May 18, 1916


Rodolphe Lemieux



I wish to record my

agreement with the Temarks which have just been made by the hon. member for Souris (Mr. Schaffner). The work of the Debates Committee is, I believe, well managed, and the members are living up to what should be expected from, them by their colleagues in the House of Commons in the work of publishing our little portion of the official literature. For that they are certainly not deserving the opprobrium which naturally falls' on other departments of the Government. The officials who are working in co-operation with the members of the Debates Committee have taken scrupulous precautions to see that the Debates are circulated only to people who should receive them, and who do receive them. The list is scanned every year and blue-pencilled-T hope it is red-pencilled sometimes. There is no reason why this little investigation should extend to the work of the Debates Committee. I stand for the autonomy of our committee, and I agree perfectly with what has been stated by the hon. member for Souris.


Martin Burrell (Minister of Agriculture)

Conservative (1867-1942)


Mr. Speaker, I have not been guilty of trespassing very much on the time of the House this session, and I do not intend to do so now. One word in answer to my hon. friend who has just spoken on behalf of the Printing Committee.

I say that, in spite of whatever faults may obtain in the service or in the departments generally in regard to this matter, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Printing Committee for analysing the whole subject and putting the resolution in the way they have, that is, asking the departments to thoroughly examine into the methods adopted, with a view to simplification and economy. I do not know to what publication of our own department my hon. friend referred when he said that 25 per cent of the people who received it did not want it. We have endeavoured to increase very largely the publications of the department, believing that the educational work of the department was of great value to the country generally. In regard to the Agricultural

Gazette, I may say that it was not my intention, when we founded that Gazette, nor has it been since, that it should be a journal that would be of special use to, or that would be specially desired by, the average farmer; the idea was rather that it should reflect the official work of all agricultural departments in the country, and have a special reference to the Agricultural Instruction Act, in connection with which we are expending a large amount of money. It has therefore been distributed to all agricultural educational bodies, as well as to the press. I am not at all sure that it would be advisable to extend1 the free circulation of that particular magazine, nor do I think that it is the business of the department to endeavour in any way to interfere with or detract from the useful work now being done by the agricultural press of the country. I appreciate the work the committee has done; and, in so far as my own department is concerned, I myself and all the officials will he only too glad to give the recommendations of the committee the fullest consideration, and if we cannot carry them out, to give reasons for not doing so.

Perhaps I may be permitted, by the courtesy of the House, to express to the members on both sides of the House my appreciation of the kind way in which they have shown their sympathy for me during my unfortunate -illness occasioned by the fire in the Parliament buildings. It has been my misfortune, and not my fault, that I have not attended the House for so long a time.


Motion agreed to.


Mr. SPEAKER read a communication from the Governor General's Secretary, announcing that His Royal Highness would proceed to the Senate chamber this afternoon at 4.30, for the purpose of proroguing the present session of Parliament. At that hour a message was delivered by Lieutenant Colonel Ernest J. Chambers, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, as follows: Mr. Speaker, the Right Honourable the Chief Justice of Canada, acting as Deputy of His Royal Highness the Governor General, desires the immediate attendance of this honourable House in the Chamber of the honourable the Senate. Accordingly, Mr. Speaker, with the House, went to the Senate chamber. In the Senate chamber His Honour the Deputy of His Royal Highness the Gover- nor General was pleased to give, in His Majesty's name, the Royal Assent to the following Bills: . An Act relating to the Superior Courts o£ Saskatchewan and to amend the Judges' Act. An Act respecting Colonial Bank (Canada). An Act respecting British Trust Company. An Act respecting The High River,' Saskatchewan and Hudson Bay Railway Company. An Act respecting The Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Company. An Act to amend The Dominion Forest Reserves and Parks Act. An Act to amend The Bank Act. An Act for the relief of Christopher Sinclair. An Act for the relief of Hope Fothergill Baily. An Act for the relief of Robert Charles Vondrau. An Act for the relief of Percy Lynn Woods. An Act respecting certain patents of The Pedlar People. Limited. An Act to incorporate The Fire Insurance Company of Canada. An Act respecting The Governing Council of The Salvation Army in Canada and to change the name thereof to " The Governing Council of The Salvation Army, Canada East." An Act to incorporate The Governing Council of The Salvation Army, Canada West. An Act respecting the investments of Life Insurance Companies. An Act to authorize certain School and Dominion Lands to he included in the Taber Irrigation District in the Province of Alberta. An Act to amend the Prisons and Reformatories Act. An Act to incorporate The Manitoba and Saskatchewan Bible Society. An Act respecting Rentals Payable to the Mount Royal Tunnel and Terminal Company, Limited. An Act to levy a tax on Business Profits. An Act to amend the Canada Shipping Act. An Act for the relief of David Whimster Rhodes. An Act to provide for the payment of Bounties on Zinc produced from Zinc Ores mined in Canada. An Act to incorporate The Eastern Canadian Union Conference Corporation of Seventh-Day Adventists. An Act to amend the Canada Temperance Act. An Act to aid in the construction of certain lines of railway of the Saint John and Quebec Railway Company and to confirm an agreement between the Company and the Governments of Canada and New Brunswick. An Act to amend The Exchequer Court Act. An Act for the relief of Martha Isabella Kenny. An Act for the relief of William Thomas Craig. An Act respecting The Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Railway Company. An Act respecting The Toronto, Niagara and Western Railway Company. An Act to amend The Government Railways Small Claims Act. An Act relating to the St. Peters Indian Reserve. An Act to authorize the acquisition of lines of railway between the City of Quebec and Nairn Falls and between Lyster and St. Jean des Chaillons. An Act in aid of Provincial Legislation prohibiting or restricting the sale or use of Intoxicating Liquors. An Act to amend the Canada Shipping Act. An Act for granting to His Majesty aid for Military and Naval Defence. An Act for granting to His Majesty certain sums of money for the public service of the financial years ending respectively the 31st March, 19.16, and the 31st March, 1917. To these Bills the Royal Assent was pronounced by the Clerk of the Senate in the following words: In His Majesty's name, His Honour the Deputy of His Royal Highness the Governor General doth assent to these Bills. Then the hon. the Speaker of the House of Commons addressed His Honour the Deputy of His Royal Highness the Governor General, as follows: May it please Your Honour: The Commons of Canada have voted Supplies required to enable the Government to defray the expenses of the Public Service. In the name of the Commons I present to Your Honour the following Bills : " An Act for Granting to His Majesty certain sums of money for the Public Service for the financial years ending respectively the 31st March, 1916, and the 31st March, 1917." " An Act for granting to His Majesty aid for Military and Naval Defence." To which Bills I humbly request Your Honour's assent. To these Bills the Clerk of the Senate, by command of His Honour the Deputy of His Royal Highness the Governor General, did thereupon say: In His Majesty's name, His Honour the Deputy of His Royal Highness the Governor General thanks His Loyal Subjects, accepts their benevolence, and assents to these Bills. After which His Honour the Deputy of His Royal Highness the Governor General was pleased to close the Sixth Session of the Twelfth Parliament of the Dominion with the following Speech: Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate: Gentlemen of the House of Commons: In this crisis of our national life your attention has been directed to affairs of supreme importance ; and it is with gratitude that I recall the care and devotion with which you have considered and approved all necessary measures for effective prosecution of the war. Our Empire, with unexampled singleness of purpose, is defending not only its own integrity and institutions, but also the rights of mankind. It is my sincere conviction that your efforts will materially aid in the achievement of that unquestioned victory for which we shall not cease to strive until it is attained. The struggle still proceeding in many widespread theatres, has recently become more intense on the western front, where, for more than a year the Dominion troops have been engaged." The Canadian Army Corps has been entrusted with an important position, and the people of the Dominion Justly cherish a calm confidence that it will fully maintain the hon-

ourable and distinguished record already established by the First Division. Throughout our country the response to the urgency of the Empire's need has been unfailing, and unaccustomed burdens have been accepted with an unfaltering spirit. Nearly 170,000 troops have gone overseas and more than 140,000 are undergoing training in Canada. To supply the needed reinforcements, men have offered themselves in even greater numbers during the first four months of this year than in any similar period during the war. I am convinced that the important measures which you have taken for the economic wellbeing of the Dominion will meet the needs of the situation and will be attended with marked advantage to the public interest. The magnificent crops harvested during the past season have materially assisted in maintaining the stability of our national fabric. You will rejoice to learn that the vastly increased volume of Canada's exports is still maintained, and that the general prosperity of the country has not been perceptibly diminished by the war. In dealing with national problems of railway development you have made provision by which present needs will be met. Steps will be taken by my advisers without delay to Insure an effective inquiry into the conditions by which those problems are surrounded and the most efficient methods by which they can be solved. The provision for supplementing, with such aid as is required from the federal power, the operation of provincial legislation restricting the sale or use of intoxicating liquors, is in accordance with the marked advance of public opinion to which the provincial enactments are due. I deplore with you the partial destruction of the historic building in which the deliberations of Parliament have been held since the founding of this Dominion. It is anticipated that in its restoration the distinctive features of its architecture will be preserved while, at the same time more spacious and convenient accommoda-tio will be provided. Gentlemen of the I louse of Commons: I thank you on behalf of His Majesty for the liberal provision which you have made for the public needs and for the increasing demands of the war. Honourable Gentlemen of the Senate: Gentlemen of the House of Commons: It is my privilege now to relieve you for the present from your arduous labours; and I do so with an ever-growing confidence that, notwithstanding any temporary reverse, victory will crown our high cause; with a fervent prayer also and an humble faith that out of this time of trial and suffering our country will assuredly advance to a greater and nobler future.


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Borden, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert (Prime Minister) -Con. Parliament Buildings-Con. Reconstruction of, 591, 663, 2013, 2014. Committee of members on, 3050. Pensions to soldiers, 1659, 1989, 4131, 4150. Political patronage, 3288, 3544. Post Office Department expenditure, 1887. Prohibition of intoxicating liquors, 1441. 2351. Quebec and Saguenay Railway, 2530. Quebec railways, acquisition of, 4048. Railways Location of, 2750. Oil for fuel on, 977. Railway Commission, powers of, 2750. Remounts for Canadian forces, 950. St. John and Quebec railway, 3502. Shell Committee. See Shell contracts. Shipbuilding, 4052. Solicitor General, 667. Tupper, late Right Hon. Sir Charles, Bart, 39, 582. Vessels, Canadian, requisitioning of, 1970. Vickers-Maxim Ltd., strike at, 1764. War Appropriations, 3233, 3287, 3533. Purchasing Commission, 1279. War Supplies Ammunition, 28, 106. British Government, for, 957-973. French Government, for, 973. Horses, 30, 542, 652, 653, 758, 950, 1041. Issues of to Canadian troops, 968. Machine guns, contributions for, 3291, 3522. Orders for, securing of, 957-973. Ross rifles, 3505-3522, 4106, 4107. Russian Government, for, 973. Shell contracts-proposed committee of, investigation into, 1505, 2442, 2920, 2985, 3477. Small arms ammunition, 2302, 3890. Water powers Control of, 556. Ownership of, 760. Wheat, commandeering of, 23. Winnipeg, disturbances at, 2548. Woman suffrage, 1203. Boots, purchase of. See War supplies. Boucher, Dr., complaints against, 1550. Boulay, Mr. H. (Rimouski) Agriculture, 1395. Budget, 1079. Reply to Mr. Lanctot, 1079. Immigration, 1080. Germans in the public service, 1081. Volume 1: 1-944. " iv: 2973-4155. Boulay, Mr. H. (Rimouski)-Con. Budget-Con. French-Canadian and enlistment, 1081. [DOT] Government expenditure, 1082. Censors and decipherers, 2476. Civil Service Appointments to, 650, 666. Examinations, 2478. French-Canadians in, 1176. Soldiers, appointment of, to, 650. Enlistment of Jews, 1550. French-Canadians in Civil Service, 1176 Gulf fisheries guardian, 548. Haanel, Dr., employment of, 851. Intercolonial railway Dining car service, 2420. Express service, 2420. Operation of, 2595. Passenger service, 3421. Interior Department, expenditure, 2095. Life-saving stations, 2916. Military Hospital Commission, 2347. Mining products, export of, 1161. Ottawa Citizen-statements of, 807. Penitentiaries, 2121. Pilotage, 751. Political patronage, 1377. Post office employees, 1906. Potato inspectors, 951. Quebec steamship service, 2852, 2855. Rimouski and Matane, enlistments from, 2301. Rimouski harbour improvements, 3175. Soldiers, appointment of to Civil Service, 650. Wheat, free, 1060. Boundary surveys. See surveys. Bourassa, Henri, alleged disloyal utterances of, 356, 363, 379. Bourassa, Mr. J, Boutin (Lgvis) Gely, Aurele, employment of, 1759. LOvis Drill hall, 2173. Military property, lease of, 2922. Quarantine station, 2011, 3352. Boyer, Mr. Gustave (Vaudreuil) Dempsey, Ernest, stone purchased from, 3098. Macdonald, Archibald, 2694. Maple sugar industry, 2159. Monpetit, Eleazer, 2694. Nickle export, 2799. Rigaud-Pointe Fortune mail route, 541, 595. Soulanges Canal, 1041, 1437, 1760. Boys, Mr. W. A. (S. Simcoe) * Shell contracts, 2249. Volume ii: 945-1968. Volume iii: 1969-2972.


Bradbury, Mr. George H. (Selkirk) Political patronage, 1365. St. Peter's Indian reserve, 2928. Selkirk barracks, 1385. Sweeney, Mr.-statement of Mr. Turriff, 1156. Brandt, Peter, employment of, 832. Breen's pond breakwater, 1438. Bristol, Mr. Edward (Toronto Centre) Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto Railway Company, 2470. British Columbia Goods shipped to via Panama Canal, 4092. Indian Commission, 852. Labourers, importation of, 1329. Lighthouse service, 3352. 102nd Battalion, mobilization of, 1041. Public works-dredging, 1077. Resources and production of, 3842. Sealers, claims of, 595. British Columbia Companies Act, 3561. British North America Act, proposed amendment. See Parliament, extension of term of. British Remount Commission, 2799. Broad Cove Marsh wharf, 3557. Broder, Mr. Andrew (Dundas) Shell contracts, 2519. Bromptonville mail service, 3562. Buchanan, Mr. William A. (Medicine Hat) Alberta farmers, relief for, 532. Aliens, interned, as farm labourers, 2649. Army 13th C.M.R.-commanding officer, 1329. 191st Battalion, 1329. British Columbia copper refineries and zinc smelter, 2799. Budget, 915. Alberta and the war, 915. Taxation, 916. Duty on apples, 916. Political patronage, 917. Marketing of wheat, 917. Western farm problems, 919. Grain elevators, 920. Carslake hotel property, 3562. Casualty lists, 3029. Experimental farms, 1407. Farm labour, 1906, 2649. Flax industry, 1293. Fruitgrowing, 1407. Grain Elevators, 532, 920, 1609. Marketing of, 917. Shipments on Transcontinental railway, 1276. vii Buchanan, Mr. William A. (Medicine Hat) -Con. Grain-Con. Transportation, 1308. Wheat, commandeering of, 3222, 8226. Grazing leases, 847. limmigration-Austrian and German, 547. Indian Lands Commission, 2057, 2867. Irrigation, 842. Lethbridge, Immigration agent, 2695. Internment camp supplies, 2011. Post office, 2800. Loans to farmers, 550, 679. Medicine Hat Customs building, 1440. Eagle Butte mail service, 534. Overseas regiment, 1435. Post office, 534. Pre-emptions, payments on, 534. Prohibition of intoxicating liquors, 638, 2357. Railways, guarantees to, 887. Roseberg post office, 2474. Seed grain, Distribution, 2862. Purchase of, 886. Taber irrigation district, 2807. Taxation of apples, 1775. Toronto, Niagara and Western Railway Company, 2903, 2906. Transcontinental railway-grain shipments on, 1276. War supplies Alberta purchases, 3232. Hay, 2298. Oats, 2298. Purchasing agents, 3528. Wool, exportation of, 2058. Budget debate, 807, 889, 989, 1015, 1079, 1118, 1137, 1209, 1228. See Taxation. Buffalo in parks, 845. Bureau, Mr. Jacques (Three Rivers and St. Maurice) Marchand, Zepherin, fuel purchased from, 3098. Mines Department expenditure, 2341. National Transcontinental Railway, Government operation of, 2593. Ontario Hydro-Radial scheme and French Members, 1432. Prohibition of intoxicating liquors, 1491. Burleigh expedition, 853. Burleigh falls, lease of, 2583. See Water-powers. Volume 1: 1-944. " iv: 2973-4155. Volume ii: 945-1968. Volume iii: 1969-2972.

viii Burnham, Mr. John H. (Peterborough West) Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 372. The Opposition and the war, 372-376. Nationalists, and political parties, 377. Statement of Mr. Armand Lavergne, 377. Civil Service, appointment of ex-soldiers to, 649. Labour bureaus, national, 610. Lavergne, Mr. Armand, 377. Niagara, St. Catherines and Toronto Railway Company, 2458. Peterborough public building, 2810. Political patronage in military affairs, 1363, 3253, 3542. Post Office Mail contracts, 2725. Rural mail service, 2621. Prohibition of intoxicating liquors, 2480. Railways Departmental estimates, 3063. Nationalization of, 3364. Recruiting, alleged opposition to, 1607. Soldiers Appointments to Civil Service, 649. Illiterate, 1904. Taxation of land,.2000. Technical education, 1628, 2200. Toronto Star-statements of, 555. Trade policies, 1618. Trent canal, 2580. Burrell, Hon. Martin (Minister of Agriculture) Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 313. Canadians and the war, 313. The Davidson Commission, 315. Purchase of submarines, 316-319. Hay contracts, 320-335. Printing-proposed reduction in cost, 4154. Submarines, purchase of, 316-319. Business Profits War Tax Act, administration of, 3638. Business Profits War Tax Bill, lr., 2298. 2r., 2601. Com., 2636, 2649. 3r., 2802. Cables. See Telegraphs. Calgary, alleged disturbances at, 756, 803. Campbellton "Alleged disturbances at, 756, 803, 855, 945. Gaspe steamship service, 536, 3100. Proposed bridge, 3628. Public building, 1162. Railway superintendent, 535. Soldiers' accommodation at, 1162. Volume 1: 1-944. " iv: 2973-4155. Canada Car and Foundry Company, payments to, 1078. Canada Grain Act Amendment Bill, lr., 1603. 2r., 1706. Com., 1706, 1971. 3r., 1971. Canada Peat Society, 2329. Canada Shipping Act Amendment Bills. Certificated motor boats, lr., 2346. 2r., 2802. Com., 2885. 3r„ 2956. Coasting, lr., 589. 2r., 1300-1305. Com., 1305. Ref. to Com., 2496. Com., 4128. 3r., 4128. Pilotage, lr., 2542. 2r., 2804. Com., 2804, 2885. 3r„ 2956. Canada Temperance Act Amendment Bill, lr., 2878. 2r., 3298. Com., 3298. 3r., 3303. Canadian Associated Press, 3638. Canadian Manufacturers Association and war supplies, 159. Canadian Northern Railway Company Audit of revenues and expenditures, 3989. Director of, 2648. Loan to, proposed, 3345, 3563, 3648, 3826, 3933, 3943. Rates on oil, 3410. Snow' blockade on, 2647. Subsidies and guarantees to, 1042. Canadian Pacific Railway Freight congestion on, 2742. Subsidies and guarantees to, 1042. Canadians Red Cross Society Amendment Bill, lr., 1325. 2r., 1493. Com., 2014. 3r„ 2015. Canadian Transport Service, 2888. Canals, 1712, 3609. Patrolling of, 3519. For individual canals, see their titles. Cap a la Roche channel, 761. Cape Breton, dredging, 2172. Cape Negro island lighthouse, 544. Capital Punishment Abolition Bill, lr., 391. 2r„ 1957. Div., 1968. Carkner, W. Lloyd, employment of, 1169. Carleton Beach protection works, 536. Carleton Drug Company, purchases from, 2542. Carroll, Mr. W. F. (Cape Breton South) Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 363. Nationalists and the war-©ourassa and Lavergne, 363. Loyalty of French-Canadians, 365. The Shell Committee, 366. Enlistments, 367. Volume ii: 945-1968. Volume iii: 1969-2972.


Carroll, Mr. W. F. (Cape Breton South)- Con. Address in reply to Governor General's Speech-Con. Naval policy, 368. Political patronage, 368. Technical education, 370. _ ' Divorce, 777. Enlistments, 367. Glace Bay mail service, 533. Eouisburg, censors and decoders at, 1808. Naval Service, 1693. Political patronage, 368. Shell Committee, The, 366. Shipbuilding, encouragement of, 712, 4065. South Cape Breton, enlistments in, 2547. Sydney Pilotage Commission, 986. Carslake hotel property, 3562. Carson, General John, position of, 851. Carvell, Mr. Frank B. (Carleton, N.B.) Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 236. The financial situation, 236. Provision for returning soldiers, 237. Naval affairs, 238. War contracts, 238-275. Davidson Commission, 266-274. Political patronage and the war, 276. Allison, Colonel J. Wesley, 1355, 1358. See also Shell contracts. Army Enlistment of minors, 3049. Officers, Canadian, in England. 102nd Battalion, 1041. Soldiers Pay of, 1162. Returning, provision for, 237. British Columbia-102nd Battalion, 1041. Censoring of mail matter, 2880. Cold storage, 1427. Desks, purchases of, 1279. Experimental farms, 1387, 1410. Fish and fisheries-salmon, 2394. Flax expert, 2348. Fraudulent questions, 1492. Hay contracts. See war supplies. Indians, 2674. Motor car-Pierce Arrow-purchase of, 1327. Munitions inspectors, 2006. Owen, James W., patent of, 1158. Patent rights-extension of, 1158. Personal explanation-shell deliveries, 2240. Political patronage, 276, 1353, 1361. Potatoes Powdry scab, 1416. Shipment regulations, 1412. St. John and Quebec railway, 1433, 3015. Volume 1: 1-944. " iv: 2973-4155. Carvell, Mr. Frank B. (Carleton, N.B.)-Con. St. John harbour improvements, 730-738. St. John Valley Railway, 757, 1908, 1945. Scammell, J. K., position of, 1157. Stewart, J. H.-automobile seizure, 1438. Surveys, 1323. Taxation Oil, 1804. Profits, 1892, 1897, 1994, 1998. Technical education, 370. Victoria, B.C.-coal for dredges, 546. War Investigations, 265-276. Submarines, 266. Purchasing Commission, 1279, 1907. War supplies Bandages, 1354. Bayonets, 1761. Binoculars, 1353. Clothing, 1356. Hay, 255-265, 1422, 2543. Horses, 267-270. Lumber, 1354. Motor trucks, 1358. Munition contracts, 235. Pistols, 270-274, 1358. Ross rifle, 1359. Shell contracts, 238-255, 683, 803, 1523, 1552, 1609, 3404, 3464, 3498. Small arms ammunition, 2168, 2881, 3908. Wheat Commandeering of, 1278. New Zealand purchases, 1278, 1438. Casgrain, Hon. T. Chase (Postmaster General) Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 40. Canada's war forces, 40. Patriotic meetings in Quebec, 41. French-Canadians in active service, 42. Attitude of Le Devoir, 43. Germanic aims, 44. Heroism of France, 45. Overseas Dominions and the war, 46. Annuities, Government, 2735. Bilingual question, 3620, 3709. Canadian military forces, 40. French-Canadians in military service, 42. Montreal postal service, 2031, 2037. Pilot, wreck of the, 106. Post office Censoring of mail matter, 2880. Department estimates, 663, 2016, 2716, 3934. Employees, 2029. Letters for soldiers, 2051, 2053. Mail service on the Transcontinental, 2051. Volume ii: 945-1968. Volume iii: 1969-2972. X

Casgrain, Hon. T. Chase (Postmaster General)-Con. Post Office-Con. Parcel post, 2736. Railway mail service, 2023, 2051. Revenue, 532. Rural mail service, 2017, 2032, 2040, 2052. Quebec Patriotic meetings in, 41. Postal service, 2035. Railways, acquisition of, 4001. Soldiers' letters, postage on, 532. Casualty lists. See Army Cattle. See Agriculture. Censoring of mail matter. See Post office. Censors and decoders, 640, 851, 1808, 2476. Census-population of Canada, 1277. Chairman of Committees. See Deputy Speaker. Chandler wharf, 3161. Chaplains. See Army. Charlottetown, P.E.I. Public works employees at, 2799. Chatham, N.B. Local freight at, 1705. Train service, 3394. China, Canada's trade with, 344. See Trade and commerce. Chisholm, Mr. Alexander W. (Inverness) Cape Breton-dredging, 2172. Eastern harbour-dredging expenditure, 760, 853. Fish and fisheries . Bait, 2387. Dogfish, 2405. Trawlers, beam, 760. Halifax terminals, 885. Indians, 2671. Intercolonial railway-passenger service, 3428. Inverness Mail service, 2718. Post offices, 1550. Public works expenditures, 853. Margaree harbour Removal of wreckage, 717. Wharf, 739. Nova Scotia steamship service, 2854. Port Hood wharf, 760. Sick Mariners Fund, 752. Temiskaming dam, 2546. Chisholm, Mr. William (Antigonish) Antigonish Fishery officer, 552. Post offices, 552. River guardians, 552. Station garden, 2057, 3593, 3603. Chisholm, Mr. William (Antigonish)-Con. Arisaig lightkeeper, 1808. Breen's pond breakwater, 1438. Broad Cove Marsh wharf, 3557. Cape St. George lightkeepers, 727. Coal mining, government control of, 719. Cribbin's Point wharf, 1438. Ferguson, Mr. T. R., employment of, 885. Fish and fisheries Dogfish, 2408. Fishermen, medical treatment for, 2414. Transportation, 2415. Lobsters, 2370, 2391. Indians, enlisted, 3407. Intercolonial railway Fish on, 2479, 2415. Locomotives, 3067. . Management, 3092. Passenger service, 3421. -Nova Scotia public works, 3149. Pope, Sir Joseph, 2924. Public works, expenditure on, 3319. Spidal, J. A., 3541. Tibbits, Archibald, employment of, 1439. Tracadie harbour improvements, 1438, 3149. Civil Service Appointments to, 948, 1148, 1149, 4089. Auditor General, salary of, 657. Commission, 664, 665. Deputy Ministers, salaries of, 659, 983. Dorchester county appointments, 2921. Employees in Government Departments, 3674. Enlistments from, 655, 817-826, 1044, 1761. Examinations, 2478. French-Canadians in, 1176, 2006. Generally, 658. Lower grade employees, pay of, 4079. Messengers, 2743, 2765. Ministers, salaries of, 667. Public Works Department clerks, 3096. Sherwood, H. Crossley, appointment of, 4079. Soldiers, appointment of to, 642, 1276. Wives of enlisted Civil Servants, allowances to, 3232. Clark, Mr. Hugh (North Bruce) Bilingual question, the, 3796. Printing-proposed reduction in cost, 4152. Clark, Mr. Michael (Red Deer) Address in reply to Governor General's Speech, 32. Tribute to Governor General, 32. Western production and prices, 33. Free wheat, 33. Question of a general election, 34. Delay in getting troops to the front, 35. Volume 1: 1-944. " iv: 2973-4155. Volume ii: 945-1968. Volume iii: 1969-2972.

May 18, 1916