July 28, 1903

Indebtedness of Members, &e. : Ques (Mr. Robinson, Elgin) 4180 (ii).

Plant : in Com. of Sup., 12587 (v).

Salaries : in Com. of Sup., 223 (i). Printing Bureau and Union Labels, &e. : Ques. (Mr. Brock) 4179 (ii). Seed Grain, Relief to Indians : in Com. of Sup., 6417, 6420 (iii). Seed Inspection Bill: Remarks (Mr. Henderson) 5845 (iii). Seeds, Sale and Inspection B. No. 200 (Mr. Fisher) 1° in., 4442 ; in Com. on Res., 5084 (ii); 2''and in Com., 6463, 7210(iii); wthdn . 12493 (v). Selkirk Wharf Man. : in Com. of Sup., 1450 (i.) Semaphore LrcHTsaP.K. J. Ry., Discontinuance of, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Hackett) 4443 (ii). Senate Representation of N.W.T.: See 'N.W.T.' Senate Representation in Man. and N.W.T., Legislation re: Ques. (Mr. 'Boyd), 1297 (i). Senate, Salaries, Contingencies : in Com. of Sup. 5264 (iii). . Sessional Clerks, H. of C. : in Com. of Sup. 14242 (vi).

Increases to, &o. : Remarks (Mr. Belt) in Com. of Sup., 14113 (vi). Sessional Messengers : in Com. of Sup., 14243 (vi). Sessions op the House, Date of Meeting : M. (Mr. Boyd) 462 (i), 14853 (vi). Settlers' Claims re Rebellion, 1885 : Remarks (Mr. Davis) on M. for Sup., 13948 (vi). Settlers Effects re Immigration : in Com. of Sup., 6727 (iii). Seven Islands Pulp & Lumber Co., Wharf re: Remarks in Com. of Sup., 13480 (vi). Seven Islands, Quebec and Murray Bay Ry. Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14456 (vi). Seven Islands, Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 13479 (vi). . Shkijiac and Coast Ry. Co.'s Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 14325 (vi). Shegawake, Harbour Improvements : in Com. of Sup., 13479 (vi). Shepherd, B., Fishery Inspector : in Com. of Sup., 5127 (ii). See ' Fisheries. ' Sherbrooke Drill Hall: in Com. of Sup., 13079 (vi). Sheriffs, Clerks, &c., Yukon, Salaries: in Com. of Sup., 3410 (ii).

Fees, Yukon, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 3507 (ii).

Living Allowances : in Com. of Sup., 3414 (ii). See ' Yukon.' cclvi

Shields, Me. C., Letter re Glace Bay Wham1; Read (Mr. Ingram) in Com. of Slip., 13186 (vi). See ' Glace Bay,' &c. Shippegan Harbquk, Protection Works : in Com. of Sup., 1183 (i). Shippers ok Frozen Fish Claims, against Govt. : Ques. (Mr. Lefurgcy), 13373 (vi). See 'Fisheries,' &c. Shipping Casualties Act 1901, Amt. B. No. 263 (Mr. Prefontaine), in Com. on Res., 12801; 1°* of B., 12805 ; 2°, and in Com., 12994; 3" in., 13560 (vi). (3 Edward VII, c. 64.) Shipping Federation of Canada Incorp. B. No. 93 (Mr. Bickerdikc), 1°*, 1193; 2°m., 1328 (i) ; in Com., and 3°*, 2956 (ii). (3 Edward VII, c. 190.) , Ships Safety: See 'Safety of Ships.' Shiver, Mr. , Private Whark, &c. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 1166 (i). Shoemakers Federated Union, Res. re Slater Shoe Co. : Remarks (Mr. Monk), 14666 (vi). Short Beach Breakwater : in Com.ofSup., 1149 (i). Shutt's Report re Soft Pork : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 4556 (ii). Sidings along Line of I.C.R.: in Com. of Sup., 14055 (vi).

and Increased Facilities for I.C.R,: in Com. of Sup., 14081, 14107 (vi).


Sec I.C.R.

Signal Marine Service, B.C.: in Com. of Sup., ,13638 (vi).

See 'Marine.'

Sills, E. H., Payment re Storage of Fish Nets : in Com. of Sup., 5128 (ii).

Simcoe County Census Enumerators : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 4825 (ii).

Simcoe Lake, Flooding of Lands in Mara, &c. : M. (Mr. Grant), for Reps., 2762 (ii).

Sinclair,Mr. D., DismissalasForemanofColumbia River Works : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 1451 (i).

'Sir Wilfrid Laurier' Dredge, Sinking in Lake Ontario : Ques. (Mr. Thomson Grey), 5587 (iii).

Sisal used in Binder Twine, Average Price :

Ques. (Mr. Clarke), 8085 (iv).

See 'Binder Twine,' &c. .

Sittings of Hse. :

See ' Sessions. '

Skinner's Cove N. S., Protection Works : in Com. of Sup., 13213 (vi).

Skinner's Pond, P.E.I.: in Com. of Sup., 13308 (vi).

Remarks (Mr. Hackctt) in Com. of Sup., 13445


Slater Shoe Co. and Alien Labour, Res. of Shoemakers LTnion : Remarks (Mr. Monk) 14666 (vi).

Slides and Booms, General Repairs : in Com. of Sup., 2690 (ii).

Improvements, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 2677


Salaries, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 2974 (ii).

Smallpox Outbreak on Brant Indian Reserve: in Com. of Sup., 6326 (iii).

N.W.Ter. Reserves, &p. : in Com. of Sup.,

6350 (iii). .

Patients, Expenses incurred by Gloucester

County, N.B.: Remarks (Mr. Fouler) 14688 (vi).

Quarantine : in Com. of Sup., 5007, (ii), 5491


Smith, F. H., P. O. Dept., Salary, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 14000 (vi).

Smith, Wm., Late M.P., and Political Corruption : Remarks (Mr. Cowan) 894 (i).

Snag Boat, Self-propelling, Man. : in Com. Sup., 2672 (ii).

Snowstorms in N. W. Ter., Reports re: Remarks (Mr. Scott) 11822 (v).

Songhees Indians, Removal to Reserve, &c.':

Remarks in Com. of Sup., 7258 (iii).

Sorel, Deep Water Wharf: in Com. of Sup., 2291

(i), 3374 (ii), 5921 (iii), 12845 (vi).

Cor. re: Inquiry for Papers (Mr. Pope) 2302


Soulanges Canal, Compensation to Geo. Goodwin : in Com. of Sup., 14142 (vi).

Construction, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 7549 (iii).

Contractor Stewart's Claims : in Com. of

Sup., 12913 (vi).

O'Learys' Claims, Payment of : in Com. of

Sup., 14651 (vi).

Repairing Breach in Bank: in Com. of Sup.,

14153 (vi).

Souris Knight's Point Breakwater, P.E.I. : in Com. of Sup., 1162 (i).

S. Africa and Can. SS Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 7746 (iv).

See ' Can. and S. Africa, ' &e.

S. A. Colonies, and Preferential Tariff, Res. of Winnipeg Board of Trade: Ques. (Mr. McCreary) 1678 (i).

S. A. Contingents and Govt. Employees, reinstated, &e: Ques. (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 1026 (i).

M. for Ret. * (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 2337 (i).

Pensions to by Dom. Govt: Remarks (Mr. Broder) 14590 (vi).

Saddles and Bridges, Contract, &c. : Ques.

(Mr. Monk) 1675 (i).

S. A. Constabulary, &c., Information re Grievances, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Ingram) 1027 (i).

Purchase of Discharge, &c. : Ques. (Mr-

Hughes) 14287 (vi).

Medals Pbesentedby King, Pet. re from non-Com. Officers : Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 10491 (v).

Regulations re: Remarks (Mr. Clarke), on M.

for Sup., 8264 (iv).

Remarks (Sir Frederick Borden) 8319 (iv).

Memorial Association Grant i in Com. of

Sup., 6992 (iii).

Pensions from Imp. Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Hughes,

Victoria) 2920 (ii).

Supplies purchased by Imp. Govt.: M. (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) for Copies of O.Cs. &c., 2760 (ii).

Complaint re Safety: Remarks (Mr. Oeoffrion)

205 (i).

Speech from the Throne : M. (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 5 (i).

Read (Mr. Speaker) 4 (i).

Speech of Gov. Gen. * See Gov. Gen.'s Speech. Speech from Throne : Prorogation, 14861 (vi). Springhill, N. S., Armouries, Caretaker, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Bell) 1856 (i).

Contract : Read (Mr. Bernier) 5375 (iii).

Purchase of Wood Alcohol; in Com. of

Sup., 227 (i).

See ' Inland Revenue ', &e.

"Stanley", Str., and P.E.I. Winter Communication : Ques. (Mr. Lefurgey) 4006 (ii).

Ques. (Mr. Boss, Ont.), 13668 (vi).

See ' Clergue '.

Steel Rails, Contract, Prices, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Monk), 285 (i).

Fastenings, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 5005 (ii).

I.C.R. : in Com. of Sup., 5005 (ii).

Inspector of Murray Canal : Remarks (Mr. Tailor), in Com. of Sup., 14146 (vi).

Debate : (Mr. Osier) 7024 ; (Mr. Fielding) 7025 ; (Mr. Sutherland, Oxford) 7027 ; (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 7029 ; (Mr. Lemieux) 7032,7045 ; (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 7034, 7047 ; (Mr. Monet) 7035,7043; (Mr. Robinson, Elgin) 7035 ; (Mr. Monk) 7036 ; (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 7038; (Mr. Holmes) 7038 ; (Mr. Henderson) 7040 ; (Mr. Maclean) 7042 ; (Mr. Sproule) 7046; (Mr. Speaker) mem. bers remarks checked, 7044; (Mr. Tarte) 7051; (Mr. Ingram) 7052 (iii).

Stratford Armoury : in Com. of Sup., 13125 (vi).

Strathcona Horse Barracks : in Com. of Sup., 13130 (vi).

Strathroy and Western Counties Ry. Co.'s Subsidy' : in Com. of Sup., 14314 (vi)

Stuart, Caft. D.C., Halifax, Dismissal, &c.: in Com. of Sup. (remarks) 4353 (ii).

Sturgeon Falls, Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 1431 (i).

Submarine Cable, Isle of Orleans : M. (Mr. Talbot), for Ret., 11301 (v).

Ques. (Mr. Talbot), 11186 (v).

See ' Island of Orleans.'

Subsidies for Public Highways, Pets., &c.: Ruling (Mr. Speaker), 591 (i).

Subsidies, Rys., Aggregate Vote for each Prov., &c.: Remarks (Mr. Sproule), in Com. on Res., 14481 (vi).

Bonuses voted by Parlt., 1900, 1901, 1902 :

Ques. (Mr. Wilson), 13934 (vi).

Goy't. Policy : Remarks (Mr. Brock), 14352


Remarks (Mr Richardson), in Com. of Sup.,

14345 (vi).

Interest Payable, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Wilson),

3970 (ii).

Inquiry for (Mr. Borden, Hfx.), 12805, 13005


Inquiry for (Mr. Monk), 10955 (v).

Inquiry for (Mr. Sproule), 11422 (v).

Subsidies for Man.: Remarks (Mr. McCreary), in Com. on Res., 14494 (vi).

Subsidy for N.W.T. Govt., Increase: in Com. of Sup., 13787 (vi).

forN.S.: Remarks (Mr. Gourlcy), in Com. on

Res., 14491 (vi). [DOT]

Subsidy for P.E.I. Ry.: Remarks (Mr. Lejurgey), in Com. on Ry. Res., 14472 (vi).

Subsidies (Money) paid by Govt, since Confederation : Ques. (Mr. Scott), 1198 (i).

Subsidies Per Miles cf Rys. in N.W.T. and Man.: (Mr. Scott) 1677 (i).

Subsidies, Total amount for Ten Years ; Ques. (Mr. Heyd) 13934 (vi).

Subsidies voted by parliament, 1901-1903 : Ques. (Mr. Wilson) 2306 (i), 12842,13027, 13259, 13370 (vi).

Subsidies, &c. : Sec ' Provincial. '

Subsidies to Railways : See.

Atlantic, Quebec & Western Ry. Co.

Bay of Quinte Ry. Co.

Beersville Coal & Ry. Co.

Bruce Mines & Algoma Ry. Co.

Canada Steel Co.

C. P. Ry., Elkhorn Branch,

C. P. Ry., Extension to Winnipeg Beach.

Cape Tormentine Ry.

Chateauguay and Northern Ry. Co. Chateauguay Ry. Co.

Cumberland Ry. and Coal Co.

Dawson City to Stewart River Ry.

Debert Coal Mines Ry.

Dom. Atlantic Ry. Co.

Edmonton, Yukon and Pacific Ry. Co. Elkhorn and Moosomin Ry.

Halifax and South-western Ry. Co.

Harvey and Salisbury Branch Ry. Hawkesbury, Ont., to South Indian Ry. 'Hot Air' Line Ry.

Indian River Ry. and Lake Meg antic. Ingersoll to Stratford Ry.

International Ry. Co. of N.B. Interprovincial and James Bay Ry. Co. Inverness Ry. and Coal Co.

James Bay Ry. Co.

Joggins Ry.


Jonquieres to Ha Ha Bay Ry.

Kettle River Valley Ry. Co.

Klondike Mines Ry. Co.

Kootenay Central Ry. Co.

Lac Bouchette and Quebec and Lake St. John Ry. Co.

Lake St. John Ry. and La Tuque Ry. Co. Lake Superior, Long Lake and Albany Ry.

Co. to Peninsula Harbour.

Lake Temiskaming and James Bay Ry. Co. Lime Ridge and Megantic Ry.

Mabou and Gulf Ry. Co. '

Mackenzie and Renouf Falls Ry. Manitoulin and North Shore Ry. Co. Matane and Gaspe Ry.

Medicine Hat Ry.

Middleton and Victoria Beach Ry. Co. Midland Ry. Co., Truiio Branch.

Montfort and Gatineau Colonisation Ry. Co. Montreal and Atlantic Ry. Co.

Nepigon Ry. Co.

Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Coal and Ry. Co.

Nicolet River Bridge.

Nova Scotia Eastern Ry. Co.

Orford Mountain Ry. Co.

Ottawa, Northern and Western Ry. Co. Parrsboro and Springhill Ry.

Paspebiac to Gaspe Ry.

Quebec Central Ry. Co.

Quebec and Lake St. John Ry. Co.

Robert at, to James Bay Ry.

St. Eustache to St. Placide Ry.

St. Francis River (Yamaska) Ry. Bridge.

St. .John Valley and River du Loup Ry. Co. St. John Valley Ry. Co. and C.P. Ry. Co.

St.' Mary's River Ry. Co.

St. Peters to Louisburg Ry.

St. Philippe d'Argenteuil to Brownsburg Ry. Seven Islands, Quebec and Murray Bay Ry. Shediac and Coast Ry. Co.

Strathroy and Western Counties Ry. Co. Sturgeon Falls Pulp and Lumber Co. Tilsonburg, Lake Erie and Pacific Ry. Co. Tilsonburg to Woodstock Ry.

Timigami Ry. Co. to Sturgeon Falls.

Tobin Co. 's Pulp Mill.

Toronto and James Bay Ry.

Toronto, Lindsay and Pembroke Ry.


Subsidies to Railways-Con.

Trois Pistoles Bridge to Mackenzie and Ren-ouf Falls Ry.

Walkerville Bridge Co. Ry.

Waltham Station to Ferguson Point Ry. Wellington to Union Bay' Ry.

Winnipeg Beach to Icelandic River Ry. Woodstock, N.B. and Fredericton Ry. Woodstock Ry.

Yasiaska River and St. Guillaume Ry. Yamaska to Lotbiniere Ry.

York and Carleton Ry Co.

Yukon, Edmonton and Pacific Ry. Co.

Sudbury Coal, Discovery, &c. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 6824 (iii).

Sugar entered for Home Consumption, Total Amount 1903, &o.: Ques. (Mr. Henderson) 14285 (vi).

Sugar imported into Canada 1902: M. (Mr. Mado-re) for Stmnt. *, 3236 (ii).

Summerside, Breakwater, P.E.I., Completion, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Lefurgey) 3234 (ii).

Breakwater : in Com. of Sup., 13223 (vi).

Coal Sheds : in Com. of Sup., 12828'(vi).

Harbour : in Com. of Sup., 3367 (ii), 13227 (vi).


Wharf Extension: in Com. of Sup., 12828


Summerville, N.S., Wharf: in Com. of Sup., 13213 (vi).

Sunbury, N.B., Census re Religious Classification, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Wilmot) 4005 (ii).

Superior Court, Quebec: See ' Judges of Sup. Court '.

Supplementary Estimates : Inquiry for (Mr. Monk) 10832 (v).

See 'Estimates.'

Supplies for Rys. voted for one Estimate, transferred to ANOTHER : Remarks (Mr. Barker) in Com. of Sup., 14055, 14081 (vi).

Topic:   SUPPLY.

Supply B.

Prop. Res. (Mr. Fielding) 6003 (iii).

Remarks re one-fifth Vote (Mr. Fielding) 6408

(iii). [DOT]

Supply: Cone., 5238 (iii).


Committee :

Administration of Justice : See 'Justice.'

Arts, Agriculture and Statistics:

Aid to Agricultural Societies, 4432 (ii) Archives, 4429 (ii), 13503 (vi).



Committee-Con. .

Arts, Agriculture and Statistics-Con.

Census, 4594, 4635, 4800 (ii), 7053 (iii).

Cold Storage, &c., 4671 (ii), 7610 (iv).

Criminal Statistics, 4429 (ii).

Exhibitions, 4599 (ii).

Experimental Farms, 4548 (ii).

Fumigating Stations, 4434 (ii), 13502 (vi). General Statistics, 4429 (ii).

Historical Data of Acadians, 13505 (vi). Imperial Institute, Can. Exhibit, 4435 (ii), 13508 (vi).

Osaka Exhibition, 4626 (ii).

Patents, Classifying Canadian, 4433 (ii). Toronto Exhibition, Grant, 13501 (vi).

Year Book, 4429 (ii).

Charges of Management, 12584 (v).

Additional Amount for Dom. Notes, 5135 (ii). Public Debt, Conversion of, Expenses re, 14253 (vi).

Civil Government :

Agriculture, 4349 (ii), 14255 (vi).

Auditor General's Office, 224 (i).

Contingencies :

Agriculture, 4349 (ii).

Finance, 226 (i).

Indian Affairs, 13760 (vi).

Marine and Fisheries, 341 (i), 5033 (ii),

Public Works, 5824 (iii).

Trade and Commerce, 7573 (iv).

Customs, 319 (i).

Finance, 224 (i).

Geological Survey, 12592 (v), 13769,13966 (vi). Governor General's Secretary's Office, 207 (i). High Commissioner's Office, 12585 (v), 13772 (vi).

Indian Affairs, 272 (i).

Inland Revenue, 227 (i).

Interior, 267 (i), 13761 (vi).

Mines Branch, 13762 (vi).

Justice, 207 (i), 14255 (vi).

Labour Gazette, 7151 (iii).

Marine and Fisheries, 341 (i), 13663 (vi).

Clement, Jules, &e., 13664 (vi).

Militia and Defence, 221 (i).

North-west Mounted Police, 224 (i), 13760 (vi). Post Office:

Allowance to J. W. T. Dixon, Winnipeg 13995 (vi). 1 s

Higman, 0., Report rePneumaticTube used in U. S. &c, 13998 (vi).

Junior second-class Clerkships, Salaries, 13995 (vi).

Smith, F. H., Salary Increase, 14000 (vi). Transfer of Temporaries to Permanent Staff, 13994 (vi).

Privy Council Office, 207 (i).

Public Printing and Stationery, 223 (i).

Public Works, 333, (i).

J. B. Hunter, Salary, 13499 (vi).

Chief Architect's Salary, 13498 (vi).

Railways and Canals, 333 (i), 14055 (vi).

Additional second-class clerkship, 14055, (vi). Secretary of State, 222 (i).

Additional junior second-class clerk.shins 14254 (vi).

Trade and Commerce, 7573 (iv).

Culling Timber:

General Vote, 7798 (iv).


Amount required for Yukon, 3968 (ii).

Kilroy, T., Amount re Services, 13993 (vi). Miscellaneous, 3962 (ii).

Preventive Services, 3949 (ii).

Salaries, Contingencies, &c.. 3782, 3897, 3949

(ii), 13980-(vi).




Justice, Administration of- Con.


Salary of Junior Judge, Nipissing, 14258 (vi*) Travelling Allowances, Judges, B.C., 3399

(ii). . ..

Manitoba, 3399 (n).

Supreme Court:

Contingencies, &c., 3404 (ii).

Law Books, &c., 3402, 3405 (ii).

Printing and Binding, 3405 (ii).

Reporter's Salary, 3402 (ii).

Salary of E. R. A. Taschereau, 14257 (vi).

To assist L. W. Coutlee, 'Digest of Judgments,' 14256 (vi).

Y ukon:

Clerk's Salary, 3410 (ii).

Judges' Travelling Allowances, 3409 (ii).

Law Books, &c., 3506 (ii), 14267 (vi).

Living Allowances, 3411 (ii).

Living Allowances, Generally, 3414 (ii). Miscellaneous Expenses, 3507 (ii).

Salary of Deputy Sheriff, &c., 3411 (ii). Stenographers, 3411 (ii).



Printing Paper and Binding, 5267 (iii). Voters' Lists, 5274 (iii).

House of Commons :

Debates, Amanuenses, 14243 (vi).

Increases to Clerks, 14112 (vi).

Sessional Clerks, 14242 (vi).

Sessional Messengers, 14243 (vi).

Tradesmen and others, 14115 (vi).

Library :

Salaries, 5267 (iii).


General Vote, 5264 (iii).

Lighthouse and Coast Service :

Aids to Navigation, 4173 (ii), 5735 (iii), 13633 (vi). -

Halifax Harbour, Land Purchase for Buoy Service, 13638 (vi).

Lurcher's Shoal Lightship, 4173 (ii). Maintenance and Repairs, &c., 13632 (vi). Montreal Agency, &c., 13632 (vi).

Montreal Pilot Commissioners' Court, 4173

(ii).. ..

R*epairs to Wharfs, &c., 4174 (n).

Salaries and Allowances to Keepers, 4132 (ii). Telephonic Communication, Atkinson Lighthouse and Vancouver, 13638 (vi).

Wireless Telegraph Stations, Equipment, 13639 (vi).

Mail Subsidies and Steamship Subventions : Canada and Australia, 5880 (iii), 13677 (vi). Canada and G. B., 5997 (iii), 7573, 7728 (iv), 13672 (vi). ... .

Canada and South Africa, 5878 (iii), 7746 (iv). Gaspe Basin and Dalhousie, 7756 (iv).

Gaspe Basin and Paspebiac, 13694 (vi).

Grand Manan and Mainland, 7742 (iv).

Halifax and Canso, 6002 (iii).

Halifax, Nfld. and Liverpool, 7730 (iv). Magdalen Islands, 7741 (iv), 13675 (vi). Manchester and Canada, 7745 (iv).

Petit de Grat and I. C. R. Terminus at Mul-grave, 14249 (vi).

P. E. I. and G. B., 7744 (iv).

P. E. I. and Mainland, 7741 (iv).

P. E. I. and Nfld., 13676 (vi).

St. John and Digby, 7739 (iv).

St. John, Dublin and Belfast, 7731 (iv).

St. John and Glasgow, 7730 (iv), 13673 (vi).

St. John, Halifax and London, 7734 (iv).


Committee-Con. t

Mail Subsidies and Steamship Conventions-Con. St. John, Halifax, W. I. and South America, 7740 (iv).

St. John and Halifax via Yarmouth, 7742 (iv). St. Stephen, Campobello and Back Bay, &c., 7759 (iv), 13695 (vi).

Services of Str. Lord Strathvona, 6002 (iii), 13697 (vi).

Sydney to Bay St. Lawrence, &c., 13677 (vi). Tadousac and St. Catharine's Bay, 13695 (vi). Victoria and San Francisco, 7741 (iv).

Victoria and West Coast Vancouver Island, 13694 (vi).


Annual Drill, 3603, 5005 (ii).

Contingencies, 3778 (ii).

Coronation Contingent, Further Amount, 6950

(iii). . ...

Dominion Arsenal, 7089 (iii).

Esquimalt Defences, 3778 (ii).

General Statement, 13379 (vi).

Grants to Associations, 3767 (ii).

Hamilton, Drill Hall, Additional Land, 6949 (iii)* t ...

Military Asylum, Pensions, 6788 (iii).

Military Properties, 3611 (ii).

Pay and Allowances, 3584 (ii), 13379 (vi).

Royal Military College, 3778 (ii).

Salaries and Wages, 3608 (ii).

To pay Lieut. Col. Cole, 6950 (iii).

Trans port and Freight, 3752 (ii).

Winnipeg Barracks, Paving Streets, 6949 (iii).


Alaska Boundary Commission, 6931 (iii), 13957 (vi).

Arbitration, Can., Ont. and Que., 12590 (v).

Art Academy, 12589 (v).

Astronomical Observatory, 6791 (iii). Astronomical Work of Interior Dept., 6790 (iii). Can. Mining Institute, Publication of Documents, 12591 (v), 13965 (vi).

C.P.R., Transportation of Sir Edmund Barton, 6952 (iii). .

Classification of Records, Privy Council Office, 12592 (v).

Engraving, &c., of Maps of Can. and N.W.T., 6800 (iii). ...

Keewatin Govt. Expenses, 6798 (iii).

Maintenance of Lunatics, 6798 (iii).

Labour Dept., &c., 7197 (iii).

Labour Troubles, 3.C., Royal Commission, 6984 (iii).

Litigation, Costs, 6794 (iii). ^

Maintenance of Assay Office, Vancouver, 6799 (iii), 13965 (vi).

Maintenance of Roads, &c., Banff Park, 6788

(in); T ^ K , ..

Bath House, &c., 13955 (vi).

Museum Building, 6927 (iii).

Martineau Defalcations, Expenses of Commission re, 6991 (iii). ..

Middleton, late T. W., re Shortage, 6931 (iii). Naturalization Act, Expenses re, 6952 (iii). N.W.T. Govt., Protection of Bow River-Bridge, Canmore, 6925 (iii).

Paris Agency, 12589 (v).

Petersen, Tate & Co., Return of Deposit, 6953 (iii).

P. O. Savings Bank, Defalcation, Compensation re, 14274 14655 (vi).

Prince Albert Advocate, Payments, 14268, 14652


Printing Bureau Plant, 12587 (v).

Rand's Micmac Dictionary, 12592 (v).



Committee- Con.



St. Lawrence River, Improvements re Thousand Islands, 14601 (vi).

South African Memorial Association, Can.

Grant, 6992 (iii).

Statutes, Revision, 14G43 (vi).

Teulon Road, Man., Construction, 6927 (iii).

To compensate Canadian Bank of Commerce, Yukon, 14274 (vi).

To meet Expenses re the King v. Bank Note Co., 14279 (vi).

To pay Amos Barnes re River Lots, Man., 6922


To pay Wm. Perkins for Evidence re Lisgar Election, 14251 (vi).

To pay Casca Trading and Transportation Co., 6926 (iii).

Trade Combination re Lumber, Expenses re Commission, 14654 (vi).

Tuberculosis, Prevention, Grant re, 13517 (vi). Turtle Mountain, Land Slides, Expenses re, 13965 (vi).

Unforeseen Expenses, Additional, 6951 (iii), 12588 (v).

Victoria Memorial, London, England, 14655 (vi).

Yoho Park Reserve, Construction of Roads, &c., 6790 (iii).

Mounted Police :

Compensation for Injuries, 5264 (iii).

Pay of Force, 5262 (iii).

. Services in Yukon, 5003 (ii), 5262 (iii).

Ocean and River Service:

Cattle Inspection, 4116 (ii).

Govt. Steamers, Maintenance, &c., 4041, 5033


Surveys, &c., of Coasts of Northern Canada, 13760 (vi).

Tidal Service, 4114 (ii).

Unforeseen Expenses, 4116 (ii).


General, 3511 (ii).

Kingston, 3511 (ii).

Manitoba, 3534 (ii).

Regina Jail, Additional Land, 5135 (ii).

St. Vincent de Paul, 3534 (ii).


To Lady Lafontaine, 14252 (vi).

Post Office:

Mail Service, 6065 (iii).

Outside Service, Salaries, &c., 5924, 6004 (iii), 14010 (vi). v h

Salaries, &c., 6136 (iii).

Salaries of fourth-class Clerks, &c., Increase, 14002 (vi).

Salaries of P. O. Inspectors, &c., Increase, 14001 (vi).

Temporaries in various cities, Appointment as fourth-class Clerks, 14001 (vi).

To pay Arrears Postmasters' Salaries, 5921 (iii). To provide for Appointment of Additional r Mail Clerks, 14041 (vi).

To provide for Promotions in City Offices, 14009 (vi). J 'Transfer of Temporaries to Permanent Staff, 13994 (vi). [DOT] 'Vancouver Division, Asst. P. O. Inspector 14000 (vi). v

Winnipeg, Additional senior second-class clerkship, 14001 (vi).



Public Works-Capital:



Astronomical Observatory, 342 (i). Parliament Buildings, Addition, &c., 13006 (vi).

Royal Mint, 344 (i).

Victoria Memorial Museum, 353 (i), 14243 - (vi).

Harbours and Ri vers :

Kingston Graving Dock, 13023 (vi).

Port Arthur, Dredging, 3341 (ii), 13012 (vi). Port Colborne, Harbour lmi>rovements, 3368

(ii), 13024 (vi).

Quebec, Harbour Improvements, 3336 (ii). River Kaministiquia, 5825 (iii).

St. Andrew's Rapids, 3354 (ii).

St. Lawrence Ship Channel, 3218, 3304 (ii). St. Marv's Current, Montreal Harbour, &c., 3365 (iii

Telegraph Lines, Quesnel-Atlin, &c., 5826


Trails, Roads and Bridges :

Y ukon:

To pay Trading and Exploring Co., Ltd., 5826 (iii).

Public Works-Collection of Revenue:

Esquimalt Graving Dock, Special Constables, 5919 (iii).

Slides and Booms, 2974 (ii).

Gatineau River, 2977 (ii).

Repairs and Working Expenses, 2978 (ii). Upper Ottawa Improvement Co., 2974 (ii). Telegraph Lines:

B. C., 2992 (ii).

Working Expenses, 13368 (vi).

Lower St. Lawrence, 2989 (ii). *

N.W.T., 2991 (ii).

P.E.I. and Mainland, 2988 (ii).

SS. Tyrian, &c., 5007 (ii).

Yukon Territory:

Ash croft-Dawson, &c., 2992 (ii).

Working Expenses, 14041 (vi).

Public Works-Income :


British Columbia :

Nelson Public Building, 13131 (vi). Rossland Armoury, 13133 (vi).

Public Building, 13131 (vi).

Vancouver, Public Building, 13132 (vi). Generally :

Construction of Armouries, 965 (i). Experimental Farms, New Buildings, 972

. W*

General Vote, 961 (i).

Immigrant Buildings, 14247 (vi).

Salaries to Resident Clerks of Works, &c., 963 (i).


Winnipeg. Immigration Buildings, &c., 5844 (iii), 13126 (vi).

Topic:   SUPPLY.

Military Buildings. N.@

CiO.'s Quarters, 13127 (vi).

Military Building, Magazine, 13127 (vi). Military Stores Buildings, 13126 (vi). Public Building, Addition, 13127 (vi). Maritime Provinces :

Dominion Public Buildings, Repairs, &c., 421 (i).

New Brunswick :

Buildings, Generally, 421 (i).

Campbelltom Public Buildings, 13037 (vi). Fredericton Military Building, New Officers' Stables, 13041 (vi).

Sergeant Major's Quarters, 13041 (vi).




Public Works-Income Con.


Committee- Con.

Public Works-Income.:-Con.


New Brunswick-Con.

Marysville, Public Building, 5841 (iii). Moncton, Public Building, 13038 (vi). Newcastle, Public Building, 13038 (vi). Richibucto, Public Building, 412 (i).

St. John, Drill Hall, 13042 (vi). .

Immigration Building, 412(i), 13040 (vi). Quarantine Station, Water Service, 414, 486 (i), 13041 (vi).

Tracadie Lazaretto, Improvements, &c., 13038 (vi).

Woodstock, Armoury and Gun Shed, 13039 (vi). .

Public Building, 13041 (vi).

North West Territories :

Court Houses, Police Accommodation, &c., 958 (i).

Edmonton Jail, 13129 (vi).

General Repairs, 958 (i). __

Macleod Court House, 959 (i).

Moosejaw, Public Building, 13130 (vi). Prince Albert Court House, &c., 13129 (vi). Red Deer, Court House, &c., 960 (i). Strathcona Horse Barracks, 13130 (vi). Yorkton, Court House, &c., 961 (i).

Nova Scotia: .

Antigonish, P. O. Fittings, 13034 (vi).

' Arichat, Public Building, 5827 (iii).

Digby, Public Building, 13034 (vi). Guysborough, Public Building, 5839 (iii). Halifax, Immigration Building, Addition, 13033 (vi).

Public Building, 411 (i), 13031 (vi). Quarantine Station, Lawlor's Island, 412 (i), 13030 (vi). ...

Middleton, Armoury, 5841 (iii).

North Sydney, Public Building, &c., 13035 (vi). . [DOT] .

Springhill, Public Building, 14247 (vi). Sydney, Public Building, Addition, 13035 (vi).

Sydney Mines, Public Building, 13028 (vi). Ontario: ... .

Alexandria, Public Building, 487 (i). Belleville, Armoury, 13082 (vi).

Bowmanville, Public Building, 507 (i). Brantford, Drill Hall, 13108 (vi). Bridgeburg, Public Building, 13113 (vi). Clinton, Public Building, 518 (i).

Cobourg, Armoury, 540 (i).

Improvements, 13118 (vi),

Deseronto, Public Building, 5842 (iii), 13112 (vi). .

Dom. Buildings, Generally, 636 (l).

Fort William. Public Building, 636 (i). *

Guelph, Armoury, 13083 (vi.)

Public Building, 637 (i).

Hamilton, Public Building, Alterations, 13113 (vi). . .

Hawkesbury, Public Building, 13119 (vi). Kingston, Military Buildings, 638 (i), 5842

(iii)* .

R. C. F. A. Barracks, 13118 (vi).

Royal Military College, Drill Hall, 13094 (vi.)

R. M. C. Stable, 13117 (vi).

London, Drill Hall, &c , 641 (i).

Military Buildings, Magazine, 13115 (vi). Oshawa, Public Buildings, 13110 (vi). Ottawa, Bacteriological Laboratory, 5842


Electric Li gluing, &c., 5842 (in).

New Coal Sheds, 13115 (vi).




New Elevator for West Block, 13115 (vi), Paving in front of Parliament Buildings, 13119 (vi). ^

P. O. and Customs House, 5844 (in), 13117 (vi). .

Rideau Hall, Drains, 647 (i).

I ) ' 1 _ . _ TT -11 vlc R olio 1 r

13087 (vi). ,

Steel Drawers, &c., 13087 (vi).

Western Block, Heating Apparatus, etc., [DOT]13087 (vi).

Peterborough, Armoury, 13083 (vi).

Picton, Public Building, 13113 (vi).

St. Catherines, Drill Hall, 13100 (vi)._

St. Mary's, Public Building, 13109 (vi). Sarnia, Public Building, 13117 (vi).

Sault Ste. Marie, Public Building, 13107 (vi.) .

Stratford Armoury, 13125 (vi).

Toronto, Asst. Receiver-General's Office, Vault, 5842 (iii).

Custom House, 547 (l).

Dom. Buildings, Generally, 050, 956 (l). Drill Hall, Addition for new Corps, 13086 (vi).

Drill Hall, Paving Armoury Street, &e., 13115 (vi). .

Examining Warehouse, Addition, 13118 (vi). .

Military Buildings, Magazine, 13115 (vi). Engineer Company's Building, 13086 (vi). . .

Post Offioe, 956, (i), 5842 (in).

P. 0., Additional, 13112 (vi). .

P. 0., Additional Story, &c., 13096 (vi). P. 0., Station " C ", 5920(iii).

Toronto .1 unction, Public Building, 650 (i). Windsor, Public Building, 13113(vi). Wingham, Public Building, 13120 (vi). Woodstock, Armoury, 13125 (vi).

Public Building, 13108 (vi). -

Prince Edward Island:

Charlottetown, Armoury, &c., 13035 (vi). Dom. Building, Improvements, &c., 13036 (vi).

Quebec : ^ , ..

Actonvale, Public Building, 13059 (vi). Dom. Public Buildings, Repairs, &c., 422

Grosse Isle, Quarantine Station, 425 (i). L'Assomption, Public Building, 427 (i). Levis, Public Building, 431 (i), 13053 (vi). Longueuil, Public Building, 13069 (vi). Magog, Public Building, 13081 (vi). Montmagny, Public Building, 5841 (in), 13066 (vi).

Montreal, Barracks for Permanent Crtrps, 13076 (vi). .

Examining Warehouse, Repairs, &c., 438 (i), 13058 (vi).

New Postal Station, 13080 (vi).

Post-office Improvements, 13067 (vi). Public Building, 436 (i).

Quebec, Citadel, Drill Shed, &c., 13053 (vi) Drill Hall, 13077 (vi). .

Hospital for Trachoma, 14245 (vi).

Iron Foundry, 14247 (vi).

Marine and Fisheries Public Stores,

13053 (vi).

Military Buildings, Dom. Arsenal, see.,

13054 (vi).



Comm ittee- Con.

Public Works-Income-Con.

Harbours and Rivers-Con.

Nova Scotia-Con.

Benoit Cove, Improvement to Boat Landing, 13143 (vi).

Big Harbour (Port Be vis), Wharf, 13143 (vi).

Big Pond, Wharf, 1071 (i).

Breton Cove, Boat Landing, 13151 (vi). Bridgewater Dredging, 1074 (i).

Caribou Island, Causeway, 13179 (vi). Chegoggin Pier, Training Dam, 13179 (vi). Cheticamp Point, Wharf, 13179 (vi). Cheverie, Breakwater Extension, 1078 (i). Church Point, Breakwater, Repairs, 1078


Cow Bay Breakwater, 1078 (i), 13178 (vi). Digby, Pier Renewals, 1083 (i).

Donald's Head, Breakwater Repairs, 13179 (vi).

Drumhead, Breakwater, 1083 (i), 13179 (vi). Duncan's Cove, Wharf, 13179 (vi).

East Bay, Wharf, 13180 (vi).

East Berlin, Breakwater, 13180 (vi).

East End, Cape Sable Island, Boat Harbour, 13180 (vi).

East Jeddore, 13179 (vi).

Economy, Wharf Extension, 1087 (i). Finlay Point, Wharf, 13181 (vi).

Five Islands Wharf, I epairs, 13180 (vi). Fort Lawrence, Landing Pier, 1087 (i), ^ 13181 (vi).

Freeport, Landing Pier, 13182 (vi).

Friar's Head, Boat Harbour, 1087 (i). Frude's Point, Wharf. 13180 (vi).

Gabarus, Breakwater Extension, &c., 13182 (vi).#

Georgeville Wharf, 13198 (vi).

Glace Bay, Harbour Improvements, 1087 (*)[DOT]

Wharf, 13184 (vi).

Grand Etang, Bridge Works, 1095 (i). Grand Narrows, Wharf Repairs, 1094 (i), 13198 (vi).

Grand River, Entrance, 1094 (i).

Granite Village, Mooring Pier, 13182 (vi). Green Cove, Boat Harbour, 1100 (i).

Hall's Harbour Improvement, 13198 (vi). Hawke Point ftilet, Boat Channel, 1102 (i). Herring Cove, Breakwater, 1102 (i).

Indian Harbour Wharf, 13199 (vi). Inverness, Harbour Works, 13199 (vi). Iona, Wharf, 13200 (vi).

Janvrin's Island, Wharf, 1102 (i).

.Tudique, Breakwater Repairs, 1103 (i). Ketch Harbour, Entrance, 13202 (vi). Kingsport, Pier Reconstruction, 1103 (i), 13202 (vi).

L'Ardoise, Breakwater, 13201 (vi).

Larry's River, Breakwater, 1104 (i). Lingan, Beach Protection, 1105 (i). Livingston's Cove, Breakwater, 13200 (vi). Lunenburg, Dredging, 1106 (i).

McKay's Point, Wharf, 13201 (vi). McNutt's Island, Beach Protection, 13201 (vi).

Main-a-Dieu, Breakwater, 13201 (vi). Malagawatch, Boat Channel, 13203 (vi). Malignant Cove, Harbour, 13201 (vi). Margaree, Improvements, 1133 (i). Margaretville, Breakwater, 13202 (vi). Melbourne, Wharf, 13203 (vi).

Meteghan Cove, Breakwater, 1133 (i). Middle River, Pier Dam, 13202 (vi).


Committee- Con.

Public Works-Income-Con.

Harbours and Rivers-Con.

Nova Scotia-Con.

Musquodoboit Harbour, Wharf, 13203 (vi). Necum Teuch, Wharf, 1137 (i), 13203 (vi). Neil's Harbour, Breakwater, 1139 (i).

New Campbellton, Ballast Wharf, 1142 (i). New Harbour, Breakwater Repairs, 1143


Noel, Wharf, 13204 (vi).

North Gut, St. Ann's Wharf, 13203 (vi).. North River, St. Ann's, 13203 (vi).

Ogden's Pond, Channel Protection, 1145 (i), 13204 (vi).

Oyster Pond, Beach Protection, 13204 (vi). Parrsboro, Landing Pier, 13205 (vi). Pembroke, Breakwater, 13205 (vi).

Petit de Grat, Protection Work, &c., 1146

. W- .

Pickett's Pier, 13205 (vi).

Pictou Light Beach, Protection Works, 13205 (vi).

Pleasant Bay. 13205 (vi).

Poirierville, Wharf, 1146 (i), 13205 (vi). Porter's Lake Channel, 13205 (vi).

Port George Breakwater, 1146 (i), 13210 (vi).

Port Greville, Breakwater. 13210 (vi).

Port Hastings, Wharf, 1146 (i). *

Port Hawkesbury, Wharf, 1146 (i).

Port Hood, Harbour, 13206 (vi).

Pier Repaiis, 13206 (vi).

Port Howe, Wharf, 13210 (vi).

Port Latour, Breakwater, 13210 (vi).

Port Maitland, Breakwater, &e., 13211 (vi).

Port aa Pique, Wharf, 13210 (vi).

Sandy Cove, Breakwater, 1149 (i).

Scott's Bay, Breakwater, 13211 (vi).

Short Beach, Breakwater, 1149 (i). Skinner's Cove, Channel, &c., 13213 (vi). South Ingonish, Wharf, 1149 (i).

Spry Bay, Wharf, 13213 (vi).

Summerville, Wharf, 13213 (vi).

Sydney, Quarantine Station, 13213 (vi). Tenecape, Breakwater, 13213 (vi).

Three Fathom Harbour, Beach Protection Works, 1149 (i).

Tiverton, Breakwater, 1149 (i).

Victoria Beach, Wharf, 13213 (vi).

Wallace Harbour, 13216 (vi).

Washabuck Centre, Wharf, 1150 (i).

Wedge Point, Breakwater, 13217 (vi). Wentworth, Wharf, 13216 (vi).

West Arichat, Breakwater, 13217 (vi).

West Baccaro, Harbour Improvements, 1150 (i).

West Bay, Wharf, 13217 (vi).

West Chezzetcook, Breakwater, 13217 (vi). White's Cove, Breakwatt r, 13217 (vi). Windsor Harbour, Sheer Dam, &c., 14248 (vi).

Wolf ville, Wharf, 13217 (vi).

Yarmouth Bar, Repairs, &c., 13218 (vi). Ontario :

Amhprstburg, Dredging, 1185 (i), 13235 (vi). Barrie, Wharf Construction, 1186 (i). Barry's Bay, Wharf, 13236 (vi).

Bayfield, Extension of South Pier, 1188 (i). Belle Riviere, Sheet Piling, 1191 (i). Bowmanville, Breakwater Repairs, 1352 (i). Bracebridge, Wharf, 13236 (vi).

Bronte Harbour, Improvements, 1354 (i). 13236 (vi).

Bruce Mines, Dredging, 5911 (iii).




Committee- Con.

Committee- Con.

Public Works-Income-Con.

Harbours and Rivers-Con.


Burke's Falls, Magnetawan River, 1358 (i). Burlington Channel, Repairs to Piers, &c., 1359 (i), 13237 (vi).

Cobourg, Completion of Repairs, 5909 (iii). Colling wood, Harbour. Improvements,

13239 (vi).

Cumberland, Whaif, 13238 (vi).

Depot Harbour, Breakwater, 1359 (i), 13239 (vi).,

Georgian Bay, Point au Baril Route, 1365

(i). .

Goderich, Harbour, 1365 (i), 13240 (vi). Gore's Landing, Wharf, 13244 (vi).

Grand Bend, Pier, &c., 13239 (vi). Hawkesbury, Dredging, 5909 (iii). Improvements, Repairs, &c., 1369 (i). Kingsville, Breakwater, 13244 (vi).

Lake Temiscamingue, Wharfs, 1376 (i). Leamington, Wharf, 13246 (vi).

Little Bear Creek, Dredging, 13245 (vi). Little Current, Channel, 13245 (vi). Midland Harbour, Dredging, 1376 (i), 5909

(iii), 13246 (vi).

Oakville Pier, Repairs, 1376 (i).

Orillia, New Wharf, 1377 (i).

Owen Sound Harbour, Dredging, &c., 1377


Parry Sound, Wharf, 13248 (vi).

Pembroke, 13248 (vi).

Petawawa Narrows, Ottawa River, 1425 (i), 13251 (vi).

Pickering Harbour,'Dredgingand Repairs, 1377 (i). * .

Point Edward, Dredging, 13249 (vi).

Port Arthur, Breakwater, 13249 (vi).

Port Burwell, Harbour, 13249 (vi).

Port Elgin, Dredging, &c., 1424 (i).

Port Hope, Pier Repairs, &c., 1425 (i).

Port Perry, Harbour, 13249 (vi)

Port Stanley, Dredging, 13249 (vi). Prescott, Dredging, 5915 (iii).

Riviere de Puces, Pile Work, 1425 (i). River St. Lawrence, Wolfe Island Channel,

1427 (i), 13252 (vi).

Rondeau, Harbour, 1427 (i).

Rosedale, Wharf, 13249 (vi).

St. Joseph, Wharf, 3382 (ii).

Sault Ste. Marie, Harbour, &c., 13252 (vi.) Southampton, Harbour Improvements,

1428 (i).

Sturgeon Falls, Wharf, 1431 (i).

Sydenham River, Improvements, &c., 13250 (vi).

Thessalon, Breakwater, 13254 (vi). Thornbury Harbour Works, 1432 (i) Toronto Harbour, Eastern Entrance, 1433 (i), 13254 (vi).

Magann k Phin's Claims, 13255 (vi). Trenton, Dredging, 1434 (i).

Victoria Harbour, Dredging, 13255 (vi). Wash ago Works, Repairs, 13252 (vi). Wendover, Wharf, 1434 (i).

Wiarton Wharf, 13256 (vi).

Prince Edward Island :

Beach Point, Widening boat Channel, 13218 (vi)

Belfast Pier, Dredging, 1153 (i)

Canoe Cove Breakwater, Repairs, &c., 13218 (vi).

Cape Traverse, Carleton Head, Survey, 13218 (vi).

Public Works-Income-Con. Harbours and Rivers- Con.

Prince Edward Island-Con.

Cascumpec Harbour, Closing Breach, 1153 (i).

Cove Head Harbour, Entrance Channel, 1155 (i), 13222 (vi).

Creosoted Timber for Piers, &c., 1155 (i).

Gaspereaux, Fisherman's Harbour, 155 (i).

Higgin's Shore Pier, Reconstruction, 1159 (i), 13222 (vi)

Lewis Point Pier, Repairs, 13223 (vi).

Lower Montague, 1159 (i).

New London, Breakwater, Repairs, 1160 Improvement to Clifton and French Rivers. 13223 (vi).

North Cardigan Pier, Extension, 132^3 (vi).

Point Prim Island, Wharf, 13223 (vi).

Repairs to Piers, &c., 1160 (i).

Richmond Bay, Reconstruction of Wharf near Grand River, 13223 (vi).

Souris, Knight's Point. Breakwater, 1162

(i). [DOT]

Summerside Harbour, Breakwater, 13223 (vi). v

Tignish Harbour. Breakwater, 1162 (i).

Quebec :

Anse aux Gascons, Wharf Extension, 13345 (vi). . .

Anse aux Gris Fonds River, Improvements 13445 (vi).

Anse St. Jean, Wharf Extension, 13445 (vi).

Barachois de Malbaie, Breakwater, 13445 (vi). ... .

Bois Brule Training Pier, &c., 13448 (vi).

Bonaventure East, Breakwater, 13446 (vi).

Caeouna, Wharf Extension, 5896 (iii),13448 (vi).

Caplan, Breakwater, 13448 (vi).

Chambord, Wharf, 13454 (vi).

Chateau Richer, Harbour Improvements, 13454 (vi).

Crane Island, Repairs to Wharf, 1513 (i).

Cross Point, Isolated Landing Pier, 1512

(i). _ .

Deschainbault, Wharf, 13457 (vi).

Desjardins, Allumette Wharf, 13457 (vi).

Doucet's Landing, Dredging, 5907 (iii).

Douglastown, Isolated Block 13457 (vi).

Father Point, Landing Pier, 1513 (i).

Gatineau River, C.P.R. Bridge Protection 13457 (vi).

General Repairs, 5907 (iii), 2241 (i).

Grande Riviere Wharf, New Covering, 13457 (vi).

Grand Valley Pier, 1514 (i).

Hull, Wharf, 5900 (iii).

Isle aux Coudres, Wharf, 2242 (i).

Isle Grosbois, Dredging Channel, 5902 (iii).

Kamouraska, Pier Extension, 13457 (vi).

Lake Nominingue, Wharf, 13460 (vi).

Lake St. John, Wharf, Dredging, 2243 (i), 13459 (vi).

Lake Temiscamingue, Improvements, 2246 (i), 14248 (vi).

Laprairie Ice Piers, &c., 2248 (i), 13460


Le Tableau, Wharf, 2249 (i).

L'lle d'Alma, Removal of Rocks, 2257 (i). Lotbiniere, Wharf Improvements, 13460 (vi).

Lower St. Lawrence, Removal of Rocks, 2257 (i).




Public Works-Income-Con.

Harbours and Rivers-Con.


Magdalen Islands, Breakwater, 2264 (i). Maguasha, Landing Pier, 13461 (vi).

Maria, Pier, 2265 (i).

Mistook (Delisle), Wharf, 13461 (vi).

Mont Louis, Wharf, 13461 (vi).

Murray Bay, Wharf, 2266 (i).

Newport Breakwater Extension, 2277 (i), 13462 (vi).

New Richmond, Breakwater, 13463 (vi). Nicolet River, Dredging, 2278 (i).

Notre Dame duPortage, Wharf, 13463 (vi). Paspebiac, Landing Pier, 13464 (vi).

Perce, Extension Pier, North Cove, 13467 (vi). .

Pierreville, Wharf, 13468 (vi).

Pointe aux Esquimaux, Wharf, 227S (i). Pointe aux Trembles, Wharf, 13468 (vi). Pointe Fortune, Wharf Improvements, 13468 (vi).

Point St. Pierre, Breakwater, 2278 (i).

Port Daniel, Extension Wharf, 13468 (vi). Repentigny, Wharf, 13468 (vi).

Rimouski, Pier Extension, Tidal Basin, 13468 (vi).

River Batiscan, Channel, 2280 (i).

River Cliateauguay, Dredging, 2280 (i),, 3208 (ii).

River Fox, Breakwater, 2279 (i). -

Riviere Jesus, Dredging, 13470 (vi).

Riviere du Loup, Wharf, 2281 (i).

Harbour Improvements, 13476 (vi). Riviere Ouellc, Pier Repairs, 13470 (vi). River St. Francis, Ice Piers, 2282 (i).

River St. Louis, Improvements, 13473 (vi). River St. Maurice, Dredging Eastern Entrance, 2286 (i), 5904 (iii), 13469 (vi). Grand Piles and La Tuque, 2285 (i), 13491 (vi).

River Saguenay, Dredging, 13472 (vi). River Touladie, Improvements, 2286 (i).

St. Alexis, Ha Ha Bay, Pier. 2289 (i).

St. Alphonse, BeiedeHaHa, Wharf, 13489 (vi). .

St. Andre Kamouraska, Pier Extension, 2290 (i), 13492 (vi).

St. Andrew's Landing, Dredging, 5907 (iii) Ste. Anne de la Perade, Bank Protection,

13488 (vi).

Ste. Anne de la Pocatiere, Pier Reconstruction, 13489 (vi).

Ste. Anne du Saguenay, Wharf Improvements, 13488 (vi).

Ste. Anne de Sorel, Ice Piers, 13489 (vi). Sainte Famille, Pier Extension, 13488 (vi). St. Fidele, Wharf, 13493 (vi).

St. Francis Pier, Orleans Island, 2290 (i). St. Fulgence, Wharf, 13491 (vi).

St. Gedeon Islands, Wharf, 13491 (vi).

St. Godefroi de Nouvelle, Breakwater,

13489 (vi).

St. Irene, Wharf, &c., 2291 (i).

St. Jean des Chaillons, Wharf, 13494 (vi). St. Jerome, Wharf, 2291 (i), 5909 (iii).

St. Laurent, Wharf, 5906 (iii).

St. Michel de Bellechasse, Pier Repairs, 13494 (vi).

St. Nicholas, Strengthening Pier, 5905 (iii). St. Simon, Wharf Extension, 13493 (vi). Sabrevois, Wharf Improvements,13485 (vi). Sacre Coeur, Wharf, 13476 (vi).

Seven Islands, Wharf, 13479 (vi).


Comm ittee- Con.

Public Works-Income-Con.

Harbours and Rivers-Con.


Shegawake, Harbour Improvements, 13479 (vi). .

Sorel, Deep Water Wharf, 2291 (i), 3374 (ii), 5921 (iii), 12845. 12869 (vi).

Three Rivers, Harbour, Wharfs, 2296 (i). Valleyfield, Dredging Channel in Bay, 2298 (i), 5905 (iii).

Ville Marie, Wharf, 14248 (vi).

Yamaska Lock Dredging, 13498 (vi).

Yukon :

Lfewes and Yukon Rivers, Improvements, 13306 (vi).

Miscellaneous :

Arbitrations and Awards, Payments re, 13339 (yi). t . ..

Chief Architect's Office, Salaries, 2747 (ii). Chief Engineer's Office, Salaries, &c., 2726 (ii), 13340 (vi).

Insufficient Appropriations, 2925 (ii).

National Art Gallery, 2725 (ii).

Surveys and Inspections, 2715, 2720 (ii). Surveys, Ottawa River Headwaters, 13340 (vi). ' ..

Temporary and Clerical Assistance, 2753 (ii). Transportation Commission, 13362 (vi). Transportation Facilities, Port Colborne, 13024 (vi).

Roads and Bridges :

Bryson Bridge, 13 21 (vi).

Edmonton Bridge, 13323 (vi).

Generally, 2701 (ii).

Hull Slides and Union Bridge, 13321 (vi). North Shore, Telegraph Line, 13322 (vi). Ottawa City, Dulferin and Sappers Bridges, 13321 (vi).

Ottawa City and Vicinity, 2700 (ii).

Peace River to Pelly River, Pack Trail, 13323 (vi).

Portage du Fort, Bridge, 2690 (ii).

Slides and Booms :

Generally, 2690 (ii).

St. Maurice River, 2677 (ii).

Telegraph Lines :

B.C., Alberni-Clayoquot, 5918 (iii). Kamloops-Nicola, Poles,

Mar. Pro vs. :

Cable Lines, 2701 (ii).

Chatham to Tracadie, 13325 (vi).

Deer Island-Eastport, Me., 13325 (vi). N.W.T. :

Alexander Indian Agency, TelephoneLine, 5918 (iii).

Edmonton - Athabasca Landing, 13335 (vi). .

Edmonton to Edmonton Indian Agency,

' 13334 (vi).

Victoria to Andrews, 13335 (vi).

Wood Mountain Post-Willow Bunch, 13335 (vi).

Quebec, Anticosti, Fox Bay-Bescie River, 13325 (vi).

Belle Isle and Mainland, 2712 (ii).

Bersimis to Godbout, 13332 (vi).

Bryon Island and Anticosti, 5917 (iii). Chateau Bay-Belle Isle, Marconi, 13325 (vi). .

Chicoutimi, Ste. Anne to Lac Clair, 13333 (vi).

Godbout, 2711 (ii).




Public Works-Income-Con.

Telegraph Lines-Con.


Island of Orleans, &c., Ste. Famille, 13330 (vi).

Magdalen Islands, Land Lines, 2714 (ii). Murray Bay to St. Catharines Bay, Second Wire, 13326 (vi).

Petite Riviere, St. Agnes, 13334 (vi).

Ste. Anne du Saguenay-Descente des Femmes, 13331 (vi).

Quarantine :

Cattle Quarantine and Veterinary Division, 5502 (iii).

Public Health, &c., 5007 (ii), 5490 (iii).

Public Works Health Act, 4440 (ii).

Tracadie Lazaretto, 4439 (ii).

Mailways and Canals :


Chambly, Electric Station By-wash, 12906 (vi).

Land Damages, 12908 (vi).

Macadamizing Tow Path, 12906,14151 (vi). Cornwall, Electric Plant for Lock Gates, 14134 (vi).

Compensation for Geo. Heath, 14155 (vi). Enlargement, 12895 (vi).

Farran's Point, Acetylene Gas Plant, 14155 (vi).

Enlargement, 7565 (iii), 12898, 14150 (vi). Galojis, Enlargement, 7803, 8268 (iv), 12899, 14141, 14644 (vi)

Generally, Operating Expenses, &c., 12920,

^ 14157 (vi).

Salaries, Contingencies, Collectors' Offices, 12933 (vi).

Sunday Service, 12929 (vi).

Grenville, 12909 (vi).

To pay Henry Tucker re Investigation,

14156 (vi).

Lachine, Electrical Appliances, 7806 (iv),

14142 (vi).

Enlargement, &c., 12903 (vi).

Gratuity to Family of late F. Gnilbault,

14157 (vi).

Lock Gate Protection, 14142 (vi).

Paving Mill St., 14153 (vi).

Renewing Masonry of Lock No. 2, 12906 (vi). '

Lake St. Francis, Protection to South Side, 14152 (vi).

Lake St. Louis, 12904 (vi).

Murray, To purchase W. H. Johnson'sHouse,

14143 (vi).

Wire Fencing, 14150 (vi).

North Channel, Dam, 4c., 7803 (iv), 12899, 14142 (vi).

St. Ours Lock, 12908 (vi).

Landing Wharfs, 12908, 14154 (vi).

Rapide Plat, 12898 (vi).

Rideau, Brasses' Point Bridge, 7808 (iv). Concession St., Ottawa, Bridge, 14150 (vi). Hog's Back, Swing Bridge, 12904 (vi).

Sault Ste. Marie, Construction, &c., 7500 (iii),

_ 12904 (vi).

St. Lawrence Canals, Surveys, Lifting Boulders, &c., 12900 (vi).

Soulanges, Construction, &c., 7549 (iii).

To pay Geo. Goodwin re Contract, 14142


To pay J. and M. O'Leary re Claim, 14651 (vi).

To repair Breach in Bank, 14153 (vi). Trent, Construction, 7551 (iii), 14645 (vi).



Railways and Canals-Con.



Peterborough, 4a, Entrance Piers, 14645 (vi).

Repairs and Dredging, 14645 (vi).

To pay Corry and Laverdure re Claim, 14651 (vi).

Welland, Deepening Long Level, 14148 (vi). Dunnville Dam, &c., 7809 (iv).

Electric Light Plant, 12900, 14148 (vi). Foundations for Elevator, Port Colborne, 14149 (vi).

Improvements at Port Colborne Entrance,

, 12902 (vi).

Improving Drainage along Feeder, 12905 (vi).

Land Damages, Grand River, 7805 (iv). Lock Valves, &e., 12905 (vi).

Lowering Mitre Sills, &c., 7804 (iv), 14149 (vi).

Removing Obstructions, 7804 (iv), 12902 (vi).

* Rock Cut, Port Colborne to Humberstone,

14148 (vi).

Stone Protection to Banks of old Canal, 12904 (vi).

Summit Level Deepening, Port Col Dome to Thorold, 12903 (vi).

Surveying Lands, &c., 12905 (vi). Williamsburg, Gate, Lifter, 14149 (vi). Overseer's House, 14150 (vi).

Working Scow, 14154 (vi).


Investigations into Ry. Accidents, 14154 (vi). Litigation, 12911 (vi).

Ry. Commission, Salaries, &c., 14155 (vi.) Salaries of Engineers, Draftsmen, &c., 12910 (vi).

Works not provided for, 12910 (vi).


C.P.R., Canada Central and Brockville & Ottawa Rys., Amalgamation, 14133 (vi). Grand Trunk Pacific Ry., Surveys, &e., 14646 (vi).

Grand Trunk Ry., Rental, 12887 (vi). Intercolonial Ry. :

Additional Sidings, Facilities, ho., 14055, 14081, 14107 (vi).

Aii- Brakes on Freight Cars, 7527 (iii), 8281

(iv) .

Passenger Cars, &a, 8311 (iv).

Amqui, Increased Accommodation, 12601

(v) .

Topic:   SUPPLY.

Anchor S.S.

Library-, Purchase of Books, &c.: in Com.

of Sup., 3402, 3405 (ii).

N. W. Tkrs., Additional Judge : in Com. of

Sup., 14257 (vi).

Registrar : See ' Registrar'.

Reporter's Salary: in Com. of Sup., 3402


Reports, Binding, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 3405


Salary of Mr. E. R. A. Taschereau : in

Com. of Sup., 14257 (vi).

Surtax, German, &c. '.See ' Curtoms Tariff Act'.

See 1 Customs Act ', ' Customs Tariff ', &c.

Surveys and Inspections : in Com. bf Sup., 2715, 2720 (ii), 13784 (vi).

Surveys for G.T.P.Ry. : in Com. of Sup., 14646 (vi). See 'G.T.P.Ry',

Surveys, Instruments, Purchase, &c. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 6815 (iii).

Sussex, Armoury : in Com. of Sup., 965 (i).

construction, &c., overseer's qualifications : Ques. (Mr. Fowler), 8331 (iv).

Brigade Camp : Ques. (Mr. Fowler), 3235 (ii).

Roundhouse, Gates, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Fowler),

4672 (ii).

Station Grounds, I. C. R. : Remarks (Mr. Foioler), in Com. of Sup., 12601 (v).

Swamp Lands, Construction of Road, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 6927 (iii).

Swim's Point, N. S. : Wharf Extension : in Com. of Sup., 13211 (vi).

SWINEHAMMER, GeO., LlGHTKEEPER AT PEGGY'S COVE : Ques. (Mr. Borden, Hfx.), 2312 (i).

Quarantine Station, Wharf Extension: in

Com. of Sup., 13213 (vi).

Sydney Mines, N.S.v'Post Office, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 13028 (vi).

Sydney, North, Station Imrhovementk : in Com. of Sup., 14089 (vi).

Tadocsac and St. Catherine's BaySS. Subvention: in Com. of Sup., 13695 (vi).

Target Practices, &c. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 3772 (ii).

Tariff Bi'i.i, : See ' Customs Bills, 174 and 273' (i). Tariff Changes : Remarks (Mr. Fielding) 1406; (Mr. Borden, Bfx.) 1489 (i).

Tariff, Changes, Free List, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Clare) 817 (i).

Manufactuhers'Delegation re: Remarks (Mr. Ingram) 265 (i).

Tariff Negotiations with France : Tel. read (Mr. Bord.cn, Bfx.) 4957 (ii).

Tariff Policy of tiie Govt. : Amt. (Mr. Tarte) to Com. of Sup., 4843, 4875 ; Neg. (Y. 50 ; N. 102) 4955 (ii).

Debate : (Mr. Brock) 4880 ; (Mr. Reid, Grenville) 4884; (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) 4889; (Mr. Demers, Iberville) 4901; (Mr. Sproule) 4908 ; (Mr. Bell) 4912 ; (Mr. Gourley) 4919; (Mr. Johnston, C.B.) 4921; (Mr. Ross, Victoria) 4926 ; (Mr. Osier) 4929; (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 4931 ; (Mr. Field ing) 4920, 4937; (Mr. Johnston, Cardwell) 4943 ; (Mr. Bourassa) 4945; (Mr. Horthrup) 4951 (ii).

Remarks (Mr. Tarte) 4263 (ii).

Tariff Protection, Govt. Policy: Remarks (Mr. Brock) in Com. of Sup., 6684, 6707 (iii).

Protection, &c. : in Com. on Binder Twine B

233: Remarks (Mr. Maclean), 7304-7392 (iii). Tariff Revision, Cor. re : Inquiry for Ret. (Mr. Tarte), 3003 (ii).

Tariff Taxation, &c. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., on Immigration, 6861 (iii).

Taylor, Geo. L., Police Magistrate, Yukon, Salary, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3415 (ii). Telegraph and Telephones, in Com. on Ry. Act Amt. B., 5513 (iii).

Telegraph Lines, &o.: in Com. of Sup., 2701 (ii).

B.C., in Com. of Sup., 2952 (ii), 5826 (iii),

1333V (vi).

working expenses : in Com,, of Sup., 13368


N.W.T.: in Com. of Sup., 2991 (ii).

P.E.I.: in Com. of Sup., 13326 (vi).

PE. I. and Mainland: in Com. of Sup.,

2988 (ii).

P. E. I., Res. of Board of Trade : in Com.

of Sup., 2702 (ii).

Quebec : in Com. of Sup., 5917 'iii).

1 St. Lawrence : in Com. of Sup., 5007 (ii).

Working Expenses: in Com. of Sup., 14041


Telegraph Operators, Salaries : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 3418, 3509 (ii).

Topic:   SUPPLY.

Telephone Companies B.

See ' Railway Act '.

Telephones, &.C.: See 'Canadian Telephone,' &c.

Telephone Agreement with C.P.R.: Remarks in Com. on Ry. Bill (Mr. Maclean) 5513 (iii).

Telephone Cos. in Mar . Pro vs., Names, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 2585 (ii). ,

Telephones in Ottawa Buildings : in Com. ol Sup., 1013 (i).

Telephone Legislation : Remarks (Mr. Maclean) 291, 409 (i).

N.B.: in Com. of Sup., 13325 (vi).

N.W.T.: in Com. of Sup., 5918 (iii).

Service Long Distance in H. of C.: Remarks

(Mr. Reid, Grenville) 5088 (ii).

Telescope for Ottawa Observatory : in Com. of Slip., 6792 (iii).

Temiscamingue Lake, Repairs to Wharfs: in Com. of Sup., 1376 (i), 14248 (vi).

See ' Lake Temiscamingue.'

Temporaries in P.O. Dept., Transfer to Permanent Staff : in Com. of Sup., 13994 (vi).

Tenders re Govt. Contracts, Injustice to English Firms: Remarks (Mr. Clarke) 8405 (iv).

Tenecape, N.S., Breakwater : in Com. of Sup. 13213 (vi).

Tents, for Immigrants, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 6849


Tents for N.W. Mounted Police, Tenders, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Tar/lor) 3S04 (ii), 5764 (iii).

Terrebonne, Indian Reserve : M. for Cor.* (Mr. Desjardins) 288 (i).

Post Office Buildings, &c. : M. for Cor.*

(Mr. Desjardins) 289 (i).


Thessalon Breakwater : in Com. of Sup., 13254 (vi).

Thetford Mines, Post Office: in Com. of Sup., 441 (i).

Thompson, Mr. P., '.Labour Gazette', Cor., Toronto, Remuneration : Remarks (Mr. Clarice) in Com. of Sup., 7152 (iii).

Thornbcky Harbour Works, Repairs, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 1432 (i).

Three Fathom Harbour Beach Works : in Com. of Sup., 1149 (i).

Three Rivers, Custom House, Heating, &o. : in Com. of Sup., 13069 (vi).

RETAINING wall : in Com. of Sup., 13080 (vi).

Harbour, Additional Wharves : in Com.

of Sup., 2296 (i).

Ticket of Leave Act, Release, &c. : M. for Ret. (Mr. Casgrain) 566 (i).

Ques. (Mr. Casgrain) 96 (i).

Tidal Service, Salaries, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 4114 (ii).

See ' Marine ' &c.

Ties, issued, purchased, used on I.C.R., fee. : M. for Ret,* (Mr. Haggart), 3805 (ii).

Ques. (Mr. Emmerson), 1679 (i).

Tignish Breakwater, Rubuieding, &o. : in Com. of

Sup., 1162 (i).

Tilsonburg, Lake Erie and Pacific Rt. Co.'s Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14314, 14345 (vi).

Amt. (Mr. Henderson), 14737, 14739 (vi).

Tilsonburg to Woodstock Ry. Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14511 (vi).

Timber and Tree Planting, Protection, &c. :*in

Com. of Sup., 13775, 14272 (vi).

See ' Tree Planting '.

Timber Licenses granted to Canf. Bros. : Ques. (Mr. Bennett), 2757 (ii).

Timigami Ry. to Sturgeon Falls, Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14428 (vi).

Tiverton Breakwater : in Com. of Sup., 1149 (i).

Tobacco Agent, Mr. Dugas, Amts, paid to : Ques.

(Mr. Monk), 1034 (i).

Tobacco Combine, Chairman's Rep. : Ques. (Mr. [DOT] Monk), 1297 (i).

Expenditure : in Com. of Sup., 8267 (iv).

Tobacco Duties collected in 1902, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Henderson), 2103 (i).

collected IN 1903 : Ques. (Mr. Henderson),

12217 (v).

Duty on Foreign Leaf, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Clancy), 446 (i).

Excise Duties, Par. in Toronto ' Globe ' re

Increase : Remarks (Mr. Henderson), 5701 (iii).

Stamps, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 5373 (iii).

Tobin Co.'s Pulp Mill : Remarks in Com. on Ry. Subsidies, 14462 (vi).

Toronto, Additional Postal Station : in Com. of Sup., 13112 (vi).

Toronto, Armoury: in Com. of Sup., 972(i), 13086 (vi).

paving, itc. ; in Com. of Sup., 13115 (vi).

Toronto Armoury, letters re enlargement : Read (Mr. Clarke), in Com. of Sup., 3614 (ii).

Toronto Board of Trade, Res. re Grain Standards :[DOT] Remarks (Mr. Clarke), 11177 (v).

Toronto Custom House: in Com. of Sup., 647, 957


Magann and Phin, Claims : in Com. of Sup.,

13255 (vi).

Total Amount paid by Govt, on Harbour,

&c. : M. for Stmnt * (Mr. Grant). 534, 1203 (i).

Toronto Industrial Exhibition, Govt. Aid to : in Com. of Sup., 13501 (vi).

Toronto Island; Damage by Storms, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 5589 (iii).

Toronto and James Bat Ry. Subsidy : Remarks (MrrBrock) 14358, 14443 (vi).

Toronto Labour Council and Tel. re Mechanics fkom Eng. : Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 1854 (i).

Sec 'Can. Foundry Co.' &c,

Toronto, Lindsay and Pembroke Ry. Co.'s Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14314 (vi).

Tobonto, Military Buildings for Magazine : in Com. of Sup., 13115 (vi).

storehouses : in Com. of Sup., 13086 (vi).

Post Office : in Cum. of Sup., 5842 (iii).

additional story: in Com. of Sup., 13096


branch office : in Com. of Sup., 5920 (iii).

enlargement, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 956 (i).

Public Buildings, Renewals, &c. : in Com. of

Sup., 956 (i).

Public Works Employees, Delay in Payment: Ques. (Mr. Clarke) 5588 (iii).

Toronto Junction Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 650 (i).

Touladie River Improvements: in Com. of Sup., 2286 (i).


"Townsend" Valve, re Lock Gates, Welland Canal : in Com. of Sup., 12905 (vi).

Tracadie, Customs Collector, Dismissal : Ques.

(Mr. Wilmot) 543 (i).

Lazaretto : in Com. of Sup., 4439 (ii), 13038


Trachoma, Epidemic re Immigrants : in Com. of Sup., 5493 (iii).

Hospital in Quebec : in Com. of Sup., 14245

Immigrants, Medical Inspection, &c. : in

Com. of Sup., 6662, 6695, 6843 (iii).

Trackmen's Increase of Wages, I.C.R. : Ques. (Mr. Kendall) 1297 (i).

Increase of Salaries : Remarks (Mr. Lefurgey) in Com. on B. 257, 12558 (v).

See 'North Atlantic.'

iNCREASE of Wages : Remarks in Com. of

Sup., 12874, 14083 (vi).

Trade Combinations, Investigation Expenses : in Corn, of Sup., 14654 (vi).

See ' Lumber.'

Trade Commissioner in London, Eng. : Remarks (Mr. Kemp) 3497 (ii).

Tradesmen's Accounts for H. of C. : in Com. of Sup., 14115 (vi).


Allan's Contract re Atlantic Service, Discriminating Rates re Can. Eheight : Remarks (Mr. Clarke) in Com. of Sup., 13674 (vi).

See ' Atlantic Fast SS. '

Allan Line Steamships withdrawn from St.

John : Remarks (Mr. Fowler) 13937,14064 (vi)! Atlantic Fast Ss. Service, Allan's Contract : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 7573 (iv), 13672 (vi).

Ques. (Mr. Koche, Hfx.) 7091 (iii).

Atlantic Fast Service, Withdrawal ok Allan Steamers from St. John: Remarks (Mr Fowler) 13937, 14064 (vi).

See 'C.P.R.'

Atlantic Fast Service, Govt. Policy : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 4007 (ii).

Inquiry (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) for Stmnt.,

4445 (ii). '

Petersen, Tate & Co.'s Deposit: in

Com. of Sup., 6953 (iii).

Amt. (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) to Com. of Sup.,

14158 (vi). y '

Remarks re Amt. to Sup. (Mr. Borden.

Hfx.) 13948 (vi). '

Tenders : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.)

3882, 4120 (ii). ' 1 1

Australia and Can. SS. Subvention : in Com.

of Sup., 5880 (iii), 13677 (vi).

Binder Twine, Bounties, &o.: Ques. of Order (Mr. Hep. Speaker) 7305 (iii).

Binder Twine, Circular issued re Sales : Ques. (Mr. Leonard) 4180 (ii).

Binder Twine Inspection, Administration of,

See.: in Com. of Sup., 7763, 7772 (iv).

Apfnht. of Inspector, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Wilson) 4959 (ii), 5588 (iii).

Methods of collecting Penalties, &c. :

Ques. (Mr. Alcorn) 14684 (vi).

Quantity imported from U.S. : Ques.

(Mr. Clarke) 7565 (iv).

M. (Mr. Douglas) to cone, in Rep. on

Agriculture, &c. 13788 (vi).

See general heading.

Can. and Australia Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 5880 (iii), 13677 (vi).


LAN. and G. B. Mail Subsidy: in Com. of Sup.,

7728 (iv). v '

, See 'G.B. and Can. '

Can. and S. Africa Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 5878 (iii), 7746 (iv).

C.P.R. Steamers leaving St. John : Remarks (Mr. Fielding) in Com. of Sup., 14076 (vi).

See ' Allan '

Chamber of Commerce in Paris, Cor., &c. :

Ques. (Mr. Monk) 1297 (i).

Chinese Immigration Act, Administration of : in Com. of Sup., 7759 (iv).

Commercial Agencies: in Com. of Sup., 7760 (iv).

Duties, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Thomson, Grey) 4360 (ii).

Dkptl. Rep. : Presented (Sir Richard Cartwright)* 92 (i).

Deptl. Vote : in Com. of Sup., 7573, 7759 (iv). Fast Mail Line :

See ' Atlantic.'

France and Canada SS. Service: Tel. read (Mr. Borden. Halifax) 4957 (ii).

See ' Ocean Steamship Subsidies Bill.'

Freights on Ocean Vessels : See ' Freight Rates. '

Freight Rates between Can. and G.B. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 7582 (iv).

*-Remarks (Mr. Hughes, Victoria) in Com. of Sup., 7582 (iv).

Provision in Contract re Discrimination : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 13677 (vi) Furness-Withy Co.'s SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 7734 (iv).

Gasp!: and Dalhousie SS. Subvention : in Com.

^ of Sup., 7756 (iv).

Grain Shipments from Port Arthur and Ft.

William : Ques. (Mr. Holmes) 542 (i).

Grand Manan and Mainland and SS. Sub-[DOT] vention : in Com. of Sup., 7742 (iv).

G B. and Can. Mail Service : in Com. of Sup.,

^ 7573, 7728 (iv). H '

G.B. and Canada SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 13672 (vi).

See 'Atlantic Fast SS. Service, ' &c.

Halifax and Canso Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 6002 (iii).

Halifax and Liverpool via Nfld, Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 7730 (iv).

Haycock, .1 os., Appnmt. as|Inspector of Binder Twine : Ques. (Messrs Wilson and Taylor) 4959

Appnmt. as Inspector of Binder Twine :

in Com. of Sup. 7763, 7772 (iv).

Ques. (Mr. Wilson) 5588 (iii).

Hides Inspections, Tel. from W. F. Maclean, M. P.: Read (Mr. Sproule), 3969 (ii).

Hides Inspector at Quebec, Geo. Rqy, &c. : Ques. (Mr. C/asgrain), 3627 (ii).

Hides, Trade with Australia : Remarks (Mr Hughes, Victoria), 7748 (iv), 13678 (vi).

Topic:   SUPPLY.

Magdalen Islands SS.

Subvention : i n Com. of Sup., 7741 (iv), 13675 (vi).

Mail Subsidies and SS. Subventions : in Com of Sup., 5878, 5997 (iii), 7573, 7728 (iv), 13672, 14249 (vi).

Manchester and Montreal SS. Subventions: in Com. of Sup.. 7745 (iv).

Paris Chamber of Commerce :

See ' Chamber of Commerce.'

Paspebiac and Gasp6 Basin SS. Subvention : m Com. of Sup., 13694 (vi).

Petersen, Tate & Co.'s Deposit Cheque : in Com. of Sup., 6953 (iii).

Petit de Grat and I.C.R. Terminus at Mulgrave, SS. Subvention: in Con. of Sup., 14249




P.E.I. and G.B. Mail Subsidy : in Com. of Sup., 6001 (iii), 7744 (iv).

P.E.I. and Mainland SS. Subvention: in Com. of Sup., 7741 (iv).

P.E.I. and Newfoundland SS. Subvention: in Com. of Sup., 13676 (vi).

St. Catherine's Bat and Tadousac SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 13695 (vi).

St. John and Belfast SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 7731 (iv).


and Digby SS. Subvention : in Com. of

Sup., 7739 (iv).

and Glasgow SS. Subvention : in Com.

of Sup., 7730 (iv), 13673 (vi).

and Halifax SS. Subvention : in Com. of

Sup., 7742 (iv).

and London SS. Subvention : in Com. of

Sup., 7734 (iv).

St. John and W. Indies SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 7740 (iv).

St. Lawrence Route and Fast Atlantic Service : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 7584 (iv).

See ' Marine, ' etc.

St. Stephen and Back Bay SS. Subvention: in Com. of Sup., 7759 (iv).

S. Africa and Can. SS. Subvention : in Com.

of Sup., 5878 (iii), 7746 (iv).

Sydney and Bay St. Lawrence SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 13677 (vi).

Tadocsac and St. Catherine's Bay SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 13695 (vi).

Trade Commissioner in London, Eng.: Remarks (Mr. Kemp) 3497 (ii).

' Tunisian ' and ' Bavarian,' RateofSpeed,Ac. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 13672 (vi).

Victoria, B. C., and Vancouver Island, SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 13694 (vi).

. Victoria and San Francisco SS. Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 7741 (iv).

Trading and Exploring Company's Expenses re Yukon Trail : in Com. of Sup., 5826 (iii).

Traffic in N. W. T., Blockade, Ac.: Remarks (Mr Scott) on M. for Sup., 2424 (i).

Traffic Rates, I. C. R.: Inquiry for Papers (Mr Bell) 3712 (ii).

See 'I. C. R.'

Trans-Canada Ry. Co., Application to Govt, for Subsidy : Ques. (Mr. Monk) 1026 (i).

Trans-Canada Ry. and G. T. Pacific, Par. in Toronto ' News ' re Sale : Remarks (Mr. Monk) 7566 (iv).

Contract with Govt., Ac.: Ques. (Mr. Wilmot) 2759 (ii); Personal Explanation (Mr. Blair) 2794 (ii).

M. for Cor (Mr. Tarte) 672 (i).

See 'G.T P.Ry.', Ac.

Topic:   SUPPLY.

Ottawa City Improvement Commission Act Amt. B.@

Ques. of Order (Mr. Sproule) 7726 (iv).

and Sir William Mulock's Speech : Remarks

(Mr. Haggart) 367 (i).

Declarations by Ministers : Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 2308 (i).

Govt. Policy : Remarks (Mr. Monk) 5765 (iii).

Proposals to Govt.: Ques. (Mr. Monk) 874 (i).

Representations re Military Purposes :

Ques. (Mr. Casgrain), 541 (i).

Sec 'G.T. Pacific.'


Translation of Parliamentary Papers : Remarks (Mr. Casgrain), 545 (i).

Translators of Debates, Rental of Offices : Ques. (Mr. Blain), 3799 (ii).

Ques. (Mr. Clarke), 2311 (i).

Transport and Freight for Military Purposes : in Com. of Sup., 3752 (ii).

Transportation Commission and Tariff Inquiry, Par. in Montreal " Herald ": Remarks (Mr. Monk), 853 (i).

Transportation Commission, Appnmt. of Chairman : Remarks (Sir Wilfrid Laurier), 9582 (iv).

Transportation Commission, Ac., Appnmt. of Commissioners : Notification (Sir Wilfrid Laurier), 5137 (iii).

Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 1199 (i), 3129,

4840 (ii), 9819 (iv).

Appnmt. of Sir Wm. Vanhorne : Remarks

(Mr. Borden, Halifax), 7297 (iii).

Discussion of re Sorel Wharf : Remarks

(Mr" Brock), in Com. of Sup., 12849 (vi).

'Expenditure re : in Com. of Sup., 13362 (vi).

^Formation, Ac. : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 9819 (iv).

Further Arrangements, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 9458 (iv).

Instructions, Ac. : Remarks (Mr. Borden,

Halifax), 4120 (ii).

Meetings, Business transacted, Ac.: Ques.

(Mr. Clarke), 13027 (vi).

O. C. re Appnmts .: M. for Copies (Mr. Tarte),

1324 (i).

Personnel, Ac.: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 4727 (ii), 7206 (iii).

Sir Wm. Vanhorne's Views re: Ques. (Mr. Barker), 8330 (iv).

Transportation Facilities, Govt. Policy re, on M. for Com. of Sup., (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 3432(ii). Debate : (Sir Wilfrid Laurier), 3438 ; (Mr. Sproule), 3442; (Mr. Haggart), 3444 ; (Mr. Tarte), 3451; (Mr. Hughes, Victoria), 3456 ; (Mr. Charlton), 3459; (Mr. TJep. Speaker), Irregularity of debate, 3470, 3499 ; (Mr. Casgrain), 3471 ; (Mr. Oliver), 3479; (Mr. Bickerdikc), 3483; (Mr Kemp), 3186; (Mr. Osier), 3490; (Mr. Pringle), 3493; (Mr. Bell), 3497 ; (Mr. Clare), 3505 (ii).

Transportation Facilities, Port Colborne : in Com. of Sop., 13024 (vi).

re St. Lawrence, Ac. : in Com. of Sup., 3365


Transportation from the N.W.T.: See 'Ry. Traffic ', Ac.

Transportation Policy re Speech from Throne : Remarks (Mr. Haggart), 6404 (iii).

Trap Nets in Gulf St. Lawbencf, Pet. re : Ques. (Mr. Lemieux), 2917 (ii).

Treadgold and Transportation Commission, Inquiry, re (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 4840 (ii).

Remarks (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 4960 (ii).


Treadgold Concessions : Amt. (Mr. Casgrain), to Com. of Sup., 2796 ; Neg. (Y. 52 ; N. 95), 2914 ; (Amt.) 2826 (ii).

Debate: (Sir William. Mulock), 2826; (Mr. Pringle) 2842; (Mr. Blair) 2863 ; (Mr. Porter) 2873 ; (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 2880; (Mr. Borden, Efx.) 2887; (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 2898; (Mr: Barker) 2906 ; (Mr. Osier) 2912 (ii). .

Notice of Motion (Mr. Casgrain) 2424 (i).

Treadgold Concessions, Instructions to Commission, &o. : Amt. (Mr. Casgrain) to Com. of Sup., 4486 ; Neg. (Y. 40; N. 88) 4546 (ii).

Debate : (Sir William Mulock) 4499; (Mr. Monk) 4505; (Mr Borden, Hfx.) 4509 ; (Mr.Blair) 4513 ; (Mr. Tarte) 4522; (Mr. Northrup) 4525; (Mr. Fitzpatrick) 4533 ; (Mr. Haygart) 4536 ; (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 4541; (Mr. Davis) 4544 (ii).

Treadgold Commission, Appnmt., &c. : Notification (Sir Wilfrid Laurier} 5137 (iii).

'_____and Dawson Board of Trade, Memorial re :

Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 1224 (i).

______Appnmt. of Commission : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 3298, 3303, 3713 (ii).

______Appnmt. of Commissioners : Remarks (Mr. Casgrain), 3864 (ii). (

Corrected Answer (Mr. Sifton), 6803 (iii).

______Engineer's Rep. to Min. of .Tus,, 2798 (ii).

______Eree Representations, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Bell)

5990 (iii).

______Free Representations : Tel. read (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 6427 (iii)______Inquiry for Papers (Mr. Borden, Hfx.), 3397


______Inquiry for Rep. of Commissioner (Mr. Borden,

Hfx.), 13134,13258 (vi),

______Instructions to Commission ; Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.), 4120, 4564 (ii), 5242 (iii).

______Letter from Dawson Board of Trade, 2818

(ii) .

Letter from Hon. J. H. Ross re Lib. Convention, 2817 (ii).

______Letter to Senator Wood from Holme,

Miller & Co., 2807 (ii).

______Liberal Asso'cn, Pet., 2821 (ii).

______Lib. Platform, Convention, 2842 (ii).

______pledges of Hon. J. H. Ross, 2843 (ii).

______'Morning Sun', Quotations, &c., 2804 (ii).

______< Morning Sun ', Reps, of Dawson City

Meeting, 2808 (ii).

______Names of Commissioners: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 4727 (ii).

______Par. in Dawson Newspapers re Evidence,

&c. : Remarks (Mr. Monk) 11064 (v).

______Personnel: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.)C>638,

(iii) .

______Pet. by Yukon Citizens to Gov. Gen., 2798

(ii). ..

______Pringle, Mr., Speech at Bonanza, 2822 (u).

______Representations, &c. : Remarks (Mr. Borden,

Hfx.) 6638 (iii), 7927 (iv).

________ Resolutions of Dawson Citizens' Meeting

1902, 2810 (ii).

Treadgold Concessions, Resolutions re Liberal Convention, 2815 (ii).

Sec. 14, &c.: .Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.)

4593 (ii).

Tappan Abney's Remarks in " Harpers.

Weekly ", 2849 (ii).

Tel. from Dawson Board of Trade re Pets

&o. : Ques. (Mr. Bell) 1195 (i).

Tel. from Board of Trade, Dawson : Read

(Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 8085 (iv).

Tel. from W. A. Beddoe re Commissioner's

Refusal to produce Files : Read (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 9818 (iv).

Remarks re (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 9979 (iv).

Treadgold Exhibits, Glasgow Exhibition: in Com. of Sup., 4612 (ii).

Treadgold, Hydraulic Leases, &c.: M. for Cor.* (Mr. Bell), 288 (i).

Treasury Board : See ' Auditor General. '

Tree Culture, N.W.T.: in Com. of Sup., 6773 (iii).

Tree Planting : in Com. of Sup., 13775 (vi).

See 'Timber.'

Trent Canal, Construction : in Com. of Sup., 7551 (iii), 14645 (vi).

Employment of Medical Officers: Ques. (Mr. Hughes, Victoria), 8117 (iv).

Hastings and Trenton, Tenders, &c.: Ques.

(Mr. Ward), 129 (i).

Messrs. Corry & La verdure, Interest re

Arbritation : in Com. of Sup., 14651 (vi).

Payment to Thos. Dodds: Ques. (Mr. Htighes,

Victoria), 8118 (iv).

Peterborough Entrance Pier : in Com. of

Sup., 14645 (vi).

Rep. of W. McLeod, Sic. : Ques. (Mr. Porter),

12716 (vi).

Rosedale Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 13249 (vi).

Turnpike Trust, Montreal, Indebtedness, &c. : M. for Stmnt. (Mr. Monk) 672 (i).

Turtle Mountain Land Slide, Investigation, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 13965 (vi).

See 'Frank.'

Two-CentFare Clause, G. T. Ry.,Repeal oe, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Maclean) 11828 (v).

Remarks (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 12714 (vi).

U. S. Immigration Officers, Newport Vt., Treatment of English Delegates : Remarks (Mr. Clarke) 12495 (v).

U. S. Indemnity to Fishermen, Cor. &c. : M. (Mr. Lemicux) for Cor.*, 3236 (ii).

U. S. Instructions to Masters of Vessels re Customs Manifest and Postage, &c. : Remarks (Mr. Taylor) 5664 (iii).

Unprovided Items : in Com. of Sup., 6093 (iii).

Upper Ottawa Improvement Co. : in Com. of Sup., 2974 (ii).

Upper Salmon River: in Com. of Sup., 1184 (i).

Vacancies in Electoral Districts: Notification (Mr. Speaker) 2 (i).

Valiquette, Mr. J. A., Appnmt. as Stenographer in Yukon : Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 4005 (ii).

Valleyfif-ld, Dredging : in Com. of Sup., 5905 (iii).

Election: See 'Beauharnois.'

Labour Strike, Payment of Militia : Ques.

(Mr. Clarke) 13371 (vi).

Post Office, Erection, Purchase of Site,

&o. : Ques. (Mr. Monk) 98 (i).

Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 443 (i).

Post Office, Tenders re : Ques. (Mr. Taylor)

11187 (v).

Strike, Pay of Men, &c. : Remarks in Com.

of Sup., 3586, 3753 (ii).

P.O., Inspector, Salary: in Com. of Sup.,

14000 (vi).

Vankleek Hill Postal Service, Complaints re: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Iff?.) on cone., 14764 (vi). [DOT]

Vegetables imported from U.S., Duty collected at Toronto and Montreal : M. for Ret.* (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 1058 (i).

See 'Market'.

Veniot, P.I., Customs Collector at Bathurst : Ques. (Mr. Wilmot) 3629 (ii).

Ventilation in H. of C.: in Com. of Sup., 488, 975


Remarks (Mr. Bell) in Com. of Sup., 13006 (vi).

Fans, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Taylor) 4362 (ii),

6406 (iii).

Vestibule Equipment for I.C.R. Cars : in Com. of Sup., 7520 (iii), 12600 (v).

Veterans, Canadian, Pet. re Military Service, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Bourassa) 11188 (v).

Veterinary, Chief Inspectors, Salaries, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Monk) 1591 (i).

Veterinary Division, Quarantine : in Com. of Sup., 5502 (iii).

Victoria Bridge, Montreal, Amounts paid by Govt. : Mj for Ret. * (Mr. Monk) 706 (i).

Victoria and San Francisco S.S. Subvention : in Com of Sup., 7741 (iv).

Victoria, B.C. and Vancouver Island, SS Subvention : in Com. of Sup., 13694 (vi).

Victoria Geological Museum : in Com. of Sup., 365 (i), 14243 (vi).

See 'Public Works, &c,'

Victoria Memorial, London, Contribution of Canada : in Com. of Sup., 14655 (vi).

Victoria, N.W.T. to Andrews, Tel. Line : in Com. of SufS., 13335 (vi).

Victoria, N.S., Beach Wharf : in Com. of Sup., 13213 (vi).

Ville Marie Wharf, Repairs: in Com. of Sup., 14248 (vi).

Visitors in H. of C. Corridors : Ques. of Priv. (Mr. Lennox) 11427, 11557 (v).

Volunteers of Man. and N.W.T., Land Scrip, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Scott) 820 (i).

Voters' Lists, Contingent Expenses : in Com. of Sup., 5274 (iii).

See ' Electoral Lists. '

Vowell, Mr., Indian Supt., Salary : in Com. of , Sup., 13785 (vi).

Wabt, Indian Prisoner, Legal Expenses : in Com. of Sup., 6418 (iii).

Wadsworth, Mr., Indian Inspector : in Com. of Sup., f|425(iii).

Wagner', D. J., Salary Increase : Remarks (Mr. Fowler) in Com. of Sup., 14256 (vi).

Walkerville Bridge Co., Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14509 (vi).

Wallaceburg Post Office : in Com. of Sup., 505 (i).


Wallace, David Wabdrope, Member for Electoral District of Russell : Introduced, 1642 (i). Wallace Harbour, N.S., Ferry Landings : in Com. of Sup., 13216 (vi).

Walpole Customs House : in Com. of Sup., 3961 (ii). Walpole Island Indians : in Com. of Sup., 6412 (iii). Waltham Station to Ferguson Point, Rt. Subsidy : in Com. on Res., 14448 (vi).

Wahhabuck Centre Wharf: in Com. of Sup., 1150 (i). .

Washington, Mr. Hector, Rep. re Land Values : Remarks re in Com. of Sup., 4430 (ii).

Water Supply for Dom. Buildings : in Com. of Sup., 1067 (i).

Water Supply on C. P. R. Transcontinental Trains : Remarks (Mr. Wright) 9455 (iv). Watson, John, Pres, of Lib. Association, Nesbitt, Man: Ques. (Mr. Hochc, Marquette) 1195 (i). Ways and Means : German Surtax in Com. on B. 273, 14755 (vi).

Res. for Com. (Mr. Fielding) 89, 1378 (i).

Financial Statement, 1378 (i).

Drainage, &e. : in Com. of Sup., 12905 (vi).

Electric Lighting, &e.; in Com. of Sup.,

14148 (vi).

Electric Light Plant: in Com. of Sup.,

12900 tvi).

Land Damages : in Com. of Sup., 7805 (iv).

Lock Tenders, Salaries : Remarks in Com.

of Sup., 12921 (vi).

Lowering Mitre Sills: in Com. of Sup.,

7804 (iv), 14149 (vi).

Rock Cut : See ' Colborne.'

Stone Protection Walls : in Com. of Sup.,

12904 (vi).

Surveys re Govt. Lands : in Com. of Sup.,

12905 (vi).

Waterpower, 0. Cs. rc, &c. : Quej. (Mr. Lancaster) 1859 (i).

Jury's Verdict, &c. : Ques. (Mr. Clarke)

3231 (ii).

Rep. of Commissioner : Remarks (Mr. Clarke) on Adjmnt., 4726 (ii).

Export Freight Rates per Hundred

Pounds : Ques. (Mr. Kemp) 11188,11425 (v).

Freight Rates, Res. of Morden Board of

Trade : Ques. (Mr. Stewart) 12074 (v).

Shipments from Port Arthur and Ft. William : Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 284 (i).

Ques. (Mr. Holmes) 542 (i).

See ' Grain,' &c.

Whitby Public Building : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 13111 (vi).

White, Albert S., Emplymt. by Govt. : Ques. (Mr. Foieler), 4673 (ii).

White's Cove, N.S., Breakwater : in Com. of Sup., 13217 (vi).

White, Mr., Expenses re Immigration : in Com. of Sup., 6732, 6853 (iii).

White Horse Public Building : in Com. of Sup., 13133 (vi).

White, Mr., Inland Revenue, Prescott : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 13970 (vi).


White Mod River, Dredging : in Com. of Sup., 1450 (i).

Whitney Pier, N.S., Salary of Postmaster, See.: Ques. (Mr. Borden, Halifax), 130, 668 (i).

Wiallabd, Paul, Emplymt, by GoyT. : Ques. (Mr. Monk), 1118S (v).

Williamsburg Canals, Appnmt. of Supt., &c. : Remarks (Mr. Reid, Grenville), in Com. of Sup., 12927 (vi).

Collector's Salary : in Com. of Sup., 12934


Gate Lifter : in Com. of Sup., 14149 (vi).

Overseer's House ; in Com. ofrSup., 14150 (vi).

Land Office : in Com. of Sup., 6767 (iii).

Military Magazine : in Com. of Sup.,

13127 (vi).

Military Stores : in Com. of Sup., 13126 (vi).

Post Office Building-, in Com. of Sup.,438 (i),

13127 (vi).

P.O. Inspector : in Com. of Sup., 14001 (vi).

M. for Copies of Pets., &c., (Mr. Lefurgey) 2765


Construction of Str. : Ques. (Mr. Hackett

6895 (iii).

Cor. with Govt. : M. for Copies (Mr. Hughes,

P.E.I.) 1036 (i).

M. for Memorials, &c. (Mr. Lefurgey) 2765 (ii).

See 'P.E.I.,' &c.

Wire Fencing, Murray Canal : in Com. of Sup.* 14150 (vi).

See ' Canals,' &c.

Wireless Stations on Marine Coasts : in Com. of Sup., 13639 (vi).

^ Sec 'Marconi,' See.

Wolfe Island, Dredging Shoal : in Com. of Sup., 1427 (i), 13252 (vi).

Wolfville, N.S., Wharf Repairs : in Com. of Sup., 13217 (vi).

Wood Alcohol, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5373 (iii).

Manufacture in Canada, Output, &c. :

Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 98 (i).

Remarks in Com. of Sup., 227 (i).

See ' Standard,' &c.

Woods, J. W.,Rental of Buildings,&c.: Ques. (Mr. Taylor) 5764 (iii).

Tender for Tents, &c.: Ques. (Mr. Taylor)

3804 (ii).

Drill Shed, Purchase of Site : M. (Mr. Hale)

for Cor.,* 3236 (ii).

Inquiry for Ret. (Mr. Borden Hfx.) 4563 (ii),

5735 (iii).

Remarks re Ret. (Mr. Borden Hfx.) 4593 (ii).

Repairs, &c.: M. for Ret.* (Mr. Hale) 705 (i).

Ques. (Mr. Hale) 672 (i).

Woodstock, N. B. toU.S. Boundary, Ry. Subsidy: in Com. on Res., 14322 (vi).

Woodstock, Ont., Armoury : in Com. of Sup., 13125 (vi).

P. E. I. Ry.: in Com. of Sup., 12891 (vi).


Wrecking Plant, Str. 'Lord Strathcona,' Maintenance, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 6003 (iii), 13697 (vi). Wrecks, Investigation re : in Com. of Sup., 4116 (ii).

Salary, Living Allowance, Pees, &c. :

in Com., of Sup., 3414 (ii).

Eldorado Gusher, Expenditure, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 6949, 7275 (iii).

Gold Commissioner's Office, Dawson City, Defalcations, &c. : in Com. of Sup., 6931 (iii). Govtl. Expenses : in Com. of Sup., 6802, 6949 (iii), 13367 (vi).

Harbours and Rivers : in Com. of Sup., 13306

(vi) .


Hospital Grants : in Com. of Sup., 7291 (iii).

Hydraulic Leases : M. for Cor.* (Mr. Bell) 288 (i).

M. for Copies* (Mr. Boss, Yukon), 1323 (i).

Indians, General Expenditure : in Com. of Sup., 7272 (iii).

Relief, Medical Attendance, &c.: in

Com.of Sup., 7270 (ii i).

Judges' Living Allowances : in Com. of Sup., 3411 (ii).

TRAVELLING ALLOW'ances : in Com. of Sup.,

3409 (ii).

Law Library :in Com. of Sup., 14267 (vi).

Lewes and Yukon River Improvements : in Com. of Sup., 13306 (vi).

Lithgow, Mr., Controller: in Com. of Sup., 7287 (iii).

Middleton, T. W.,Gold Commissioner's Office, Defalcation, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 6931 (iii).

Mounted Police, Salaries, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 5262 (iii).

Newspapers, Amounts paid by Govt.: M. for Stmnt.* (Mr. Monk), 706 (i).

N. W. Mounted Police, Salaries : in Com. of Sup., 5003 (ii).

Officials, Living Allowances : in Com. of Sup., 3509 (ii).

Police Magistrates, Living Allowances, &c. :

in Com. of Sup., 3415 (ii).

Post Office Deficit : Remarks (Sir William Midock), in Com. of Sup., 14014 (vi).

Public Works : in Com. of Sup., 13133,13306 (vi).

Regulations re Doji. Lands, Approval, &c.: in Com. on Res., 13791 (vi).

Roads and Bridges: in Com. of Sup., 5826, 7283


Sheriffs, Clerks, &c. Salaries : in Com. of Sup., 3410 (ii).

Sheriffs Pees, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3507 (ii).


Living Allowances: in Com. of Sup.,

3414 (ii).

Stenographers, Apfnmt. of J. A. Valiquktte : Ques. (Mr. Bennett), 4005 (ii).


Salaries, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3411 (ii).

Supplies. Purchase, &c. : Remarks in Com. of

Sup., 6930 (iii).

Taylor, Geo. L., Police Magistrate, Yukon, Salary, &c.: in Com. of Sup., 3415 (ii).

Tel. Lines : in Com. of Sup., 2992 (ii).

Managejiknt, &c., Par. in ' Post Intelligencer' re : Remarks (Mr. Morrison) 7003 (iii).

Working Expenses : in Com. of Sup.,

14041 (vi).

Telegraph Operators, Salaries : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 3418, 3509 (ii).

Trading and Exploring Cojipany's Expenses re Yukon Trvil : in Com. of Sup., 5826 (iii).

Treadgold and Transportation Commission, Inquiry re : (Mr. Borden, Hjx.) 4840 (ii).

Remarks (Sir Wilfrid Laurier) 4960 (ii).

Treadgold Concessions, Amt. (Mr. Casgrain) to Com. of Sup., 2796; Neg. (Y. 52; N. 95) 2912; (Amt.) 2826 (ii).

Letter from Dawson Board of Trade, 2818


Letter from Hon. J. H. Ross re Liberal

Convention, 2817 (ii).


Letter to Senator Wood from Holme,

Miller & Co., 2807 (ii).

Liberal Association, Pet., 2821 (ii).


Liberal Platform, Convention, 2842 (ii).

Pledges of Hon. J. H. Ross, 2843 (ii).

'Morning Sun' Quotations, &e., 2804 (ii).

' Morning Sun ' Reps., Dawson City

Meeting, 2808 (ii).



Treadgold Concessions, &c., Amt. (Mr. Cas-grain) 4486 (ii). ...

_____Appnmt ok Commission : Remarks (M.r.

Borden, Hfx.) 3298, 3303, 3713 (ii). .

_____Appnmt. op Commissioners : Remarks

(Mr. Cusgrain) 38(54 (ii).

-Appnmt. &c.: Notification (Sir Wilfrid

Laurier) 5137 (iii).

_____And Dawson Board op Trade, Memorial

re: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hjx.)

_____Corrected Answer (Mr. Sifton) 6803 mi).

_____Engineer's Rkp. to Min. of Jus., 2798(h).

_____Exhirits, (Glasgow Exhibition : in Com.

of Sup., 4612 (ii).

-Free Representations, &o. : Ques. (JVlr.

Bell) 5990 (iii).

- Free Representations : Tel. read (Mr. &c.: M. for Cor.*

Borden, Hfx.) 6427 (iii). -Hydraulic Leases,

(Mr. Bell) 288 (i).

-O. Cs. &c.: M. for Copies * (Mr. Ross,



for Papers (Mr. Borden, Hfx.)

3397 (ii). .

_____Inquiry for Rep. of Commissioners (Mr. Borden, Halifax) 13134, 13258 (vi).

Instructions to Commission : Remarks

(Mr. Borden, Halifax) 4120, 4564 (ii), 5242 (iii).

Remarks (Mr. Bell) 5243 (iii).

Names op Commissioners : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.), 4727 (ii).

Notice of Motion (Mr. Casgrain) 2424 (i).


Treadgold Concessions, &c., O. C. 12th June 1901, 2800 (ii).

O. C. 7th Dec. 1901, 2801 (ii).

O. C. 21st April, 1902, 2803 (ii).

Par. in Dawson Newspapers re Evidence,

&c. : Remarks (Mr. Monk) 11064 (v).

Representations, &c. : Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 6638 (iii).

Sec. 14, &c.: Remarks (Mr. Borden, Hfx.

4593 (ii).

Tel. from Dawson Board op Trade re

Pets, &o. : Ques. (Mr. Bell) 1195 (i).

Tel. from Board of Trade, Dawson :

Read (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 8085 (iv).

Tel. from W. A. Beddoe re Commissioner's Refusal to produce Files : Read (Mr. Borden, Hfx.) 9618, 9979 (iv).

Tafpan Abney's Remarks " in Harpers'

Weekly," 2849 (ii).

Valiquette, Mr. J. A., Appnmt. as Stenographer in Yukon : Ques. (Mr. Bennett) 5005 (ii). -

White Horse Public Building : in Com. of

Sup., 13133 (vi).

Yukon Items, &c. : Remarks in Com. of Sup., 13500 (vi).

Yukon Ry. : Sec 'Canadian Yrukon'.

Yukon Ry. : Sec 'Coast'.





Topic:   SUPPLY.


Bazinet, Mr. Joliette and Lake Manuan Ry. Co.'s (B. 52) 1°", 654; 2° *, 977 ; in Com. and 3° *, 2050 (i). Blain, Mr. Blankets, &c., read 10102 for 10101 (v). Blair, Mr. G. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5144 for 5139 (iii). Borden, Mr. R. Lift. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5139 for 5138 (iii). Bourassa, Mr. G. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5149 for 5145 (iii). Clpr' .e, Mr. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5141 for „139 (iii). Davis, Mr. G. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5148 for 5145 (iii). Fielding, Mr. G. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5151 for 5147 (iii). Fitzpatrick, Mr. Dorchester Penitentiary, read 10102 for 10101 (v). Fowler, Mr. Supply-Public Works, Buildings, Ottawa (census building) read 992 for 982 (i). Haggart, Mr. Bonding Privileges with U.S., read 12757 for 12751 (vi).


Heyd. Mr. G. T.@

Pacific Ry. B. 64 (Mr. McCarthy) in Com., 5152 (iii).

Ingram, Mr. Dorchester Penitentiary, read 10102 for 10101 (v).

Kemp, Mr. Supply-Pub. Works, Harbours and Rivers, Ont. (Wendover wharf) read 1439 (i), and delete 1439 for Que. Harbour Improvements.

LaRiviere, Mr. Private Bills, read 5138 for 5137 (iii).

Laurier, Sir Wilfrid.

Blankets, &c., read 10102 for 10101 (v).

Private Bills, read 5139 for 5137 (iii).

McCarthy, Mr. G. T. Pacific Ry. B. 64, in Com., read 5139 for 5138 (hi).

Murray, Mr. G. T. Pacific Ry. B. 235, read 10111 for 1011.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
Subtopic:   ERRATA.'


Page elxii first line for " Census Buildings" read " Census, Cost," &c.

July 28, 1903