February 18, 1910

Expenditure on Sections 1, 2, 3, 5 and I, Ao.: Ques. (Mr. Owen) 446 (i).


clxxix Trent Canal, Floods in Twp. of Asphodel, Payment of Damages, Names, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Lennox) 3733 (ii).

Floods, v,uarges against L. F. Clarry: Eemarks (Mr. Lennox) 4714, 5209 (iii), 6096 (dr).

Improvements: in Com. of Sup., 3126 (ii). Trent Canal, Newmarket: M. (Mr. Campbell) to reduce vote, Neg. (Y. 46; N. 91) 5604 (iii).

Survey, Rep. re Kempenfeldt Bay, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Lennox) 169 (i).

Water Powers, Control by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Arthurs) 2185 (ii). See ' Canals.' Troy, Inverness, N. S., Postmaster, Investigation re Dismissal: Ques. (Mr. Armstrong) 7288 (iv). Trusts, Investigation of: See ' B. No. 101.' Trust and Loan Co. of Can.: See ' B. No. 98.' Tuberculosis, Prevention of, Govt. Assistance, Ac.: Prop. Res. (Mr. Perley) 1380 (i). Turtle Mountain Reserve, Homesteading, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Schaffner) in Com. of Sup., 8492 (iv).

Tree Planting, Expenditure re: Ques. (Mr. Schaffner) 5932. 6181 (iv). Tusket Wedge Wharf: in Com. of Sup., 1179 (i) Union Life Assurance Co.: See ' B. No. 36.' U. S. Canals: See 'New York State.' U. S. Emigration from Canada, IRep. of American Consul at Kingston: Ques. (Mr. Geo. Taylor) 431 (i). U. S. Govt.. Officials, Interference with Travelling Citizens: Remarks (Mr. Armstrong) 6942 (iv). U. S. Minimum Tariff, Decision re Canadian Exports: Remarks (Mr. Foster) 3058 (ii).

Negotiations re-. Remarks (Mr. Foster) 2153, 3480 (ii). U. S. Tariff Negotiations re Canada: Remarks (Mr. Owen) 4712 (iii). See ' Tariff.' U. S., Trade Relations with, on M. (Mr. Fielding) for Com. on Ways and Means (Mr. R. L. Borden) 8742 (v). U. S. Training Vessels in Great Lakes, Number, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Hughes) 132 (i).

Passage through Canals, Deptl. Consultations, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Edwards) 108 (i).

M. for O. C.'s (Mr. Edwards) 135 (i).

Violation of Rush-Bagot Treaty, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Worthington) 103 (i). See 'War Vessels,' Ac. U. S. War Vessels on Great Lakes: M. (Mr. Foster) for Cor., 791 (i). Upper Prospect Breakwater: in Com. of Sup., 1179 (i). Upper Washabuck Wharf: in Com. of Sup., 1179 (i>. Uxbridge Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 8178, 8185 (v). Vacancies in Electoral Districts: Notification (Mr. Speaker) 2 (i). Vancouver and Coast-Kootenay Ry. Co.: See 'B. No. 93.' Vancouver Harbour Improvements: in Com. of Sup., 6122 (iv). Vancouver Island and Eastern Ry. Co.: See ' B. No. 130.' Vancouver Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 8191 (v). Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Ry. and Nav. Co.: See ' B. No. 99.' Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Ry. Co.: See 'B. No. 83.' Vaudreuil Cove Beach Protection: ih Com. of Sup., 4211 (iii). Veilleue, Charles, Payments to: Ques. (Mr Girard) 8836 (v). Ventilation of House of Commons: in Com of Sup., 8170 (v). Vessels, Inspection of: See ' B. No. 47.' Vessels, Reporting of to Customs: See ' B. No. 200.' Veteran Land Grants, Number taken Up, Assignments, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Daniel) 447 (i). See ' S. A. Veterans.' Veterans of 1866-7, Land Grants to: Ques. (Mr. S. Sharpe) 2188 (ii). Veterinary Service, B. C., Vacancies, Examinations, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. J. D. Taylor) 132 (i). Victoria Harbour, B.C., Improvements: in Com. of Sup., 6123 (iv). Victoria Harbour, Ont., Improvements: in Com. of Sup., 5747 (iii), 6123 (iv). Victoria Immigration Building, Cost of Construction, Maintenance, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Barnard) 1369 (i). Victoria Immigration Building, Number of Inmates, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Barnard) 2187 (ii). Victoria Jubilee Bridge Highway, Emigrants' Burying Ground, Repairs, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Lanctot) 5889 (iii). Victoria Museum Specimens: in Com. of Sup., 8556 (v). Victoria and San Francisco Mail Subsidy: Remarks (Mr. Barnard) in Com. of Sup., 57H (iii). Vitrified Sewer Pipe Imports, Duties collected, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Wallace) 3931 (ii). Volunteer Bounty Act Amt.: See ' B. Nos. 87 and 163.' Voters' Lists for Thunder Bay, Ac., Total Cost of Revision, Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Boyce) 629 (i). Wakefield, W. A., Emplymt. by Immigration Dept.: Ques. (Mr. Roche) 5890 (iii). Walkerton and Lucknow Ry. Co.: See ' B. No. 37.'

Walkerville Post Office, Appropriation for: Ques. (Mr. Wilcox) 1373 (i). Wallacebnrg Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 8178 (v). Walton, Mr. George, Payments to by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Schaffner) 3731 (ii).

M. for Ret.* (Mr. Schaffner) 5501 (iii). War Ships on Great Lakes: Inquiry for Ret. (Mr. Foster) 8737 (v). See ' Rusli-Bagot,' * U. S.,' &c. War Vessels, Negotiations re Purchase of: Remarks (Mr. Foster) 2713 (ii).

O. C.'s re: Ques. (Mr. Foster) 2111 (ii). War Vessels on Great Lakes, Rep. to Imp. Govt, re Building: Ques. (Mr. J. A. Currie) 13G7 (i). See ' Rusli-Bagot.' Warwick, Tkos. G., Payment re Value of Improvements on Entry, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Lake) 275 (i). Water Carriage of Goods: See ' B. No. 25.' Waterloo Public Building: in Com. of Sup., 8178 (v). Water Powers in B. C. Ry. Belt: See ' B. No. 187.' Water Powers, Conservation of: See B. Nos. 84, 115, 119, 113, 150 and 185.' Water Supply for Dom. Buildings, Experiment by Govt, re Purifying: Ques. (Mr. Hughes) 130 (i). Waterways Commitee, Meeting, &c.: Remarks (Mr. G. V. White) 3390 (ii). Waterways International Commission Rep.: Presented (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 209 (i). Waterways Treaty, Announcement, &c.: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 2713 (ii), 4403 (iii) . Waterways Treaty, Cor., Reps., &c.: M. for Copy (Mr. R. L. Borden) 109 (i).

Inquiry for (Mr. R. L. Borden) 3481 ii), 6100 (iv).

Treaty and Georgian Bay Canal, Privs. of U.S.: Ques. (Mr. Magrath) 3159 (ii). Waterways Treaty, Papers laid on Table, 5932 (iv) . _____Printing of Papers: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 7187 (iv). .-.- on Order for Cor.: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 1536 (i). ____Jt Progress re: Remarks (Mr. R. L. Borden) 1802 (i). Watha Indian Reserve, Sale of Timber, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Wright) 843 (i). Watson, R. J. Emplymt. by Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Burgell) 2488 (ii). Ways and Means-The Budget (Mr. Fielding) 1446 (i).

M. for Com. (Mr. Fielding) 93 (i). _____M. (Mr. Fisher) to report Progress, 2277 (ii). Ways and Means, Procedure re Supply Bill: M. (Mr. Fielding) 6397 (iv).

U.S. Tariff Negotiations, of. for Com., 5942 (iv). See ' U. S. Trade Relations.' Weapons, Carrying of: See ' B. No. 14." Weekly Report, ' La Revue Hedomadaire,' French Edition: Ques. (Mr. Boyer) 3182 (ii). Weighing of Cargoes: See 'B. No. 40.' Weights and Measures Inspection, Salaries: in Com. of Sup., 1355 (i). Welland Canal, Expenditure re Surveys, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Foster) 1968 (ii).

Land Purchases, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3120 (ii).

February 18, 1910