July 5, 1904

Facilities, Details of Expenditure : in Com. of Sup., 5945 (Iii).

Laplante and Beaulieu, Messrs., Investigations re Charges : Ques. (Mr. Gauvreau) 5579 (iii)i.

Locomotive Shops, Machinery : in Com. of Sup., 5924 (iii).

Metapedia to Montreal, Pay of Labourers: Ques. (Mr. Bruneau) 5760 (iii).

Passenger Rates, Local and Through : Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 4275, 4411 (iii). See ' Ry. Standard Passenger Tariffs.'

Passenger Train between Cau3apscal and Ste. Flavie : M. (Mr. Casgrain) for Ret.*, 5094 (iii).

Sidings, Additional along Line : in Com. of Sup., 5937 (iii).

Sydney Train Service : See ' Halifax,' ' Sydney,' &c.

Terminals at Montreal: See 4 G. T. R.,' &c.

Trackmen, Res. from Brotherhood of Maintenance Way Men re Wages : Res. read (Mr Boyd) in Com. of Sup., 5909 (iii).

Water Supply along Line : in Com. of Sup.. 5964 (iii).

Workingmen, Application for inceased Wages : Remarks (Mr. Clarke) in Com. of Sup., 5907 (iii). Iron and Steel Co., Bounty Payments to, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Kendall) 5841 (iii). See 4 Dom. Iron,' &c. Japanese Trade in Agricultural Products : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 4125 (iii). Joint High Commission, Instructions, &c., Papers laid on Table, 5761 (iii). See 4 Alaskan,' &c. Jones, Lt.-Col., Recommendation for Brigadier, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Hughes, Out.) 5867 (iii). Jurisdiction of Supreme Court, &c. : See 4 Supreme,' &e. Kensington Station, P. E. I. Ry., Accommodation : in Com. of Sup., 5986 (iii)* Kingston and Dom. Central Ry. Co.'s incorp. B. No. 123 (Mr. Harty) 5035 ; 3°*, 5035 (iii). Labour Commission, 1886, Total Cost, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Smith, B.C.) 4823 (iii).


Labour Union Labels B.

35 (Mr. R. Smith) M. to d-sch., 4214 (iii).

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Subtopic:   VOL. Ill-C

Lead Bounties B.

Pressure re accepting New Scheme :

Remarks (Mr. Clarke) in Com. of Sup., 5754 (iii).

Promotions, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5853.

Toronto, Canvassing for Pet. re P.O. Act

&c.: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 4414 (iii).

See 4 Postofliee,' &c.

Letter Postage Reduction : Remarks (Mr. Henderson) in Com. of Sup., 5726 (iii).

Levis, I.C.R., Station, Accommodation : in

Com. of Sup., 5921 (iii)

Platform Accommodation : in Com. of

Sup., 5951 (iii).

Life Insurance re P.O. Employees : in Com. of Sup., 5847 (iii).

Life-Saving Awards : in Cmo. of Sup., 5258 (iii).

Life-Saving Stations, B.C.: Remarks (Mr. Earle) in Com of Sup., 4200 (iii).

Lighthouse Agencies and Rents: in Com. of Sup., 5804 (iii).

Lighthouse Board, Organization of, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Prefontaine) in Com. of Sup.,

5327 (iii).

Lighthouse and Coast Service : in Com. of Sup., 5804 (iii).

M. (Mr. Hackett) that Com. rise, 5322,

5328 (iii).

Ques. of Order (Mr. Speaker, Dep.)

5328 (iii).


Lighthouse and Coast Service, Pamphlet issued by Min. of Mar.: Remarks in Com. of Sup., 5003 (iii).

Salaries, &c: in Com ,of Sup., 5300.

Lighthouse Inspection : in Com. of Sup., 5813.

Lighthouse Keepers, Dismissal, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Ingram) in Com. of Sup., 5324 (iii).

Lighthouse Keepers on St. Lawrence, Dismissals, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Taylor) in Com. of Sup., 5029, 5811 (iii).

Lindoe Island Light, Dismissal of Mr. Wallace : Remarks (Mr. Taylor) in Com. of Sup., 5811.

Liquor Traffic amongst the Indians, Suppression, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5858 (iii).

Little Metis Station, I.C.R., Diversion of Road: in Com. of Sup., 5953 (iii).

Little Rapid, Removal of Obstructions in Channel : Remarks (Mr Monk) in Com. of Sup., 5285 (iii).

Lloyds Insurance : See ' Lighthouse,' &e.

Lobster Fisheries, Payments of* Bounties to : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 5020 (iii).

Lobster Fishing, Bounties to : Remarks in

Com. of Sup., 5043 (iii).

Extension of Close Season, Pet. re :

Remarks (Mr. Bell) 4927 (iii).

P.E.I., Licenses granted to Packers, Pet.

re : (Mr. Lefurgey) to adjn. Hse., 4669 (iii).

Propagation, &c. : Remarks in Com. of

Sup., 5066 (iii).

Regulation re : Remarks in Com. of

Sup., 5069 (iii).

See ' Fishing,' ' Bounties,' &c.

Lurcher Shoal Lightship : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 5831 (iii).

See ' Lighthouse?,' &c.

Maclean, Lt.-Col., Recommendation as Brigadier, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Hughes, Ont) 5867.

McGee, D'Arcy, Erection of a Monument to : Ques. (Mr. Haclcett) 3942 (iii).

Magnetic Observatory, Toronto : Remarks (Mr. Prdfontaine) in Com. of Sup., 5836 (iii).

Mail Bag Repairs : Remarks (Mr. Bell) in Com. of Sup., 5756 (iii).

Mail Clerks : See ' Ry. Mail Clerks.'

Mail Contracts, River John : in Com. of Sup , 5746 (iii).

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Subtopic:   VOL. Ill-C

Wolford Centre P. O.@

Fees for Examinations : Remarks (Mr. Alcorn) in Com. of Sup., 5806 (iii).

Maynooth Postmaster, Dismissal, &c. : Ques.

(Mr. Porter) 5841 (iii).

Medical Attendance, Indians, Ont. : in Com. of Sup., 5854 (iii).

Merchants Marine Ensign : See ' Canadian Ensign.'

Merritt, Maj. Gen., Appnmt. gazetted, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Hughes, Ont.) 5073 (iii).

Mess, from His Ex. : Read (Mr. Speaker) 5733.

Military Experience re Dundonald Affairs : Personal Explanation (Mr. Fisher) 5844 (iii).

Militia Appnmts. and Political Interference : See ' Dundonald.'

Militia Camps, Complaints re Barrack Ground, P.E.I. : Remarks (Mr. Hackett) 5572 (iii).

Militia Investigation re Charges against Officers of 9th Battalion, Inquiry for further Cor. : (Mr. Casgrain) 4415 (iii).

Militia Regulations re Increased Pay, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Sproule) 5271 (iii).

Minor Revenue, Ordnance Lands : in Com. of Sup., 4092 (iii)

Montague Bridge, Harbour Master, Dismissal, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Lefurgey) 4413 (iii).

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Subtopic:   VOL. Ill-C


Morning Sittings : See ' Business of the House.' Municipal Ownership : Remarks in Com. on Ottawa Electric Billl, 421S (iii). See ' Govt. Ownership.' Murray Harbour and Hillsborough Bridge, Ret.: Inquiry for (Mr. Lefurgey) 4054, 4580 (iii). Murray Harbour Braneh Ry., P. E. I.: in Com. of Sup, 5999 (iii)

Total Cost of Excavation : Ques. (Mr. Lefurgey) 4826 (iii). Napanee River, Buoy Contract, &e.: Remarks (Mr. Wilson) in Com. of Sup., 5028 (iii).

Contract with Mr. Mowers, Cor., &c.: Remarks (Mr. Wilson) in Com. of Sup., 5233, 5335 (iii). Napoleon Bridge, Lachine Canal, Rep. re Delay, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Rivet) 3941 (iii). Nappan Experimental Farm, Staff Increases, &c.: Remarks in Com. of Sup., 4961 (iii). Naturalization : See ' Aliens,' &c. Naval Militia and. School of Navigation : in Com. of Sup., 5267 (iii).


Animals Contagious Diseases Act Amt. B.@

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July 5, 1904