June 10, 1908


Lithgow. J. V.@

, Girouard, J. E., and F. F. Congdon, Emplymt. by Govt., Date of Apptmt., &.C.: Ques. (Mr. Foster) 5999 (iii).



Mail Service: Complaints re (Mr. Thompson) 2022 (di).

Mail Service during Winter: Remarks (Mr. Thompson) 5136 (iii).

Mining Regulations published in ' Yukon World and Official Gazette ': M. for Copy* (Mr. Lennox) 5801 (iii).

Money Transmission, Rates re: Ques. (Mr. Thompson) 2979 (dd).

Morality Charges, Cor., &o.: M. for Copies* (Mr. Thompson) 1513 (i).

inquiry for (Mr. R. L. Borden) 10303,


Letter of Rev. Dr. Shearer, Inquiry

for (Mr. Sproule) 10689, 11016 (vi).

Inquiry for (Mr. R. L. Borden) 10303,

11122 (vi).

Placer Claims, Renewals by Gold Commissioner, Fees, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Lennox) 1245, 4588 (did).

M. for Ret.* (Mr. Lennox) 4589 (diii).

Placer Mining Act, Grants re, Claims, Names, &c., for one year: M. for Ret.* (Mr. Boyce) 698 (i).


Revenue and Expenditure from March 31st to June 30, 1907: Ques. (Mr. Foster) 1114, 1346 (i).

See ' Finance.'

Sunday Observance Law, Instructions to

N.W.M.P. re: Ques. (Mr. Foster) 565 (i).

Telegraph Service to Prince Rupert, Complaints re: Ques. (Mr. Sloan) 1934 (i).

Telegraph System, Receipts and Expenditure, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Foster) 512 (d).

Topic:   SUPPLY-
Subtopic:   CCXXXV11

June 10, 1908