124 Grenfell Blvd., Tuxedo, Winnipeg, Man. J16835, P/O Stovel, C. C., 44 Hindes Rd., Harlow, Middlesex, Eng. J8760, F/O Striebel, J. H. Jr., 5802 London Rd. Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A. J16178, P/O Stutt, R. A., 792 Bloomfield Ave., Outremont, P.Q. J18830, P/O Suarez, E. H. J., 146 Sherbrooke St., Winnipeg, Man. J15131, S/L Suggitt, W. R. 250 Cedarvale Ave., Toronto, Ont. J3722, P/O Sutton, R. H., 10246 Wadhurst Ru.. Edmonton, Alta. J8420. F/O Sutton, W. W., Gibsland, Louisiana. U.S.A. J9783, F/O Sweany, G. A.. Myrtle, Manitoba. J15176. F/L Swetman. W. H.. c/o A. M. Dewar, Metropolitan Bldg., Toronto, Ont. J15119, P/O Swingler, J. E., 351 Wolseley St.. Port Arthur, Ont. J16507, P/O Symons, J. H., 138 Parkview Ave., St. James, Man. J16688, P/O Taerum, T. H„ 334-15th Ave., Calgary. Alta. J16517, P/O Tait, G. B., 2598 W. 33rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J10715, F/O Taschereau, J. L.. 68 Maison-neuve Ave.. Quebec, P.Q. J15535, P/O Taylor, R. W., 87 Cambridge St.. Victoria, B.C. J15223, P/O Tett, J. K.. 29 Classic Ave., Toronto. Ont. J10506, F/L Thompson, W. R., P.O. Box 214, Fraser Mills, B.C. J17743, P/O Thomson, J. S., 1775 Blanca St., Vancouver, B.C. J16938, P/O Thornton, G. M., 532 Spence St., Winnipeg, Man. J9525. F/O Thorp, N., Ste. 18, Linwood Court, St. James, Winnipeg, Man. * J15011, P/O Tilley, R. F., Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. J7343. F/O Tilson, H.. 17 McCallum Block, Regina, Sask. .117133, P/O Towse, J. F. W., 82 Coldwater Rd. W.. Orillia, Ont. J5678, F/L Trickett, R. I., Box 123, Humboldt, Sask. . J10163. F/O Trilsbeck, T., 58 Pauline Ave., Toronto. Ont. J17603. P/O Tripp, P. C. H., 5483 Boundary Rd., Vancouver. B.C. J15777, F/L Troke, G. W„ Wolfville, N.S. J17428, P/O Tupper, B. H„ 902-10th St., Saskatoon, Sask. .T17533. P/O Turenne, D. J., St. Pierre, Man. J6663, F/L Turnbull, H. B.. 208 South Mitton St.. Sarnia. Ont. J6211, F/O 'Turnbull, J. H„ 109 Stanley St.. St. Thomas. Ont. J7326. F/O Turner, G., Minaki, Ont. ,118430, P/O Usher, C. J.. 5949 Willingdon Place. Vancouver, B.C. C873, W/C Van Camp, W. C., 113 Rennies' Mill Rd.. St. Johns, Nfld. R69035, W/O Van Rassel, A. J. G., Box 164, Arnprior, Ont. ,117326, P/O Vandekerckhove, G. P. C., Stoney Mountain. Man. R56103. W/O Vanexan. W. C., Box 75, Smiths Falls. Ont. ,117099, P/O Vinish, G. A., Box 229, Wakaw, Sask. J17351. P/O Vogan, G. L., Millbank, Ont. C827. W/C Waddell, R. C. A., Box 1055, Peterborough. Ont. J5080. F/L Waggett, H. A. S.. 80 Roslin Ave., Toronto. Ont. J14553, F/L Wagner, R. J.. Spruce Grove, Alta. J15457, F/L Wainwriglit, L. A., 20 Woodcroft Crescent, Toronto. Ont. J3205, F/L Walker, B. R„ 189 John St., London. Ont. J15336, F/O Walker. D. R., Blairmore, Alta. R74078. W/O Walker, H. A.. 98 Hamilton Ave., Ottawa, Ont. .13199. F/L "Walker, J. E„ 10804-98th St., Edmonton, Alta. R107273. W/O Walsh. C. A.. 52 Union Terrace, Gilly-Gate. Yorkshire, Eng. J18398. P/O Warren, M. W„ Geraldton, Ont. R102093. W/O Warne, D. E.. Kennedy, Sask. J7520, P/O Waterbury, O. R„ Birtle, Man. J6362, F/O Waterman, F. C. E., Princeton, B.C. .15689, F/O Waterman, T. J. D., 4553 W. 14th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. .15300. F/O Watts, A. I.. Brentwood Auto Court, Brentwood, V.I.. B.C. J4688, F/L Watts, J. V., 150 Catherine St., Hamilton, Ont. J4956, F/L Webster, A. E., 1210 Harwood St.. Vancouver, B.C. J11598, F/O Webster, M. D., 5421 Hutchison St.. Montreal, P.Q. J10519, S/L Weedon, P. G., Paddockwood, Sask. J10822. F/O Weiser. W., 1475 Grant Concourse, Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A. J6650. F/L Westerman, C. F., 1236 Athol St., Regina, Sask. J4813, F/L Wheeler, A. B., Leedstown, Morton, N.Z. Questions

J15484, F/L White, P. B., 9 Lyndale Ave., London, England. J16419, P/O White, W. J„ 223 Kilbride Ave., Winnipeg, Man. J15281, F/L Whitham, J, 11121-125th St., Edmonton, Alta. J17846, P/O Whyte, G. B., 19 Central St., Battle Creek, Mich., U.S.A. J17957, P/O Wilby, P., Pyramid Mountain Lodge, Jasper, Alta. J15138, F/O Wilby, T. R., 81 Regent St., Fredericton, N.B. J10026, F/O Wilhelmson, S. W. R., Elbow, Sask. J6026, F/O Wilkin, R. P., 10304-123rd St.. Edmonton, Alta. J6991, F/L Williams, D. J., 1874-W-10th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. J15604, P/O Williams, J. W., 548 McConnell Rd., Chilliwack, B.C. J17821, P/O Williams, R. J., Knowlton, P.Q. J9577, F/O Williams, V. A., 132 Cavell Ave., Hamilton, Ont. J9871, F/L Wilson, C. A., 4 Melbourne St. W.. Lindsay, Ont. J15542, P/O Wilson, D. C., 41 Strath Ave., Kingsway Park, Toronto. Ont. J17520, P/O Wilson, L. G., 489 Philip St., Niagara Falls, Ont. ^ J15778, P/O Wiseman, I). R„ 895-4th Ave., N.E., Moose Jaw, Sask. C1653. S/L Woods, W. B., 69 Wychwood Park, Toronto, Ont. J15195, P/O Wright, J. G., Liverpool, N.S. J7233, F/O Wright, J. G.. 18 Tormey St., Ottawa, Ont. J17434, P/O Yackman, F. W., 191 College St., Sudbury, Ont. J16906, P/O Young, G. W., 7 Westmoreland Ave., Toronto, Ont. J17392, P/O Young, W. J., 522-21st Ave. West, Calgary, Alta. J17230, P/O Zee, J. A., 53 Slater Ave., Jewett City, Conn. Distinguished Flying Medal Number-Rank-Name-Home Address R90244, F/Sgt. Aitcheson, G. D., R.R. 3, Stratford, Ont. R58623, F/S Alexander, E. S., 3519 26th Ave. W.. Vancouver, B.C. R64131, Sgt. Anderson, H. J., 120 Robinson St.. Hamilton, Ont. R101990, Sgt. Anderson, L. L., 547 Sherbrooke St.. Winnipeg, Man. R86915, Sgt. Anderson, M. B., General Delivery. Calgary, Alta. R76463, F/Sgt. Anthony, E. H., Port Williams. N.S. R95996, F/Sgt. Armstrong, H. T. B., 201 Powell Ave.. Ottawa. Ont. R72341, F/Sgt. Back, S., 39 Wolsely St., Toronto, Ont. R69847, F/S Baker, J. B., 16 Balsam Ave., Toronto. Ont. R83899, F/Sgt. Balkwill, S. H„ 974 College St.. Toronto, Ont. R85860, F/S Ballantyne, J. H., 1529 Bathurst St.. Toronto. Ont. 11620. F/S Banks, J. S., c/o Mrs. N. Mar-chant. East Angus, P.Q. R67788. Sgt. Barrick, J. F., P.O. Box 3267, Odessa. Texas. U.S.A. R104782, F/Sgt. Barsalou, J. A. J., 2770 St. Catherine Rd.. Montreal, P.Q. R68061, Sgt. Bebensee, D. G., Bothwell, Ont. R9I903, Sgt. Beckwith, H., 436 McLeod Ave., East Kildonan, Man. R61216, F/S Bell, H. C. D., 11231 St., Albert Rd., Edmonton, Alta. R76955, Sgt. Bell, R. G., R.R. No. 1, Victoria, B.C. UK83055, F/S Bent, W. T., Sikeston, Miss. R107194, Sgt. Bergey, E. K., Guernsey, Sask. R106299, Sgt. Berven, B. M., Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask. R92610, F/Sgt. Betty, J. W., Box 32 Hanna, Alta. R93566, F/Sgt. Bigoray, W. W., Redwater, Alta. R76038, F/Sgt. Bishop, A. A., New Mines, Kings Co., N.S. R95321, F/S Bissett, J. M., 25 Rosewarne Ave., St. Vital, Man. R56057, Sgt. Blanchet, J. P. G., 853 Cloutier St.. Three Rivers, Que. R64618, F/S Boucher, L. J., Grand Falls, N.B. R77285, Sgt. Bouvier, J. M. L., c/o Miss Moise Handheld, Vercheres, P.Q. R124853, Sgt. Bowlby, A. T., Wilmot, Annapolis Co., N.S. R110387, Sgt. Boynton, B. D., 1505-15st East, Calgary, Alta. R128254, Sgt. Booth, R. J., 1319-8th Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask. R78203, Sgt. Bray, C. L., 40 Ilazelton Ave., Toronto, Ont. R104908, Sgt. Breakwell, G., Dannevirke, N.Z. R71563, F/Sgt. Brichta, P. S. O., Sutton West. Ont. R60150, F/S Broomfield, J. O., Turner Valley Alta. ' R54826, Sgt. Bruyere, G. J. R., 7154 Nancy St.. Montreal. Que. R79195. F/Sgt. Bullock, C. II., 17A-20th Ave., Lachine. P.Q. R76052, Sgt. Burke, J. R. A., 128 Arthur St., Truro, N.S. R82285, F/Sgt. Burpee, L. J., Ill Powell Ave.. Ottawa, Ont. R92979, Sgt. Burton, J. R., Acton, Montana, U.S.A. R66602. F/Sgt. Burton, R. J., Box 2, Smooth Rock Falls, Ont. R72557, F/Sgt. Butler, C. T., Yorke Point, P.E.I. R88361. Sgt. Butts, Nolan, Mira Gut, Cape Breton. N.S. R97038, Sgt. Carleton, E. B., 58^ De Grassi St.. Toronto, Ont. R79113, Sgt. Carlon, T. E., 6406 Henri Julien St.. Montreal. P.Q. R127907, Sgt. Canter, W., 252 Grace St., Toronto, Ont. R115419, F/Sgt. Charters, R. B., 60 Scott St., Brampton, Ont. R117497, Sgt. Chepil, M., Edwin. Man. R69511, F/S Chrisholm, D. A., 332 Spadina Rd., Toronto, Ont. R83457, Sgt. Chretien, G. T., 10 Wolfe St., Penetanguishene, Ont. R134085, Sgt. Collins, L. G., Marchwell, Sask. R126312, F/S Connell, P. F„ 77 St. James St., Saint John. N.B. R80203, F/S Cook, B.. Arden. Man. R102446, Sgt. Cornish, D. M., Scout Lake, Sask. R84492. F/S Craft, R. G., 14 Bowes Ave., Brantford, Ont. R54334, Sgt. Craig. K. W., Citv View. Ont. R74224, F/S Craig, W. D„ R.R. No. 1, Westboro, Ont. R64432. Sgt. Creeden, J. W., 100 Grand River St., Paris, Ont. Questions R654G5, F/S Crosby, K. E.. R.R. No. 1, South Ohio, Yarmouth County, N.S. R84062, F/S Crozier, D. M., Walkerton, Ont. R58307, F/Sgt. Cumberland, D. A., Britannia Beach, B.C. R56257, Sgt. Curtis, R. E., 251 Preston St., Ottawa, Ont. R5G902, F/S Dagg, F. G., 121 Ethelbert St., Winnipeg, Man. R60726, Sgt. Dalphond, M. H. J., Morinville, Alta. R67606, F/S Darby, C. E., Harrow, Ont. R90395, Sgt. Davey, R. R., Durham, Ont., R.R. No. 2. R117353, F/S Davis, K. G., 38 Munro Park Ave., Toronto, Ont. R55311, F/S Delany, C. E., 11 Murray Ave., Quebec, P.Q. R87600, F/S De Marco, F. V., 507 Ewen Ave., New Westminster, B.C. R88360, Sgt. DeMone, H. E., Bridgewater, N.S. R110183, Sgt. Dempster, J. M., 1657 Barclay St., Vancouver, B.C. R140064, F/S Dennis, P. W., 1407 Murray Ave., Fort William, Ont. R95950, F/S De Silva, D.. 49 Hadfield St., Georgetown. British Guiana, S.A. R73246, F/S Dickson, J. D., Rothesay, N.B. R96009, F/S Dimma, T. W., 436 Albert St., Ottawa, Ont. R72835, F/S DockendorfI, G. G., North River, P.E.I. R69718, F/S Donahue, C. J., 60 Lindsay St., Lindsay, Ont. R71704, W/O Donelly, T. H., 304 Silverthorne Ave., Toronto, Ont. R111079, F/S Dorie, J. E„ 536 Bedford St„ Cornwall, Ont. R80737, F/S Dorland, R., 14 Rotfield, Islington, Ont. R75287. F/S Drechsler, W. W. A. J., 48 Lake Shore Rd., Mimico, Ont. R114911. F/S Dubois, R., Coderre, Sask. R64743, Sgt. Duffield, H. C., Woodstock, N.B. R125456, Sgt. Duval, J. P. A. J., Gracefield, P.Q. R75188, F/S Edwards. J. F.. Battleford, Sask. R87920, F/S Egri, W. E., R.R. No. 2, Abbotsford. B.C. R87302, F/S Einarson, J. W., Shellbrook, Sask. ^90093. Sgt. Elliott, R. C., 194 Gamble Ave., Toronto. Ont. R113675. Sgt. Ellis, R. W., Rothesay, N.B. R114226, F/S Evans, J. H., Waterloo, Ont. R62201, Sgt. Falloon, G. H.. 1160-4th St., Brandon, Man. R101037, F/S Fast, A. P., R.R. No. 1, Brown Rd. N., Langle# Prairie, B.C. R61629, F/S Fav, A. E., Lebret, Sask. R117536, Sgt. Ferrell, G., 117 Beach St., Belleville, N.J., U.S.A. R71000, Sgt. Finlayson, S. F., Broadview, Sask. R107186. Sgt. Finnerty, G. P., Rosetown, Sask. R82738, Sgt. Fisher, C. A., Iroquois, Ont. R62101, Sgt. Fisher, D. S., Biggar, Sask. R70951, F/S Franciscone, A., 2058 MacTavish St.. Regina, Sask. R157764, F/S Fussell. A. C. W„ 3614 Turner St.. New Westminster, B.C. R64480. Sgt. Galloway, J. E., Milton, Ont. R120080, Sgt. Gaunt, S., 10 High St., Paseoag, Rhode Island. U.S.A. R122162, F/S Gibb, A. P., 1939-W-42nd St., Vancouver, B.C. R64935, F/S Gill, H. L., South Devon, Ybrk County, N.B. R93824, F/S Gillmore, J. H., Picardville, Alta. R70096, F/S Goodall, G. L., 12 Helen Ave., Brantford, Ont. R66493, F/S Goodwin, H., 168 Fernbrook Ave., Wyncote, Penna., U.S.A. R139157, Sgt. Goudy, C. M., Campbellford, Ont. R106620, F/S Gray, M. F„ 2892-W-28th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R56500, Sgt. Greenshields, J., Senneville, Que. R86893, F/S Halkett, A. M., Peace River, Alta. R85430, F/S Hamilton. F. F.. Mazenod, Sask. R92421, Sgt. Harris, W. F., 4369 Cypress St., Vancouver, B.C. R111540, Sgt. Harrison, A., 134 First St. West, Cornwall, Ont. R67197, F/S Haunts, L. W„ 412 Albert St., Kingston, Ont. R135881, F/S Hicks, R. B., Pierrepont Manor, New York, U.S.A. R78427, Sgt. Hiley, F. S., 80 Courcelette Rd., Toronto, Ont. R98109, F/S Higgins, F. J.. Amhersfcburg, Ont. R87742, F/S Hill, W., 1320 Government St., Penticton, B.C. R123276. F/S Hill, W. L. H., 1115 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ont. R101822, F/S Hinke, E. A., 1830 Daisy Ave., Long Beach, Calif., U.S.A. R75448. F/S Hobson, D. P., 621-6th Ave., North Saskatoon. Sask. R87652. Sgt. Holland, J. S., 829 Obispo Ave., Coral Gables, Fla., U.SA. R96080, Sgt. Holtby L. M. M., Hawkesbury, Ont. ^ R76770, F/S Horne, A. M., 11902-94th St., Edmonton, Alta. R72099, F/S Horricks, G. E., 265 Withrow Ave., Toronto, Ont. „ R70985. F/S Hosick, B. B., Webb. Sask. R175947, F/S Hughes, R. F., 1235 Kelowna, Vancouver, B.C. R83615, F/S, Humphrey-, L. W., 1 Clarendon Ave., Toronto, Ont. R151677, Sgt. Hurst, R. N., Box 332, Duncan, B.C. R109784. Sgt. Jackson, F. M„ Jr„ 419 Venable St.. Apt. 71. Atlanta, Georgia. U.S.A. R130765, F/S Jackson, W. C., 10123-123rd St., Edmonton, Alta. R88329. F/S Janes, A. J., 19 Inglis St., Halifax, N.S. R55378. F/S Keane, W. II., 20 Julia St., Quebec. P.Q. R86106, Sgt. Kernaghan, S. J., Cartwright, Man. R53757, F/S Kerr, H. J. F„ Russell, Ont. R91887, F/S King, D. B., 259 Kitson St., Norwood, Man. R149596, Cpl. Knelson. H.. Bladworth, Sask. R86096, F/S Kruger, F. C., Bede, Man. R87727. F/S Lancaster. G. H., 21 Preston Rd., Queen's Park. Bedford, Eng. R94742, F/S Larson, F. H., 2310 8th St. W„ Calgary, Alta. R103284, F/S Laughland, A. M., 9 University Ave., Guelph, Ont. * R72828, Sgt. Leavitt, W. H. C., Alberton, P.E.I. R133390. Sgt. Leckie, J. C., R.R. No. 1, Osoyoos, B.C. R98963, Sgt. Ledford, W. H., 2138 Lome Ave., Saskatoon, Sask. Questions

R122464, Sgt. Lee, J. P„ Box 221, Cashmere, Wash., U.S.A. R77120, Sgt. Leet, R. J., 420 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, P.Q. R77184, Sgt. Lepine, J. H. C. A., 84 Rue Ste. Anne, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, P.Q. R56328. F/S Lewis, W. T., 6133 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, P.Q. 10083, F/S Lockhart, R. C., Newport, N.S. R63680, Sgt. Long, E. R., 246 Thames St. N., Ingersoll. Ont. R105598, Sgt. Low, G. H., 11428-87th St., Edmonton, Alta. R96467, F/S Lowans, E. J., 182 King St, E., Gananoque, Ont. R87366, F/S Lundeen, C. P., Preeeeville, Sask. R68535, FS MacDonald, D. M., 424 N. Marks St,, Fort William, Ont. R140676, Sgt. MacDonald, R. J., Basswood, Manitoba. R92109, FS MaeFarlane, R. E., 295 McSween Rd., Chilliwack, B.C. R78574, FS MacKenzie, A. G., Lucknow, Ont. R83959, FS MacKenzie, G. T., 44 Oakwood Ave., Toronto, Ont. R112723, FS MaeLean, D. A., Ill Wallace Ave., Toronto, Ont. R70978, FS MacLennan, I. R., Gull Lake, Saskatchewan. R83335, FS MacMonagle, W. D., 875 Ardmore Ave., Akron, Ohio, U.S.A. R64116, FS MacNab, B. C., Milton, Ont. R74901, Sgt. Maitland, W. J., 4489 Angus Drive, Vancouver, B.C. R70100, FS Marsh, C. S., R.R. 3, Milton, Ontario. R64125, Sgt. Martin, D. C., 46 Balfour St., Brantford, Ont. R101644, FS Matheson, S. G., Stonewall, Manitoba. R103101, FS Matthews, J. L., 486 St. Patrick Sq.. Port Arthur, Ont. R103566, Sgt. Matthews, L. W., 1228-13th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta. R55325. FS Meagher, J. M., Mulgrave, N.S. R110157, Sgt. Mellin, A. A., Jaynee Rd., Duncan, B.C. 11104847, FS Merchant, J. F., Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. R83305, FS Merrick. W. T., 318 S.E. 8th St., Evansville, Ind., U.S.A. R80314, Sgt. Mitchell, B. E., 579 Rathgar Avenue, Winnipeg, Man. R74313, Sgt. Mitchell, G. E., 74 Clarence St., Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. R124098, FS Mitchell, P.D., Kamloops, B.C. R54030, Sgt. Morin, P. E., c/o Bank of Montreal. 144 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario. R79681, Sgt. Moritz, F. J., Gull Lake, Sask. RC9362, FS Moroney, B. H., 344 Elm St., W., Sudbury, Ont. R54068, FS Morris, A. W., Merrickville, Ont. R80521, Sgt. Morrison, D. R., 634 Willwood Ave., Toronto, Ont. R100533 Sgt. Morrissy, H., 512 Ryers Ave., Cheltenham. Pa., U.S.A. R101074, FS Morton, C. L., 3039 Deakin St., Berkeley, California, U.S.A. R69580, Sgt. Moss, D., 261 Keewatin Ave., Toronto, Ont. R61626, FS Mullen, R. G., Canora, Sask. IMr. Macmillan.] R77162, FS McArthur, E. M., 17 Lake Avenue, Strathmore, P.Q. R107825, FS McAvoy, J. K., 761 Broadway, Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R128527, Sgt. McBeath, H. L., c/o Mrs. Wilson, 3236 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R74814, FS McCabe, D., 1039 Foul Bay Rd., Victoria, B.C. [DOT] R98555, FS McCoy, D. J., Carruthers, Sask. R97376, FS McDonald, C. P., 1384 King St. West, Toronto, Ont. R67064, FS Mcllquham, T. O., Carleton Place, Ontario. R82852, FS McIntosh, W. P. M., St. Andrews West, Cornwall, Ont. R81480, FS McKinnon, L. M., Box 560, Revelstoke, B.C. R101601, Sgt. McNamara, R., Carman, Man. R61684, FS Neale, K. F., 1025 Downing St., Winnipeg, Man. R83384, FS Nitz, A. F., 317 East St., Flint, Gennerso, Mich. R87404, FS Nutting, S. H., Radisson, Sask. R114949, Sgt. Oancia, S., Stonehenge, Sask. R51831, FS Oates, R. J., 31 Grove Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds., England. _ R95724, FS O'Connor, H. J., 16 Jenkins St., Kingston, Ont. R85461, Sgt. Osier, E. E., 2238 Montague St., Regina, Sask. R64466, Sgt. Paige, B. C., P.O. Box No. 146, Bridgeport, Ont. R65307, FS Parker, D. H., Lower Granville, Anna. Co., N.S. R11.3939, Sgt. Parker, D. F. G., Dalhousie, New Brunswick. R93694, FS Patch, Harry Eugene, 169 Beacon Rd., Broadstairs, Kent, England. R98024, FS Paulton, A. C., 423 Bruce Ave., Windsor, Ont. R86900, FS Pearce, D. R., 11138-70th Street, Edmonton, Alta. R10036S. FS Peck, C. W. W., Suite 201, St. George's Manor, Port Arthur, Ont. R55241, FS Pichette, J. E. R., Restigouche, Bonaventure County, Que. ' R58718. FS Pierce, E. M., 2401 Alberta St„ Vancouver, B.C. R134204, FS Pollock, J. R„ 235 Avenue J North, Saskatoon, Sask. R58432, FS Porritt, W. J., 8707 French St., Vancouver, B.C. R84592, Sgt. Price, E. G., Canterbury, N.B. R79417, Sgt. Price, G. R., 2664 Moreau St., Montreal, P.Q. R136383, Sgt. Quesnel, J. H. L., Orchard Ave., Port Credit, Ont. R64433, FS Quinn, C. J., Box 106, Liberty, Sask. R55373, FS Rainville, G. H., Grande-Allee, Quebec City, Que. R66130, Sgt. Ratcliffe, J. T., R.R. No. 2 Thor-old Road, Welland, Ont. R67906, FS Reid, D. G., 69 Hanna St. East, Windsor, Ont. R68070, Sgt. Reinhart, W. L., 148 Rebecca St., Stratford, Ont. R101393, FS Richardson, H. H., 523 Rosedale Ave., Winnipeg, Man. Questions R55971, Sgt. Rivard, J. J. N., 14 Scott St., La Tuque, Laviolette Co., Que. R60727, Sgt. Roach, M„ 2039 W. 47th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R115536, Sgt. Roach, W., R.R. No. 2, Duncan, B.C. R133383, FS Roberts, F. J., 2906 W. 36th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R54188, Sgt. Robillard, J. L. G., 15 Elm St., Ottawa, Ont. R65749, FS Robinson, C., 2043 Belgrave Ave., N.D.G., Montreal, P.Q. . R65063, FS Robson, C. A., 72 Chamberlain St., Ottawa, Ont. R95492, FS Ross, A. L., Holland, Man. R58820, Sgt. Runner, J. M., Treheime, Man. R64894, FS Rutledge, E. E., Canterbury, N.B. R61810, FS Schauenberg, B. L., Verwood, Sash. R9S788, Sgt. Schofield, N. L., 833 Ave. C., N. Saskatoon, Sask. R128113, Sgt. Schmidt, E. F., Herscliel, Sask. R70877, Sgt. Scott, C. G., Bowness P.O., Calgary, Alta. RS0023, FS Shannon, R. A., Suite 2, 189 Kel-win St., Winnipeg, Man. R84134. Sgt. Shellington, W. R., 82 Erie Ave., Brantford, Ont. R79864, FS Shirley, C. A., Carlyle, Sask. 4190NP, Sgt. Skebo, T. H., 164 Bertrand St., Winnipeg, Man. R79352, FS Skillen, R. L., Saguenay Inn, Ar-vida, P.Q. R112604, Sgt. Smale, J. L., 118 Pacific Ave., Toronto, Ont. R91243, Sgt. Smith, A. G., 232 Bain Ave., Toronto, Ont. R106305, Sgt. Smith, D. M.. 380 Vernon Rd., St. James, Man. R70152, Sgt. Smith, D. V., 25 Sandford Ave., Toronto, Ont. R83451, FS Smith, J. F., 134 Lome Ave., Chatham, Ont. R60902, Sgt. Smitten, L., 9912-84th Ave., Edmonton, Alta. R121611, FS Sneddon. J. A., 12218-80 St., Edmonton, Alta. R95447, FS Soderquist, D. D., Washburn, North Dakota, U.S.A. R78542, FS Spence, R. L., Highgate, Ont. R86855, FS Spraggs, L. A., Didsbury, Alta. R67059, FS Stephenson, W. II., 105 Great St. James St., Belleville, Ont. R116291, Sgt. Stevens, L. C., Rapid City, Man. R69116, FS Stewart, A. W., 138-5th St„ Noranda, P.Q. R86828, FS Stewart, E. C., Camrose, Alta. R77295, FS Stewart, W. E., 14 Newton St., Sherbrooke, Que. R80154, FS Stewner, R., 625 Belmont Ave., Westmount, P.Q. R86215, FS Storms, D. W., Emerson, Man. 7812, FS Strutt, G. J., Shawville, Que. R85849, FS Sutherland, F. A., 1344 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, Ont. R86095, FS Sutherland, G. G., ,802 Governor Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R77522, FS Swanson, M. L., 9852-81st Ave., Edmonton, Alta. R87620, Sgt. Switzer, A. W„ Revelstoke, B.C. R81075, Sgt. Taylor, E. A., 7544 Heather St., Vancouver, B.C. R60723, Sgt. Taylor, H. A., Halkirk, Alta. R98213, FS Taylor, R. E., R.R. No. 6, Boon-ville, Ind., U.S.A. R61012, FS Templeman, T., 7726-107th St., Edmonton, Alta. R92293, FS Thomas, E. H., 715-16th Ave., New Westminster, B.C. R88221, Sgt. Thomas, L. I., Hillcrest Ave., West, Richmond, Va., U.S.A. R65039, Sgt. Thomson, G. H., 369 Brunswick St., Fredericton, N.B. R64242 FS Tice. H. F., Grimsby Beach, Ont. R91742, Sgt. Tod, R. E., Lot 39, St. Vital Rd., St. Vital, Man. R71763, Sgt. Townley, W. B., 49 St. Clair Ave. West. Toronto, Ont. R62971, FS Trask, W. P., Carleton, Yarmouth County, N.S. R69565, Sgt. Trebell, J. G., 180 Geoffrey St., Toronto, Ont. R128945, Sgt. Tribe, D. F., P.O. Box 33, Courtney, B.C. R62270, FS Tumour, N.C., c/o Mrs. Thom, 2930 Heather St., Vancouver, B.C. R120945, FS Trotter, E. J.. Tuberose, Sask. R86544, FS Tutton, F. M„ 12121-94th St., Edmonton, Alta. R61603 Sgt. Turnbull, R. S., Govan, Sask. R79229, FS Vaclion, E. T., R.R. No. 2, Ayer's Clifi'e, P.Q. R67655, FS Vander Dasson, W. L., 710 Giles Blvd. E., Windsor, Ont. R114511, Sgt. Warren, E. F., 2133 Rae St., Regina, Sask. R66150, FS Watlington, H. F., Hamilton, Bermuda. R117523, Sgt. Watts, J. D., 4406-West 8th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R53903, FS Weatherall, R. L., 33 Ann St., Eastview, Ontario. R83374, Sgt. Weaver, C., 1201 N.W. 38th St„ Oklahoma City, Okla., U.S.A. R115098, FS Welch, H. R., 303 McDonald Ave., Belleville, Ont. R134479, FS Werbiski, M. N., Rorketon, Man. R70619, Sgt. Wertzler, E. E., Red Deer, Alta. R59107, FS Wheatley, R. J. A., 115 Furley Street, V'innipeg, Man. R8474S. FS White, M. E., Centreville, N.B. R82447, FS White, R. J., 24 Harvy St., Perth, Ont. R62400, FS Williams, G. E., 1202-13th St. East, Saskatoon. Sask. R99773, Sgt. Williams, J. M. M., 150 Henderson Ave., Ottawa, Ont. R75610, FS Withington, T. D., R.R. No. 4, Kitchener, Ont. R149155, FS Wobiek, H. A., 822-7tk St. S., Lethbridge, Alta. R54201, Sgt. Woodburn, J. D., Cyrville, Ont. R87951. FS Wooley, J. R., Cottage Inn, Whytecliff P.O., B.C. R83562, FS Wortley, W. H., 330 Gladstone Ave., Toronto, Out. R 75288, FS Wright, R. W., 903 6th Ave. N., Saskatoon, Sask. R67165. FS Yates, G. P. A., Delta, Ont. R53177, Sgt. Yule, A. C., 102 McPherson Ave., Toronto, Ont. R90297, FS Zulauf, F. R., Milverton, Ont. Questions

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal R107483, Sgt. Bailey, J. C., 1390 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. R94567, PS Brown, K. W., 106 Hochelaga St. E., Moose Jaw, Sask. R70142, Sgt. Cardy, W. H., Centre Road, Port Credit, Ont. R90883, PS Barden, A. W. J., 100 Perguson St., North Bay, Ont. R191205, Sgt. Meadows, G. W., Bowsman River, Man. R120651, FS Russell, J. V., R.R. 2, Speers, Sask. R107665, Sgt. Williamson, L. F., 2204 McIntyre St., Regina, Sask. George Medal R54730, Sgt. Baily, F. M., 4572 W. 2nd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. R78103, FS Coates, D. M„ R.R. 2, Wood-bridge, Ont. J15822, P/O Jenner, R. deF Ottawa, Ont. C8721, F/L Lindsay, E. J. Hendry, Drayton, Ont. J11843, F/'O Link, H. D., Current, Sask. 9867, Sgt. Lummis, F. B.. Fr R82698, Cpl. Lyon, G. F. Street, Ottawa, Ont. C2201, F/L McCombe, R Avenue. Dorval, P.Q. R64816, Sgt. Miller, T. B„ Ave. West, Saint John, N.B. R75862, FS Moore, D. C., St., Durham, Ont. R139022, Sgt. Pudney, C. L Belmar, N.J., U.S.A J13042, P/O Williams, J. F., R.R. 3, Port Dover, Ont. ., 30 Melgund St., A., c/o Gordon Box 687, Swift [DOT]ankford, Ont. W., 155 James J., 4 Martin 26 Beaeonsfield Box 137, Albert -., 306-15tli Ave., c/o O. Fletcher, Military Medal r McDonald, C. E., Shreveport, La., U.S.A. Supplementary List of Awards Recently Announced Distinguished Flying Cross Number Rank-Name-Home Address R82627, W/O Abbey, J. E., 7 Fifth Ave., Ottawa, Ont. TTrJl°o0(i- p/? Armstrong, W. N., Box 137, West Summerland, B.C. „ m536Jv ,F/0 Moody, V. K„ West Middle Sable, Shelbourne County, N.S. J17785, F/O Cameron, T. H., Sylvan Lake, Alta. J19308, P/O Macintosh, B. A., Not available. J18812, P/O Spink, T. B., 5251 Hoy St., Vancouver, B.C, J9863, S/L Strachan, W. W„ 2246 Daniel St„ Trail, B.C. J21435, F/O Allen, E., 215 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. R96703, W/O Coulombe, J. A. R., Not available. J6857, S/L Taylor, C. J. W., Box 3010, Winnipeg, Man. J6002, F/L Kerrigan, H. F., Ridgewood Park, Goderich, Ont. J22545, F/L Matthews, H. L., Comox Rd, Courtenay, B.C. [Mr. Macmillan.1 C626, W/C Richer, D. B., 5854 Durocher Ave.. Montreal, P.Q. J11552, S/L Epps, R. F„ 306 Parkview St.. St. James, Man. C4002, F/L McKay, D. K., Kintail, Ont. J3523, F/L Patterson, D. S., 337 S. Archibald St., Fort William, Ont. J17945, F/O Miller, K. S., 739 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, P.Q. J20394, F/O Mitchell, T. M. L„ 33 Chester Hill Rd., Toronto, Ont. J18597, P/O Rowe, E. L. L„ 475-8th St. E„ Owen Sound, Ont. J18198, P/O McIntosh, J., 1163 Balmoral St.. Medicine Hat, Alta. J18986, P/O Coutlee, M., 9 Norwich Ave., Woodstock, Ont. R109505, W/O Hawks, E. S., 73 Victoria Ave., Leamington, Qnt. R99253, W/O McLeod, E. T., 66 Metcalf St., Saint John, N.B. J12855, F/O Banks, H. C. C., Ste. 6, Colgrove Apts., Calgary, Alta. J10313, F/O Cloutier, W. B. B., 35 Parkway Ave., Toronto, Ont. J17793, F/O Craddock, B. A., Not available. J16306, F/O Drimmie, R. G., 1547 Comox St., Vancouver, B.C. J11113, F/O Massey, C., 530 E. 7th St., Plainfield, N.J., U.S.A. J16135. F/O Keane, H. W., 20 Julia St., Quebec, P.Q. .114578, F/O Simpson. D. H„ Little Langdale. East Horsley, Surrey, England. J22570, F/O Wheeler, E. F., 418 Adolphus St., Cornwall, Ont. J14783, F/O Pritchard, L. T„ 229 High St. E„ Moose Jaw, Sask. J18143, P/O Brown, J. F. C., 185 St. Cyrille St., Quebec, P.Q. J18127, P/O Coburn, L. G., 400 Ketchen St., Temiskaming, P.Q. C18596, P/O Johnston, F. E., 283 Besmarehais Blvd., Verdun, Que. J18381, P/O Mayou, F. D., 5427 York St., Montreal, Que. J19161, P/O Davidson, A. M., Not available. J19034, P/O Middlemiss, K. R., Hearne, Sask. R134906, W/O Farmer, A. C., Box 93, Pine Falls, Man. J22778, F/L Laing, G. H., 351 Assiniboine Ave.. Winnipeg, Man. J13112, F/O Thomson, D. C., Fort Assiniboine, Alta. Distinguished Flying Medal R181818, Sgt., Qualle, R. E.. Beverley, Sask. R142144, F/S Coiberry, E., 753 Rea St., Regina, Sask. R69999, F/S Irwin, R. B., South River, Ont. R132080, F/S Hyde, R. C., R.R. No. 1, Manor, Sask. R121529, F/S Hardy, A. V., Not available. R136215, F/S Della Stua, A., Not available. R136237, F/S Moriaritv. J. E., Not available. R128227, F/S Weaver, H. D., c/o R.R. Oliver, R.R. No. 1, Victoria, B.C. R71968, Sgt. Ireland, G., 52 Stewart St., Toronto, Ont. R153882. F/S Angus, J., 66 De Grassi St., Toronto, Ont. Distinguished Service Order J12483, F/O Shulemson, S. S., 5150 Decarie Blvd., Montreal. P.Q. Questions Appendix "B" Canadians in R.A.F, Gallantry Awards Number1-Rank-Name-Home Address- 40281, F/O Angus, A. B., McCreary, Man., D.F.C. 39012, F/L Arnold, K. F., Saskatoon, Sask., D.F.C. W/C Atkinson', L. V. E., D.F.C. and Bar. 37929, S/L Avent, J., Kartney, Man., D.F.C. 755030, Sat. Bain. J., Hamilton, Ont., D.F.M. S/L Banks, D. K., Nova Scotia, D.F.C. 02268, p/o Barnes, C. A., D.F.C. 39928, F/L Bartlett, C. S., Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask., D.F.C. 37664, S/L Barton, R. A., Penticton, B.C., D.F.C. and Bar. 118131, F/L Bazalgette, I. W„ D.F.C. 42788, F/L Bigelow, A. E., D.F.C. 1267053, ,Sgt. Beurling, G. F., Verdun, P.Q., D.FM. and Bar, D.F.C., D.S.O. 39778, F/L Bissett, R. C., Edmonton, Alta., D.F.C. and Bar. 37715. W/C Blatchford, H. P., Edmonton, Alta., D.F.C. 37079, S/L Booking, A. L., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C. and Bar. 42095, F/O Boudoux, E. L., Stellarton, N.S., D.F.C., D.S.O. 37033, S/L Brown, A. C., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C. 37904, F/L Brown, M. H., Glenboro, Man., D.F.C. and Bar. 798506, F/O Brown, R. W., D.F.C. 978860, Sgt. Burgess, E. J., D.F.M. F/L Burnett, W. J., Fredericton, N.B., D.F.C. 102986, S/L Campbell, C. F., Margaree Forks, N.S., Can., D.F.C. and D.S.O. 41252, S/L Campbell, G. C., D.F.C. P/O Campbell, H. D. R. L., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.C. 39492, F/O Campbell, J. A., Nelson, B.C., D.F.C. 37835, F/L Campbell, W. W., Victoria, B.C., D.F.C. 42672, F/L Carlyon, P. W. W., Cumberland, B C DFC 139386, F/O Carmichael, F. E. G., Sudbury, Ont., D.F.C. F/L Carriere, J. C., Montreal, P.Q.. D.F.C. 937815, F/S Challen, G. S. W., D.F.M. 36918, F/O Charles, E. F. J., Lasbburn, Sask., D.F.C. and Bar, D.S.O. 40081, F/L Christie, G. P., Westmount, P.Q., D.F.C. and Bar. 43106, P/O Clark, H. P., Brandon, Man., D.F.C. 41664, F/O Clayton, A. C. P., Victoria, B.C., D.F.C. and Bar. 51212, Sgt. Cleland, C. C. E., Montreal, P.Q., D.F.M. 42195, F/L Cochrane, A. C., D.F.C. 40991, F/L Cochrane, H. P., Vernon, B.C., D.F.C. 40892, P/O Connor, C. A. H., Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. 39211, F/L Corbould, K. B., New Westminister, B.C.. D.F.C. 33133, W/C Coventry, H. R.. D.F.C. Sgt. Cox, A. B., Halifax, N.S., D.F.M. 41000, F/O Crispin, K. V. D., Dundas, Pelly, Sask., D.F.C. 40678, P/O Crooks, D. A. C., D.F.C. 44054, W/C Crooks, L., D.S.O. 580647, Sgt. Deyell, D. K., Alameda, Sask., D.F.M. S/L Donaldson, E. M., D.S.O. 37414, F/L Donaldson, 0. R., Revelstoke, B C D p c 39073, F/O Dyer, J. P., Minnedosa, Man., D.F.C. 41566, F/O Edy, A. L., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C. 43830, F/O Elliot, G. A. L., Salt Springs Island, B.C., D.F.C. F/L Ellis, L. E., Sioux Lockout, Ont., D.F.C. 37763, S/L England, D. L., Goderich, Ont., D.F.C. 43032, S/L Fawcett, R. E., Dunoan, B.C., D.F.C. 40380, F/L Fleming, J. ,G., Calgary, Alta., D.F.C. 39975, W/C Fleming, M. M., Ottawa, Ont., D.F.C., D.S.O. 37280, S/L Fletcher, A. W. C„ Lethbridge, Alta., D.F.C. and Bar. 41573, S/L Forsythe, K. C., Fort Garry, Man., D.F.C. 62271. F/L Foulis, M., D.F.C. and Bar. S/L Fowley, F. A., Kelowna, B.C., D.F.C. 42212, F/O Fraser, C. V., Claresholm, Alta., D.F.C. 612282, AC1 Frost, E. R. C., Quebec City, P.Q.. G.C. 905015, Sgt. Frost, S. R., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.M. 994224, F/L Frowde, R., D.F.C. 37095, W/C Fulton, J., Kamloops, B.C., D.F.C., D.S.O. Sgt. Gardiner, F. J., Halifax, N.S., D.F.M. 37632, S/L Gaunce, L. M., Derwent, Alta., D.F.C. 80446, P/O Gaunt, D. B., D.F.C. 37776, S/L Gibbs, S. R., Calgary. Alta., D.F.C. 37348, S/L Gilchrist, P. A., Weyburn, Sask., D.F.C. 908152, Sgt. Gilpin. W. G., D.F.M. F/L Grant, G. F., Ottawa, Ont., D.F.C. 41579, F/L Grassick, R. D., London, Ont., D.F.C. F/O Green, J. H., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.C. 45202, S/L Greenslade. W. R.. D.F.C. 24037, W/C Griffiths, J. F., Niagara Falls, Ont.. D.F.C. 42221. F/L Harper, C. W., D.F.C. and Bar. F/O Harper, R. H., Bassano, Alta., D.F.C. 107809, P/O Harris, St. John, C. D„ D.F.C. and Bar. 106193. P/O Henderson. J., D.F.C. P/O Henderon, S. J.. Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C.' 10525. P/O Hooey, G., Trenton, Ont.. D.F.C. F/L Illsely. D. M., Nictaux Falls, D.F.C. 110952. F/O Ince, C. H„ D.F.C. and Bar. 41293. F/L Jackson, A. S„ D.F.C. 103488, F/O Jacobs, C. R„ D.F.C. S/L Jardine, A. M., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.C. 40542, F/L Jones, L. L., Saskatoon, Sask., D.F.C. 50584, Kaye, T. C„ D.F.C. 39535, S/L Keddy, W. B„ Cornwall, Ont., D.F.C. 37106, W/C Kent, J. A., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C. and Bar. G/C King, C. K„ Wallace, Man., D.F.C. F/O. King, S. L., Regina, Sask., D.F.C. 42008, F/O Latta, J. B., Victoria, B.C., D.F.C. 1027207 F/S Lavack, R. F., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.M. 42238. F/O Leavitt, R. F., Regina and Saskatoon, Sask., D.F.C. 41188, F/O Lewis, W. J., Port Hope, Ont.. D.F.C. 79S Questions

42465, F/O Lewis, W. ,M., Battleford, Sask., D.F.C. Sgt. Little, F. B., Tisket, Yarmouth County, N.S., D.F.M. 42718, F/L MacIntyre, G. L„ D.F.C. F/L Mackid, J. G„ Calgary, Alta., D.F.C. 1006443, Sgt. MacLean, A. D., D.F.M. F/O MacRae, W. J.. Regina, Sask., D.F.C. F/O McIntosh. D., Regina, Sask., D.F.C. 41937, P/O McKnight, W. L., Calgary, Alta., D.F.C. and Bar. 39019, F/O McLaren, A. H., Montreal, P.Q., D.F.C. 41443, F/L Manahan, J. R., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C. 515903, F/Sgt. Marshall, J. R., Ottawa, Ont., D.F.M. 41447, F/O Mitchell, H. T., Port Hope, Ont., D.F.C. 102996, F/O Morgan. A. C. B., D.F.C. 41450, F/O Murray, G. B., Carberry, Man., D.F.C. Sgt. Neale, E. F„ Regina. Sask., D.F.M. 39675, F/O Nelson, W. H., Montreal, P.Q., D.F.C. F/O Nicholson, A. J., Windsor, Ont., G.M. N/L Niven, R. H„ Calgary, Alta., *33329, S/L O'Brian, P. G., St. George, Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. and Bar. 42872, F/O Ogilvie, A. K., Ottawa, Ont., D.F.C. 41457, F/L Patrick, R. C., Richmond Hill, Ont., D.F.C. 612426, AC1 Patterson, G. N., Woodrow, Sask. D.F.M. P/O Philpot, O. L. S., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.C S/L Prior, G. W„ Indian Head, Sask., D.F.C. P/O Purdy, P. H., St. Stephen. N.B.. D.F.C. 37508, S/L Raphael, G. L., Brantford, Ont., D.F.C., D.S.O. and Bar. 43042, S/L Reardon, J. D„ Charlottetown, P.E.I., D.F.C. Sgt. Redfearn, G. B., Hudson Bay Junction, Sask., D.F.M. P/O Rigler, T. G., Toronto, Ont., D.F.M. 39031, F/L Ring, S. L., Regina, Sask., D.F.C. 40141, F/L Robertson, D. S., Calgary, Alta., D.F.C. 39568, F/L Robertson, H. M„ D.F.C. 42265, F/O Romans, D. A. A., Halifax, N.S., D.F.C. 1375548, Sgt. Ross, M. H., Montabello, P.Q., D.F.M. 128492, F/O Rowley, W„ D.F.C. 106175, F/O Sanders, E. A., D.F.C. 37831, S/L Schwab, L. G., Niagara Falls, Ont., D.F.C. 49268, F/O Service, W., D.F.C. 41747, F/L Simpson, A. J., D.F.C. F/O Sinclair, G. L., Bagot, Man., D.F.C. F/L Skey, L. W„ Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. 102564, F/O Smith, D. T.. D.F.C. 41483, W/C Smith, D.W.M.. D.F.C. 40952, F/L Smith, R. R.. D.F.C. 42272, F/O Stansfield, N.K., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.C. 34252, S/L Stickley, L. J., Lethbridge, Alta., D.F.C. 42906, F/L Sturdy, W. R. N., Vancouver, B.C., D.F.C. and Bar. 119916, F/O Sutherland, H„ D.F.C. [DOT] 40862, F/L Tamblyn, H. N., North Battle-ford, Sask, D.F.C. 108048, F/O Teetenborn, A. R., D.F.C. 104415, P/O Thomas, R. P., D.F.C. S/L Thompson, J. R., Atwood, D.F.C. 39046. W/C Timmerman, N. W., Kingston, Ont., D.S.O., D.F.C. [DOT] F/O Trickett, C., Port Albert, Ont., D.F.C. P/O Tudhope, W. F., Montreal, Quebec, D.F.C. 40767, F/O Tweddell, W. O. D., Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. 37775, S/L Turner, F. W. S„ D.F.C. F/L Turner, P. S., Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. & Bar. Sgt. Turner, R.S., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.M. 42281, F/O Urwin-Mann, J. R., Victoria, B.C., D.F.C. & Bar. 41225, F/O Valachos, P. J.. Brantford, Ont., D.F.C. 39803, F/L Walker, G. E., Gleichen, Alta., D.F.C. 40768, F/O Walker, J. A., Gleichen, Alta., D.F.C. 43421, F/L Walsh, A. P„ London, Ont., D.F.C. 759223, P/O Webb, C„ D.F.C. W/C Weir, T.C., Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. 40330, F/L Whelan, J. R., Saskatoon, Sask., & Bathurst, N.B., D.F.C. 533230, LAC Whitehead, G. W., Toronto, Ont., D.F.M. 42549, S/L Whiting, S. G., Whonock, B.C., D.F.C. S/L Widdowson, R. P., Winnipeg, Man., D.F.C. 42931, S/L Wigmore, W.S., D.F.C. 62281, F/O Wilkerson, D.S.S., D.F.C. 40276, F/L Williams, A. T., Toronto, Ont., D.F.C. 40331, F/L Willis, D. A., St. Boniface, Man.. D.F.C. 39805, S/L Wolfe, D. L„ D.F.C. F/L Wood, C. P., D.F.C. 39806, W/C Woodruff, P. H„ D.F.C. 41092, F/O Woodward, V. C., Victoria, B.C., D.F.C. & Bar. Appendix "C" R.C.A.F. Personnel Decorated by Allied Governments United States Distinguished Flying Cross J15246, F/L Buekham, R. A., Box 1036, Vancouver, B.C. C807, W/C Hodson, K. L. B., 2050 Barclay St., Vancouver, B.C. J5998, F/O MacIntyre, D. P., East Saint John, New Brunswick. C786, W/C St. Pierre, J. M. W., c/o Hon. A. Sauve, St. Eustache, Que. United States Army Air Medal C1220, S/L Boomer, K. A., 524 Golden Ave., Ottawa, Ont. R86558, Sgt. Galliver, W. T., 11914 95 A. St., Edmonton, Alta. J8356, F/O Gohl, J. G., Boissevain, Man. J10608, P/O Gooding, H. O., 19 Morris St., Ottawa, Ont. J8354, F/O Lynch, R., 18 Humboldt St., St. Vital, Man. J8786. F/L McKenzie, D. M., Stellarton, N.S. J16477, P/O Myles, J. R., 13 Lewin Park, West Saint John, N.B. J15101, F/L Prest, W. A., 235-22nd St. East, Prince Albert, Sask. J10231, F/O McMillan, L, Miami, Man. J10224, F/O Scott, D. G., 79 Barnesdale St. N., Hamilton, Ont. J4524, F/L Elliott, E. B., Sutherland, Sask. Croix-de-Guerre Beige 1940 J18746, P/O. Higgins, J. H. P., 354 Fifth Ave., Verdun, P.Q. R.A.F. Pensonnel (Canadians) Decorated by Allied Governments United States Silver Star 36918, F/O Charles, E. F. J., Lashburn, Sask,FEBRUARY 24, 1944 Questions



Stanley Howard Knowles (Whip of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation)

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)


How many persons, by provinces, were registered as unemployed on January 31, July 31, October 31, November 30, December 31, 1943, and January 31, 1944?

Topic:   UNEMPLOYMENT, 1943-44

Paul Joseph James Martin (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour)



As the local employment and selective service offices report weekly, the information asked for is given as at the nearest dates to the end of the month.

Total applicants registered at employment and selective service offices by provinces anc. specified dates were as follows:

January July October December December January28, 1943 29,1943 28, 1943 2,1943 30,1943 27, 1944Prince Edward Island.... 743 269 276 483 343 369Nova Scotia 2.866 2,587 1,924 2,401 1.611 2,143New Brunswick 2,391 1,799 1.974 2,024 1.441 1,698Quebec 28,457 20,719 17,560 20,877 16.S70 25,502Ontario 30,419 22,466 24.852 22,505 15.379 21,287Manitoba 9,328 4,167 3.544 4.445 2,619 4,346Saskatchewan 4,048 2.430 2.829 3,040 1,875 2,629Alberta 3.489 4,894 3,230 3,229 2.071 3,163British Columbia 14,058 10,637 8,596 7,980 5,737 8,731Totals 95,799 69,968 64,785 66,984 47,946 69,868Total applicants referred to jobs J ami ary were as follows: July October December December January28,1943 29,1943 28, 1943 2, 1943 30, 1943 27,1944Prince Edward Island 140 117 257 220 219Nova Scotia 1,210 1,202 1,387 652 784New Brunswick Figures 955 1,239 1,271 844 886Quebec 18,449 15,592 14,940 11,024 14,290Ontario not 14,461 15,565 14,046 9,685 11,433Manitoba 1,499 1,986 2,294 899 1,196Saskatchewan available 981 1,250 1,001 665 750Alberta 2,263 1,517 1,437 1,003 1,049British Columbia 4,968 4,122 3,458 2,117 3,166Totals 44,926 42,590 40,091 27,109 33,773Net registrations in process of placement were as follows: January July October December December January28, 1943 29, 1943 28, 1943 2, 1943 30, 1943 27, 1944Prince Edward Island 129 159 226 123 150Nova Scotia 1,377 722 1.014 959 1,359New Brunswick Figures 844 735 753 597 812Quebec 2,270 1,968 5,937 5,846 11,212Ontario not 8,005 9,287 8,459 5,694 9,854Manitoba 2,668 1,558 2,151 1.720 3,150Saskatchewan available 1.449 1,579 2,039 1,210 1,879Alberta 2,631 1,713 1,792 1,068 2,114British Columbia 5,669 4,474 4,522 3,620 5,565Totals 25,042 22,195 26,893 20,837 36,095Requests for employees in process of being January July filled were as October follows: December December J anuary28,1943 29,1943 28, 1943 2, 1943 30,1943 27,1944Prince Edward Island ... . 76 281 458 431 259 173Nova Scotia 6,722 12,606 13,900 10,789 8,149 6,324New Brunswick 3,450 6,683 9.792 9,294 6,873 4,894Quebec 78,294 84,533 77,932 73,932 57,005 56,174Ontario 57,142 85,011 95.948 74,625 61,172 59,312Manitoba 3,514 8,469 7,196 5,508 4,509 4,173Saskatchewan 1,912 4,272 4,288 3,616 3,016 2,815Alberta 3,697 8,290 10,873 8,906 6,199 4,276British Columbia 8,021 24,044 16,566 13,208 10,394 10,576Totals 162,828 234,189 236,953 200,309 157,576 148,717It is inevitable that a certain number of people should always be registered as unemployed with local selective service offices. There are those who are regularly seeking and accepting short term or casual employment. There is also the group of people who are

changing jobs.


Topic:   UNEMPLOYMENT, 1943-44


February 24, 1944