February 18, 1910

Route through Lot 50, Purchase of Land, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Staples) 8660 (v).

Surveys re New Canai: m Com. of Sup., 8821 (v). See ' Canals.' West Advocate Wharf: in Com. of Sup.,1179 (i). West Baccaro Breakwater: in Com. of Sup., 1180 (i). West Dublin Bay Wharf: in Com. of Sup.. 1180 (i). Western Canada Power Co., Ltd.: See ' B. No. 86.' Western Grain Trade: See ' Grain,' &c. Westminster District, Land leased to B.C. Mills, Timber and Trading Co.: Ques. (Mr. J. D. Taylor) 2291 (ii). Westmount Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 963 (i). West Ontario Pacific Ry. Co.: See ' B. No. 38.' Westport Harbour: Remarks (Mr. Jameson) in Com. of Sup., 1191 (i). Weyburn Security Bank: See ' B. No. 156.' Weymouth Port Dredging: Remarks (Mr. Jameson) in Com. of Sup., 4788, 5718 (iii), 6131 (iv). Wharfs, Public, Number leased under Act of 1909: Ques. (Mr. F'oster) 260 (i). Wharfs transferred from P.W. Dept, to Marine Dept.: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) in Com. of Sup., 3882 (ii). Wharfs transferred to P.W. Depts., Revenue, &c.: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) in Com. of Sup., 4228 (iii). Wheat, Oats, &c., Average Production of Spring and Fall, 1909: Ques. (Mr. W. H* Sharpe) 5777 (iii). * Whig,' Kingston, Payments to by Govt, re Printing: Ques. (Mr. Edwards) 1778 (i), 2428 (ii).

M. for Ret.* (Mr. Edwards) 3494 (ii).


clxxxi Whitby Harbour Improvements: in Com. of . Sup., 8818 (v). Whitby Post Office, Total Cost, Original Estimate, &c.: Ques. (Mr. S. Sharpe) 3186 (ii). Whitby Public Building: in urn. of Sup., 8179 (v). Whitford, Mr. James, Issue of Scrip, Location of, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Herron) 6935 (iv). Wiarton Breakwater Pier: in Com. of Sup., 3475 (ii). 1 William Jo I i fi e,' Str., Date of Charter for Service, Pay, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Barnard) 2187 (ii) . Williamshead Quarantine Station: in Com. of Sup., 8191 (v). Williamsville Post Office, Revenue, Pets, re Removal, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Edwards) 7287 (iv). Winding-up Act Amt.: See ' B. No. 65.' Windsor Branch Ry., Termination of Lease, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Rhodes) 1370 (i). Windygates Post Office, Pet. re Change, &c.: Ques. (Mr. S. Sharpe) 2930, 3168 (ii).

M. for Cor.* (Mr. W. H. Sharpe) 4315 (iii) .

Inquiry for Ret. (Mr. W. H. Sharpe) 6394 (iv). 8118 Iv).

Remarks (Mr. Lemieux) 8364 (v). Winnipeg Barracks, Completion, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Worthington) 1777 (i). Winnipeg Beach, Protection Pier: in Com. of Sup., 4267 (iii). * Contract re: Ques. (Mr. Bradbury) 7289 (iv) .

Remarks (Mr. Bradbury) in Com. of Sup., 7495 (v). Winnipeg Examining Warehouse: in Com. of Sup., 8184 (v). Winnipeg Immigration Buildings: in Com. of Sup., 8185 (v). Winnipeg Post Office: in Com. of Sup., 8185 (v) .

Closing on Sundays: Remarks (Mr. A. Haggart) 3134 (ii).

Remarks (Mr. Lemieux) re Answer, 3484, 3672 (ii).

M. for Cor.* (Mr. A. Haggart) 4315 (iii). See ' Post Office,' &c. Winnipeg Wharfs, Repairs, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Bradbury) in Com. of Sup., 3864 (ii). Wire Fencing, I. C. R., Tenders for 1909, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Wilcox) 1974 (ii). Wireless Stations in Canada, 7395 (v).

Erection of: in Com. of Sup., 8513 (v). Wireless Telegraphy on Great Lakee: Remarks (Mr. Lewis) 3135 (ii). Wireless Telegraphy on Ships: See ' B. No. 11.' Wolfe's Island Dredging: Remarks (Mr. Edwards) in Com. of Sup., 1162 (i), 6164 (iv). W'olfville Public Building: in cx>m. of Sup., 579 (i). Wood Permits to Residents for Fuel Purposes in Twp. 50, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Lake) 4079 (iii). See ' Hay.' Wool and Yarns, Quantity exported from 1900 to 1909: Ques. (Mr. Sexsmith) 1376 (i). Woollen Industry, Reps, of Mr. Costello and W. G. Clarke: Ques. (Mr. Worthington) 3737 (ii). Wrecks on Lake Erie, Negligence re Signals: Remarks (Mr. Macdonell) 1597 (i).

Stmnt. read (Mr. Brodeur) 1684 (i). Wrecking Plant lor Jts.O.: in Com. of Sup., 8519 (v). Wrecking Plant on Pacific and Atlantic Coasts: M. for Cor. (Mr. Geo. Taylor) 644 (i).

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February 18, 1910