September 7, 1939


Gloucester-Veniot, Clarence Joseph. Greenwood-Massey, Denton. Grenville-Dundas-Casselman, Arza Clair. Grey-Bruce-Macphail, Agnes Campbell. Grey North-Telford, William Pattison. Haldimand-Senn, Mark Cecil. Halifax-Finn, Robert Emmett. Isnor, Gordon B. Halton-Cleaver, Hughes. Hamilton East-Brown, Albert A. Hamilton West-Marsh, John Allmond. Hastings-Peterborough-Ferguson, Rork Scott. Hastings South-Cameron, Charles Alexander. High Park-Anderson, Alexander James. Hochelaca-St. Pere, Edouard Charles. Hull-Fournier, Alphonse. Humboldt-Fleming, Harry Raymond. Huron North-Deachman, Robert John. Huron-Perth-Golding, William Henry. Inverness-Richmond-MacLennan, Donald. Jacques-Cartier-iMallette. Vital. 2Marier, Elphege. Jasper-Edson-Kuhl, Walter Frederick. Joliette-L'Assomption-Montcalm - Ferland, Charles Edouard. Kamloops-O'Neill, Thomas James. Kamouraska-Bouchard, Georges. Kenora-Rainy River-McKinnon, Hugh Bathgate. Kent (N.B.)-Robichaud, Louis P.A. Kent (Ont.)-:!Rutherford, James Warren. 4Thompson, Arthur Lisle Kinders! ey-2 3 4 SE*1 liott, Otto Buchanan. Kings-Grant, Thomas Vincent Kingston City-Rogers, Hon. Norman McLeod Kootenay East-Stevens, Hon. Henry Herbert Kootenay West-Esling, William Kemble Labelle-Lalonde, Maurice Lake Centre-Johnston, John Frederick Lake St. John-Roberval-Sylvestre, Armand Lambton-Kent-McKenzie, Hugh Alexander Lambton West-Gray, Ross Wilfred Lanark-Thompson, Thomas Alfred Laurier-Bertrand, Ernest Laval-Two Mountains-Lacombe, Liguori Leeds-Stewart, Hon. Hugh Alexander Lethbridge-Blackmore, John Horne Levis-Dussault, Joseph Etienne Lincoln-Lockhart, Norman J. M. Lisgar-Winkler, Howard Waldemar London-Manion, Hon. Robert James. LotbiniLre-Erancoeur, Joseph Napoleon. Macdonald-Weir, William Gilbert Mackenzie-MacMillan, John Angus Macleod-Hansell, Ernest George Maisonneuve-Rosemount-Fournier, Sarto Maple Creek-Evans, Charles Robert Marquette-Glen, James Allison Matapedia-Matane-Lapointe, Arthur Joseph Medicine Hat-Mitchell, Archibald Hugh Megantic-Frontenac-Roberge, Eusebe Melfort-McLean, Malcolm Melville-Motherwell, Hon. William R. Mercier-Jean, Joseph Middlesex East-Ross, Duncan Graham Middlesex West-Elliott, Hon. John Campbell Montmagny-L'Islet-Fafard, J. Fernand Moose Jaw-Ross, John Gordon Mount Royal-Walsh, William Allen Muskoka-Ontario-Furniss, Stephen Joseph Nanaimo-Taylor, James Samuel Neepawa-MacKenzie, Frederick Donald New Westminster-Reid, Thomas Nicolet-Yamaska-Dubois, Lucien Nipissinc-Hurtubise, Joseph Raoul Norfolk-Taylor, William Horace North Battleford-McIntosh, Cameron Ross Northumberland (NJ3.)-Barry, John Patrick Northumberland (Ont.)-Fraser, William A. Ontario-Moore, William Henry Ottawa East-Pinard, Joseph Albert. Ottawa West-Ahearn, Thomas Franklin Outremont-Vien, Thomas Oxford-Rennie, Almon Secord Parkdale-Spence, David Parry Sound-Slaght, Arthur Graeme Peace River-Pelletier, Rene Antoine Peel-Graydon, Gordon 2 Died, April 17, 1939. 2 Elected in by-election, December 18, 1939. 3 Died, February 27, 1939. 4 Elected in by-election, December 18, 1939. 5 Resigned, October 25, 1939.


Perth-Sanderson, Frederick George. Peterborough West-Duffus, Joseph James Pictou-McCulloch, Henry B. Pontiac-McDonald, Wallace Reginald. Portage la Prairie-Leader, Harry. Port Arthur-Howe, Hon. Clarence Decatur. Portneup-Gauthier, Pierre. Prescott-Bertrand, Elie Oscar. Prince-iMacLean, Alfred Edgar. Prince Albert-King, Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie. Prince Edward-Lennox-Tustin, George James. Piiovencher-Beaubien, Arthur Lucien. Qu'Appelle-Perley, Ernest Edward. Quebec East-Lapointe, Right Hon. Ernest. Quebec-Montmorency-Lacroix, Wilfrid. Quebec South-Power, Hon. Charles Gavan. Quebec West and South-Parent, Charles. Queens-Dunning, Hon. Charles Avery. Douglas, James Lester. Queens-Lunenburg-Kinley, John James. Red Deer-Poole, Eric Joseph. Regina City-McNiven, Donald Alexander. Renfrew North-Warren, Ralph Melville. Renfrew South-McCann, James J. RESTiGoucHE-MADAWASKA^-Michaud, Hon. Joseph Enoil. Richelieu-Vercheres-Cardin, Hon. P. J. Arthur. Richmond-Wolfe-Mullins, James Patrick. Rimouski-Fiset, Sir Eugene, Kt. Rosedale-Clarke, Harry Gladstone. Rosetown-Biggar-Coldwell, Major James William. Rosthern-Tucker, Walter Adam. Royal-Brooks, Alfred Johnson. Russell-Goulet, Alfred. St. Ann-Hushion, William James. St. Antoine-Westmount-White, Robert Smeaton. St. Boniface-Howden, John Power. St. Denis-Denis, Azellus. St. Henry-Bonnier, Joseph Arsene. St. Hyacinthe-Bagot-Fontaine, Th. Adelard. St. James-1 2 3Rinfret, Hon. Fernand. 3Duroeher, Eugene St. John-Albert-McAvity, Allan Getchell. St. Johns-Iberville-Napierville-Rheaume, Martial. St. Lawrence-St. George-Cahan, Hon. Charles Hazlitt. St. Mary-Deslauriers, Hermas. St-Maurice-Lafleche-Crete, J. Alphida. St. Paul's-Ross, Douglas Gooderham. Saskatoon-4 5Young, Alexander MacGillivray. 5Brown, William George Selkirk-Thorson, Joseph Thorarinn. Shefford-Leclerc, Joseph Hermas. Shelburne-Yarmouth-Clare-Pottier, Vincent Joseph. Sherbrooke-Howard, Charles Benjamin. Sim cos East-McLean, George Alexander. Simcoe North-McCuaig, Duncan Fletcher. Skeena-Hanson, Olof. Souris-McDonald, George William. Spadina-Factor, Samuel. Springfield-Turner, John Mouat. Stanstead-Davidson, Robert Greig. Stormont-Chevrier, Lionel. Swift Current-Bothwell, Charles Edward. Temiscouata-Pouliot, Jean-Frangois. Terrebonne-Parent, Louis Etienne. The Battlefohds-Needham, Joseph. Three Rivers-Gariepy, Wilfrid. Timiskaming-Little, Walter. Trinity-Plaxton, Hugh John. Vancouver-Burrard-McGeer, Gerald Grattan. Vancouver Centre-Mackenzie, Hon. Ian Alistair. Vancouver East-Maclnnis, Angus. Vancouver North-MacNeil, Charles Grant. Vancouver South-Green, Howard Charles. Vaudreuil-Soulanges-Thauvette, Joseph. Vegreville-Hayhurst, William. Verdun-Wermenlinger, Edgard Jules. Victoria (B.C.)-Mayhew, Robert Wellington. Victoria (Ont.)-McNevin, Bruce. Victoru-Carleton-Patterson, J. E. Jack. 1 Died, October 28, 1939. 2 Died, July 12, 1939. 3 Elected in by-election, December 18, 1939. 4 Died, July 9, 1939. 5 Elected in by-election, December 18, 1939.


Waterloo North-Euler, Hon. William Daum. Waterloo South-Homuth, Karl K. Welland-Damude, Arthur B. Wellington North-Blair, John Knox. Wellington South-Gladstone, Robert William. Wentworth-Lennard, Frank Exton. Westmorland-Emmerson, Henry Read. Wetaskiwin-Jaques, Norman. Weyburn-Douglas, Thomas Clement. Winnipeg North-Heaps, Abraham Albert. Winnipeg North Centre-Woodsworth, James Shaver. Winnipeg South-Mutch, Leslie Alexander. Winnipeg South Centre-Maybank, Ralph. Wood Mountain-Donnelly, Thomas F. Wright-Leduc, Rodolphe. Yale-Stirling, Hon. Grote. York East-McGregor, Robert Henry. York North-Mulock, William Pate. York South-Lawson, Hon. James Earl. York-Sunbury-Clark, William George. Yobkton-McPhee, George W. [DOT] York West-Streight, John Everett Lyle. Yukon-Black, Martha Louise.

House of Commons deflates

Thursday, September 7, 1939


Speaker: The Hon. Pierre-Francois Casgrain The parliament which had been prorogued from time to time to the second day of October, 1939, met this day at Ottawa, for the dispatch of business. Mr. Speaker read a communication from the Governor General's secretary, announcing that His Excellency the Governor General would proceed to the Senate chamber at three p.m. on this day, for the purpose of formally opening the session of the dominion parliament. A message was delivered by Major A. R. Thompson, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, as follows: Mr. Speaker: His Excellency the Governor General desires the immediate attendance of this honourable house in the chamber of the honourable the Senate. Accordingly the house went up to the Senate chamber. And the house being returned to the Commons chamber:


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister) moved for leave to introduce Bill No. 1, respecting the administration of oaths of office. Motion agreed to and bill read the first time.



Walter Edward Foster (Speaker of the Senate)



I have the honour to inform the house that when the house did attend His Excellency the Governor General this day in the senate chamber His Excellency was pleased to make a speech to both houses of parliament. To prevent mistakes I have obtained a copy, which is as follows: Honourable Members of the Senate:

Members of the House of Commons:

As you are only too well aware, all efforts to maintain the peace of Europe have failed. The United Kingdom, in honouring pledges given as 87134-1

a means of avoiding hostilities, has become engaged in war with Germany. You have been summoned at the earliest moment in order that the government may seek authority for the measures necessary for the defence of Canada, and for co-operation in the determined effort which is being made to resist further aggression, and to prevent the appeal to force instead of to pacific means in the settlement of international disputes. Already the militia, the naval service and the air force have been placed on active service, and certain other provisions have been made for the defence of our coasts and our internal security under the War Measures Act and other existing authority. Proposals for further effective action by Canada will be laid before you without delay.

Members of the House of Commons:

You will be asked to consider estimates to provide for expenditure which has been or may be caused by the state of war which now exists.

Honourable Members of the Senate:

Members of the House of Commons:

I need not speak of the extreme gravity of this hour. There can have been few, if any, more critical in the history of the world. The people of Canada are facing the crisis with the same fortitude that to-day supports the peoples of the United Kingdom and other of the nations of the British commonwealth. My ministers are convinced that Canada is prepared to unite in a national effort to defend to the utmost liberties and institutions which are a common heritage.


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister) moved:

That the speech of His Excellency the Governor General to both houses of parliament be taken into consideration on Friday next.


Motion agreed to.




William Lyon Mackenzie King (Prime Minister; Secretary of State for External Affairs; President of the Privy Council)


Right Hon. W. L. MACKENZIE KING (Prime Minister):

With the consent of 'the

house I desire to lay on the table documents relating to the outbreak of war, September, 1939, copies of which, in English and French, are being distributed this afternoon.

I desire also to lay on the table copies of emergency orders in council passed since August 25, 1939, to date. The house I think will be interested in having immediately a

Emergency Orders in Council

statement indicating the purpose of the various orders, which I shall give, perhaps omitting the numbers of the orders.

Order relating to the issue of special warrant for $8,918,930 for expenditures for naval service, militia service and air service.

Regulation regarding calling out militia under section 63 of the Militia Act.

Regarding purchase of aircraft, spares and accessories up to $7,500,000.

Regarding control of shipping.

Regarding warrant for $1,453,000 making provision for thirty days for militia personnel, transportation, rations, engineer services and purchase of stores.

Regarding approval of financial regulations and instructions for the Canadian field force covering pay and allowances, etc.

Regarding employment of parts and personnel of the auxiliary active air force and the reserve air force.

Warrant of $150,000 regarding air raid precautions.

Constitution of subcommittees of council.

I should like to say with regard to this particular order that while committees were named and personnel selected, with reference to what at the time seemed the best arrangement to make, the order is not to be construed as necessarily restricting the personnel of each committee to the names which appear in the list. It will be obviously desirable from time to time to change the personnel of the different committees.

The designation of the committees themselves will indicate the purposes for which they have been formed.

Warrant for $536,600 to cover expenses in connection with transfer of units of the Royal Canadian Air Force to east coast and calling out for training of Auxiliary Air Force, for a period of thirty days.

Proclamation regarding meeting of parliament on September 7, 1939.

Regarding proclamation concerning existence of apprehended war.

Placing on active service the reserve naval forces of Canada.

Placing on active service the permanent naval forces.

Regarding warrant for $5,345,590 to bring up the permanent active air force to full peace establishment.

Establishment of censorship regulations.

Placing active militia on war establishment.

Establishing the defence of Canada regulations.

Regarding engagement of ex-members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force.

Appointment of the commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as registrar general of alien enemies.

Constitution of prize courts.

Regulations regarding pensions.

Warrant for $50,000 to cover employment of extra civilian personnel for emergency duty.

Regarding censorship in respect of cable, radio, telegraph and telephone companies or circulation of prohibited matter.

Regarding expression " Canadian active service force " to be used instead of " Canadian field force."

Censorship regulations 1939.

Regarding calling out of units, formations and detachments of the auxiliary active air force.

Application by the government of the United Kingdom of the war risks insurance scheme to British ships registered in Canada.

Regarding postal censorship.

Placing on active service depots of corps of the active militia.

Authorization to call out officers and airmen of the reserve air force as required.

Regulations regarding trading with the enemy, 1939.

Setting up the censorship coordination committee.

Regarding members of the naval forces, the militia, or the Royal Canadian Air Force, being retained as civil servants if required by their department.

Appointment of Walter S. Thompson as chairman of the censorship coordination committee.

Establishment of regulations concerning prices of food, fuel and other necessaries of life.

Appointment of the War-time Prices and Trade Board.

Internment of enemy aliens.

Regarding control of shipping.

Regarding employees of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Harbours Board, Canadian National Steamships, Trans-Canada Air Lines, railway and telegraph companies to be retained as civil servants, if deemed necessary by departmental heads.

Calling out for active service certain units, formations and detachments of the auxiliary active air force.

Transfer of Canadian government ships to naval services, non-application of Government Vessels Discipline Act.

Constitution of dependents and allowance board.

Appointment of cable and trans-oceanic radio censorship personnel with remuneration rates.

The Ministry

Censorship regulations; application of same in regard to circulation of prohibited matter and press censorship.

Censorship regulations; application of same in regard to the operations, offices, works or property of radiotelegraph or radiotelephone stations, radio broadcasting station or any other class of radio station.


Robert James Manion (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


Am I right in understanding that this is a complete list of the emergency orders in council?


September 7, 1939