February 19, 1942

Motion agreed to.


Hon. IAN A. MACKENZIE (Minister of Pensions and National Health) presented the report of the special committee appointed to prepare and report lists of members to compose the standing committees of the house, as follows:


Messieurs Abbott Anderson Bertrand (Laurier) Diefenbaker Douglas (Weyburn) Factor Fair Fleming Gershaw ' Gibson Gladstone Gray Gregory Kirk Lalonde Leger Mackenzie (Vancouver Centre) MacNicol McCuaig McDonald (Pontiac) Mills Mutch O'Brien Pinard Pouliot Power Roy Tremblay Weir.


Messieurs Bence Bertrand (Laurier) Bertrand (Terrebonne) Black (Cumberland) Bourget Breithaupt Chevrier Corman Cote Crerar Douglas (Queens) Dupuis Emmersom Eudes Factor Farquhar Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Ful ford Gingues Golding Gregory Hanson (Skeena) Harris (Danforth) Hatfield Healy Howden Howe Isnor J ackmao Jaques Jean Kirk LaCroix (Quebec- Montmorency) Little Lizotte Lockhart Maclnnis MacKinnon (Kootenay East) McCulloch Mclvor McKinnon (Kenora-Rainy River) McNiven (Regina City) Maybank Mills Mullins Nicholson Nielsen (Mrs.) Nixon O'Brien O'Neill Picard Pouliot Roebuck Ross (Calgary East) Ross (Souris) Shaw Sissons Turner White Whitman. Bonnier Boucher Casselman (Mrs.) (Edmonton East) Castleden Chambers Cleaver Cloutier Cotd d'Anjou Donnelly Douglas (Queens) Dubois Durocher Factor Fournier (Hull) Gershaw Gibson GiBis Gingues Gladstone Graham Hansel! Harris (Grey-Bruce) Hazen Healy Hlynka Hoblitzell Howden Jutras Laoombe LaCroix (Quebec-Montmorency) Lapointe (Lotbiniere) Lockhart Macdonald (Halifax) Macdonald (Brantford City) MacKenzie (Lambton-Kent) McGregor Mcllraiith Matthews Mayhew Parent Poirier Ross (St. Paul's) Roy Sen® Stokes Telford Tomlinson Veniot Wood. BANKING AND COMMERCE Messieurs Bercovitch Black (Cumberland) Blackmore Blair Breithaupt Claxton Cleaver Coldwell Donnelly Dubuc Eudes Fontaine Fournier (Hull) Fraser (Northumberland) Fraser (Peterborough West) Graham Gray Hanson (York-Sunbury) Harris (Danforth) Hazen Hill Jackman Jaques Jean Kinley Lacroix (Beauce) Laflamme Lapointe (Lotbini&re) Macdonald (Halifax) Macdonald (Brantford City) Macmillan McCann MeGeer Mcllraith McNevin (Victoria, Ont.) Marier Martin Maybank Mayhew Moore Perley Picard Raymond Ross (St. Paul's) Ross (Calgary East) Slaght Thorson Tucker Ward Woodsworth.


Messieurs Bertrand (Prescott) Brunelle Cardiff Denis Douglas (Weyburn) Edwards Golding Graydon Jaques MacLean (Cape Breton North-Victoria) Marier Marshall McGibbon McLarty McLean (SimcoeEast) O'Neill Rennie Ross (Moose Jaw) Stokes Sylvestre. Standing Committees



Messieurs Messieurs Abbott Anderson Authier Bereovitch Black (Yukon) Blanchette Boucher Bourget Brooks Casselman (Mrs.) (Edmonton East) Church Clark Cote Cruickshank Desmond Ferland Fleming Fontaine Fournier (Hull) Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Fraser (Northumberl and) Fulford Gladstone Golding Grant Graydon Henderson Homuth Isnor Johnston (Bow River) Leader Maclnnis McCubbin McDonald (Pontiac) McGeer Mclvor Marshall Mullins Mulock Purdy Rickard Roebuck Ross (Hamilton East) Slaght Thorson Tremblay Tripp Veniot Winkler Wright.


Messieurs Authier Aylesworth Bertrand (Prescott) Black (Chateauguay-Huntingdon) Blair Cardiff Clark Cloutier Cruickshank Davidson Dechene Desmond Diefenbaker Donnelly Douglas (Weyburn) Douglas (Queens) Evans Fair Ferron Fontaine Furniss Gardiner Golding Halle Hatfield Henderson Lafontaine Lalonde Lapointe (Lotbinidre) Leader Leclerc Leger Lizotte MacDiarmid MacKenzie (Lambton-Kent) McCuaig McCubbin McGarry McNevin (Victoria, Ont.) Matthews Mullins Nielsen (Mrs.) Perley Poirier Quelch Rennie Rheaume Rickard Ross (Souris) Ross (Middlesex East) Ross (Moose Jaw) Rowe Senn Soper Sylvestre Turgeon Tustin Ward Weir Wright.

Messieurs Blanchette Claxton Esling Hlynka Jut raa Pinard Pouliot Roes (Middlesex East) Ross (Moose Jaw) Rowe Shaw Sincl air. Bradette Brooks Brunette Crete Dechene Farquhair Ferron Gauthier Gillie Green Hanson (Skeena) Hazen Hill Kimfey Kuhl Lafontaine Lapointe (Matapedia-Matane) Leduc Macdonald (Kingston City) Maclnnis MacKenzie (Neepawa) Macmillan McLean (SimcoeEaet) Neill Pobtier Reid Roy Ryan Stirling Telford Tomlinson Tripp Tustin Veniot Warren. LIBRARY OF PARLIAMENT (Members to act on the part of the Commons) Mr. Speaker and Messieurs Adamson Aylesworth Black (Chateauguay-Huntingdon) Bruce Cardiff Casselman (Grenville-Dundas) Castleden Emmerson Eudes Farquhar Fontaine Fournier (Maison-neuve-Rosemont) Gershaw Goulet Graham Green Henderson Howden Hurtubise J aques Jean Lizotte Macdonald (Halifax) MacKenzie (Neepawa) MacKenzie (Lambton-Kent) * Macmillan Marier Martin M ayhew Moore Poirier Pouliot Purdy Raymond Reid Rickard Ross (St. Paul's) Shaw Telford Thauvette W arren Winkler Wood Woodsworth. INDUSTRIAL AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Messieurs Abbott Bliackmore Bruce Church Cote Dubuc Eudes Fournier (Maisonneuve-Rosemont) Goulet Hanson (Skeena) Homuth Jean. Laflamme La fontadne Leger Maclnnis MacKenzie (Neepawa) Macmillan MacNicol McCann McGarry McNiven (Regina City) Massey Mutch Neill Nixon Pettier Roebuck Ros® (Calgary East) Ross (Hamilton East) Sanderson Slaght Stirling Taylor Turgeon. Reading of Speeches

PRINTING Mr. MACKENZIE (Vancouver Centre) (Members to act on the part of the Commons) moved that the report be concurred in. Messieurs Motion agreed to. Bereoviteh Bertrand (Terrebonne) Blanchette Bourget Casselman (Grenville-Dundas) Castleden Chambers Chevrier Claxton Corman Denis Dubois Dupuis Duroeher Edwards Emmerson Esling Evans Eerland Fleming Fraser (Peterborough West) Furniss Goulet Grant Green Hall£ Healy Hlynka Hoblitzell Hurtubise Kuhl Leader MacDiarmid MacKinnon (Kootenay East) MacLean (Cape Breton North-Victoria) McGregor McNevin (Victoria, Ont.) Mills Moore Mulock Nicholson Purdy Rheaume Ross (St. Paul's) Sinclair Sissons Soper Tucker Tustin Weir White Whitman Winkler Wood. MINES, FORESTS AND WATERS Messieurs Adamson Authier Bence Black (Yukon) Bradebbe Crenar d'Anjou Edwards Esling Evans Furniss Grant Hansel! Huntubiee Johnston (Bow River) Lacroix (Beauce) Lafontaiine Leduc Little MacNieol McCann McCulloch McDonald (Pontiac) McKinnon (Kenora-Rainy River) Nielsen (Mrs.) Parent Sanderson Sinclair Sylvestre Tremblay Tripp Turner Ward Warren White.


(Members to act on the part of the Commons) Mr. Speaker and Messieurs Black (Yukon) Maclnnis Dupuis McGregor Edwards Mclvor Farquhar Mayhew Furniss Pinard Goulet Purdy Howden Rheaume Jaques Thauvette Laflamme Tucker Lafontaine Tustin. Macdonald (Brantford City)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister) moved: That the standing committees of this house shall severally be empowered to examine and inquire into all such matters and things as may be referred to them by the house and to report from time to time their observations and opinions thereon, with power to send for persons, papers and records. Motion agreed to. On motion of Mr. Mackenzie King the house adjourned at 6.30 pun. Friday, February 20, 1942

February 19, 1942